Paper Mario Origami KingSource: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a new Mario adventure, Paper Mario: The Origami King, coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. This origami touch to an old paper themed favorite brings with it a whole new set of boss fights.

So who could possibly destroy a paper Mario? Paper's worst enemies, office supplies! In a humorous twist, an update video released by Nintendo on June 17 shows the new bosses. Although it's likely that these aren't all the bosses we will see, they are all the ones we know of for now. We will update this list as we learn about more bosses we can expect.

Colored Pencils

Paper Mario Origami King Colored PencilsSource: Nintendo (Screenshot)

A pack of 12 individual pencils come together to form the boss, Colored Pencils. While Mario tries to make his way around the back of the case of Colored Pencils to shut it, the pencils are used as rockets shot at Mario.

Rubber Band

Paper Mario Origami King Rubber BandSource: Nintendo (Screenshot)

This giant man made of what other than, you guessed it, rubber bands makes for a creepy looking boss fight. He can wrap Mario in his rubber bands and snap them on him for damage.


Paper Mario Origami King TapeSource: Nintendo (Screenshot)

What could be worse for paper than tape? Tape can stick Mario to the end of his strip and swing him around, smacking him to the ground as an attack shown in the video as "Sticky Whip."

King Olly

Paper Mario Origami King OllySource: Nintendo (Screenshot)

Finally the King of it all and the one bringing the Mushroom Kingdom together, King Olly. He is an origami man that is folding up characters and turning their world upside down trying to takeover Peach's castle.

Tear 'em up!

While these may be a little bit of a cheesy way of really sticking to the paper theme, we look forward to playing our paper friend Mario again and tearing up these bosses. As we get closer to the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, more information may become available. Keep an eye out for updates!

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