Black Friday app sales

There's a ton a iPhone and iPad apps going on sale this week for Black Friday. Some will be on sale all week, some all weekend, some for a couple days, and some only for Black Friday proper. If there's an app you've been waiting to buy, but have also been waiting for it to go on sale, check it out on Friday. There's a chance it might be. In fact, so many apps are likely to be on sale, we're not even going to try listing all of them. We're going to list some of our favorites, however, and some of our most recommended apps.

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If you find out about others, and you think they're great, please add them to the comments. We'll keep updating throughout the week and over the weekend, so check back here often for the latest, greatest information... after the break!

Black Friday app sale roundups

Black Friday app sale apps

Black Friday games sales

Again, we'll be updating often, so add your favorite sales to the comments below!

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