Branch launches Potluck, a social network without the social headaches

Potluck is a new social network developed by Branch that allows you to share content in the form of links. It manages how you interact with others a little differently though. Instead of checking your Twitter feed or Facebook feed for contact that might interest you, friends can simply tag you only in the content they think would interest you while you do the same.

You can currently access Potluck both through the free app for iPhone or through your browser. Once you've created an account you can add friends from existing social networks. From there you can start adding links and tagging the people you think will be interested in them.

It's definitely an interesting concept and something that may be useful if you want to filter the noise out of social media. This way I can share tech links with my colleagues that are interested with them while sharing other types of content with other groups of friends and family members.

Have any of you tried out Potluck? Do you think it will stick around or is it just another duplicate of what we can already do with similar services?

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.