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The crumbs in our homes are still there even though we are social distancing. It's because of this you should consider the impressive Neato Robotics Botvac D7 robot vacuum cleaner, which is just $479.99 at Best Buy for a limited time. The price has been matched at Amazon.

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Neato Robotics D7

Neato Robotics - Botvac D7 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Voom, voom

Intuitive & Easy. Neato's advanced engineering is all under the hood. What you get is complete vacuuming at the touch of a button.

Well received by this writer in 2019, the Botvac D7 weighs just 7.5 pounds, which is among the lightest on the market.

Offering a suction power of 2,000 pa, the D7 has had no problem picking up the dirt on floors and carpet. The Zone Cleaning feature takes advantage of the device's mapping tool. To get started, the robot must complete one special cleaning run to create a floor plan. Once this is done, you can use your finger to add no-go lines directly to the map on the smartphone app. From there, the robot will clean specific areas only by avoiding the physical locations you indicated with those digital lines. The tool works as advertised and is suited for large homes with many rooms.

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Beyond this, you'll be impressed with the machine's ability to avoid obstacles, such as electrical cords, shoes, and dog toys. Finally, if you want to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to start, pause, or end a cleaning task, you're in luck. Both work with the D7.

If you're looking for a premium vacuum cleaner for your home but don't like paying premium prices, it's to cash on this deal. The D7 remains one of the best vacuum robots on the market. Get it now at a great price!

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