A black MacBookSource: Stephen Hackett

What you need to know

  • The black MacBook was awesome, back in the day.
  • But you had to pay through the nose to get it.
  • Now I need to find one.

Sure, you can buy current Mac portables in a few different colors but none of them look as cool as the black MacBook did, way back in the day. At a time where all other MacBooks were white, the black one really stood out. And then there was that glowing white Apple logo on the back. So good!

Apple fan/commentator/podcaster/historian/all around nice guy Stephen Hackett has shared a new video in which he shows off his own black MacBook – complete with cracked top casing as was so often the case with these things. And it's hitting me right in the nostalgia feels.

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Sure, Apple charged more for the black MacBook even when you take the upgraded hard disk into account, and sure it still discolored badly when your fingers went anywhere near it. But damn, look how great it looked. It somehow managed to be a black notebook that looked cool. Yet somehow none of the aircraft carrier PC notebooks of the time managed it.

Strange, that.

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