If you're trying to bring the magic of the arcade into your home, Walmart currently has the actual NBA Jam arcade machine in stock this Black Friday. NBA Jam is a staple of any arcade, so it is so cool to see that you can actually buy this thing to play in your own house.

While it's not included in any Black Friday sale, does it really need to be? It's the NBA Jam arcade machine!

Pump up the Jam

Nba Jam Arcade Machine

NBA Jam Arcade Machine

Bring the nostalgia home

The NBA Jam Arcade Machine features a full-color 17-inch LCD display, dual speakers, controls for up to four players, and a WiFi connection to NBA JAM online multiplayer.

The NBA Jam arcade machine not only brings back the nostalgia of playing the game in your local arcade, but it brings the arcade into the 21st century with some new features. The cabinet is 57-inches tall and features the iconic control deck with controls for up to four players. It features a full-color 17" LCD display, dual speakers, and a variable volume switch.

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Not only does the machine support local play for up to four players wanting to get their game on in the house, but it also comes packed with WiFi to support NBA JAM™ Live. Connect the machine to your home WiFi and play NBA JAM™ online multiplayer with your friends using your arcade machine!

The machine supports the classic two-on-two match with NBA legends, an exaggerated version of classic basketball but with no fouls, no free throws, and no violations except for goaltending and a 24-second violation. The mode is a blast and made for fun so you can create some hilarious and over-the-top moments while you are playing with your family and friends.

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