Best Workout Armbands for iPod touch 7 iMore 2020

The iPod touch 7 is a great device for playing your favorite tunes or podcast while you work out. But holding it in your hand is no fun; you risk dropping it when you work up a sweat. Check out these fabulous armbands to keep your iPod touch safe, secure, and conveniently close at hand.

Open concept: Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Armband

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This universal fit armband wraps securely around your iPod touch 7 while keeping the screen fully accessible. So, you can change up your tunes without missing a beat. It also lets you rotate your iPod touch around so that you can view it vertically or horizontally. Choose from six colors.

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Clearly convenient: Mediabridge Armband for iPod touch

This one's a bit different than most on the market; it comes with a clear silicone case for your iPod touch with two slits on the back. Thread the elastic strap through the slits and strap it on your arm when you're ready to work out. The result is a lightweight option that leaves your screen totally exposed for easy access to your controls.

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Traditional: i2 Gear Exercise Armband for iPod Touch

This is a typical workout armband for your device. You place the iPod touch into a pouch which fully encloses your iPod touch. It has a clear screen protector that allows touch screen access. You'll also find a charging port, headphone slots, and a key slot. Choose from four colors.

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Extra features: JEMACHE iPod touch Armband

JEMACHE goes the extra mile beyond the typical armband. Put your iPod touch in the pouch and use the touchscreen through the clear screen protector. Holes on the back allow headphone and charging cable access. There is a key pocket on one side, and a cash/card pocket on the back.

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Fun fashion: Sprigs Running Armband

This fashion-forward fabric armband has a simple design. While you can't access the touchscreen without removing your iPod touch, the lightweight, machine-washable fabric won't chafe or irritate as you work out. Grip dots keep it from sliding down your arm. Measure your bicep before ordering to choose the correct size, then choose from nearly two dozen colors and patterns.

$23 at Amazon

Functional comfort: E Tronic Edge Sports Armband

E Tronic Edge is designed to be soft and comfortable like a compression sleeve. This nylon spandex pouch holds your iPad touch, keys, cash, and cards. There are convenient headphone holes on the back. Measure your bicep to choose the correct size, then have your pick of five colors.

$13 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

For the most flexibility and functionality, I'd pick the Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Armband. You can view your iPod touch 7's screen at your preferred angle as you exercise, and the open concept makes it easy to adjust the volume, skip a track, answer a phone call, or whatever else you need to do on the iPod while you work out. The strap is perforated for breathability. There is a hidden key holder and a headphone cord management strap. The elastic that holds the iPod touch 7 in place is so flexible, and it can also hold just about any smartphone and even a small tablet like the iPad mini.

For a more comfortable, fashionable option, I'd choose the E Tronic Edge Sports Armband. It looks like the compression sleeves that many professional athletes wear on their biceps these days, but the soft, breathable fabric armband holds your iPod touch and other valuables. The headphone holes aren't noticeable when not in use. Choose just the right size for you to ensure perfect comfort and fit. The reflective logo gives you more visibility at night.

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