The biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end it seems fitting to reflect back on the events that molded and shaped it, and in iMore's case, that means the biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of the year. So, we cracked open the analytics, sorted by popularity, and compiled a list of the your top 5 favorite stories.

Interestingly, and awesomely, they were all stories iMore broke or helped break. Not all of them panned out exactly as we heard they would, but it looks like the broad strokes were all there. From the dates of events and launches to the designs and looks of the devices themselves, we gave you exactly what you wanted to read and share, and wow did you read and share it.

So here they are, your favorite news stories of 2012!

5. iPad 3 announcement March 7, quad-core, possible 4G LTE

iPad 3 announcement March 7, quad-core, possible 4G LTE

iMore nailed the date for Apple's iPad 3 event in March, though when we kept hearing quad-core we mistakenly reported it as the A6 chipset as a while, and not just the graphics processor that ended up being in the A5X.

According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Along with the 2048x1536 Retina display, the iPad 3 will feature a quad-core Apple A6 system-on-a-chip, and possibly 4G LTE networking.

  • iPad 3 announcement March 7, quad-core, possible 4G LTE

4. Apple getting ready to ditch the traditional iPhone, iPad, and iPod dock connector

Apple could be getting ready to ditch the traditional dock connector

Way back in February, iMore brought you word that Apple would be replacing the traditional Dock connector. In September they did just that with the all-new Lightning connector.

iMore has learned that Apple is getting ready to ditch the dock connector as it's currently sized and implemented on iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The reason isn't anything political, like a desire to conform to the outdated micro USB standard, but typically Apple: to save space inside the iPhone 5 for what are now more important components.

3. iPad mini won't be much smaller, but will be a lot narrower, thinner, and lighter

iPad mini won't be much smaller, but will be a lot narrower, thinner, and lighter

In one of the funnest moments last year, Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, and iMore all posted about the radically thin and light new iPad mini form factor at around the same time.

Looking at it, the iPad mini may not seem radically smaller than the 9.7-inch iPad. And that's the point. It's not supposed to be a major compromise in screen size or usability. It is, however, thinner and lighter enough to make a substantial difference. Holding it with one hand will be easier, and holding it for prolonged periods of time will be much easier.

2. Leaks accurate, this is what the new iPhone will look like

Never mind the iPad mini. When the next iPhone is also going to be a designed iPhone, already high levels of interest simply skyrocket.

iMore has learned that recent parts leaks and dummy phones are accurate representations of what the new iPhone (iPhone 5,1) will look like when Apple announces it on September 12, 2012. Almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the major visible differences will include a 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a metallic plate across most the back, a centered FaceTime camera on the front, and a miniaturized Dock connector and relocated 3.5mm headset jack along the bottom.

1. Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini event planned for September 12, iPhone 5 release date for September 21

In our most popular story of the year, iMore nailed the day for Apple's iPhone 5 and 2012 iPod event, though we incorrectly reported that new iPads would be along for the ride (they came a month later).

iMore has learned that Apple is planning to debut the new iPhone at a special event on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, with the release date to follow 9 days later on Friday, September 21. This information comes from sources who have proven accurate in the past.

Your favorite news story of 2012?

So those are them, the biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of 2012 as voted on by your pageviews. But pageviews are only one metric. Did any other stories stand out to you as especially big and important? Apple's executive shuffle? Apple Maps fiasco? Retina coming to the Mac? 3 new iPad devices in one year? Apple updating almost their entire product lineup in the span of 3 months? What mattered the most to you?

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