Best Space Games on Apple Arcade in 2020

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Apple Arcade Possessions Hero (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Space-themed games have been around forever — remember Asteroids? It's super fun to explore new planets, fight alien monsters, navigate a strange world, or even uncover an alien mystery, and Apple Arcade can help you do all of that.

While there's over a 100 games of Apple Arcade, there's a handful of space-themed games that pack a punch — here are the best space games on Apple Arcade.



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  • Studio: Tortuga Team
  • Age rating: 12+
  • Gamepad support: Yes

Spaceland Screen

Spaceland Screen (Image credit: Tortuga Team)

Tactical combat in space isn't exactly new when it comes to games, but Spaceland brings a fairly robust tactical system to your pocket via Apple Arcade.

While the story of Spaceland isn't the most interesting, the tactical gameplay is so reminiscent of old school battle tactics-style games. With seven different squad members each with their own fighting style, tons of different weapons, and a about 20 different types of enemies, there's a lot to consider each time you head into battle.

The characters also feel fleshed out, and as the story progresses, who will start to see their personalities shine, which is refreshing in a game so focused on combat.

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Little Orpheus

  • Studio: Sumo Digital Ltd
  • Age rating: 4+
  • Gamepad support: Yes

Little Orpheus (Image credit: Sumo Digital Ltd)

Little Orpheus is a bit weird game to label as a space game, since it doesn't really take place in space per se, but it's certainly space-themed inspired and has a similar feel to planet exploration games.

You play has Cosmonaut Ivan, who was sent on a mission to the center of the earth to see if Russia could build a city in the Earth's core; however, on your journey, you mysteriously vanished. Turns out that you were in a mysterious place (a lot like an alien planet) and you recant your incredible journey. I don't want to spoil the mystery, but let's just say, you aren't in Kansas anymore.

The game at its core is a platformer/exploration game, but an absolutely gorgeous one at that. The story is super well done, and each episode — or level — tells a different part of the narrative in a super intriguing way. The voice acting is pretty great and the soundtrack is really awesome as well. It's a great game to play with headphones.

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Redout: Space Assualt

  • Studio: 34BigThings srl
  • Age rating: 12+
  • Gamepad support: Yes

Redout Space Assualt (Image credit: 34BigThings srl)

If you want an all-out space battle, then Redout: Space Assault is the Apple Arcade game for you.

You play as Leon Barret, a fighter pilot of the Poseidon Security Forces, who are trying to make way for the colonization of Mars. Space pirates, drones, and aliens are all gunning to end your mission and you'll need to use fast reflexes and your sick combat abilities to take them down.

This game is fast-paced action with a ton of lasers, bombs, and other weapons going off all the time. Its colorful palette and game design is mesmerizing if you can take your eyes off the action long enough to enjoy it.

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Star Fetched

  • Studio: Crescent Moon Games
  • Age rating: 9+
  • Gamepad support: Yes

Star Fetched

Source: Crescent Moon Games (Image credit: Source: Crescent Moon Games)

On the surface, Star Fetched is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of gameplay. It plays a lot like a 2D platformer, but it has RPG, tower defense, and shoot elements added to the mix to keep the gameplay interesting.

You play as Rhys Randall, who has mysteriously transported away to an alien world. With limited gear and weapons to defend yourself against the dangers of this strange place, you must gather materials to build a ship and get off the planet.

The unique art style and very well put together soundtrack make Star Fetch very appealing, even if the gameplay can sometimes be a bit of a jumbled set of mechanics.

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UFO on Tape: First Contact

  • Studio: Revolutionary Concepts
  • Age rating: 9+
  • Gamepad support: No

UFO On Tape: First Contact (Image credit: Revolutionary Concepts)

Who doesn't want to hunt UFOs? UFO on Tap: First Contact has you speeding around the countryside in your suped-up car looking for evidence of alien life.

The gameplay is kind of like Pokémon Snap, as you travel around and take pictures of alien ships, weird lights in the sky, and even the "men in black" following you.

It's a quirky casual game that allows for a few laughs, and the storyline on whether or not the aliens you find are real takes a few minor twists along the way.

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We're not alone out there

Apple Arcade has a little bit of everything, including some awesome space-themed games. These are some of the ones we've been playing, and they're pretty enjoyable, for the most part. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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