Can I update my Apple TV to tvOS 13?

tvOS 13 brings a few new features to the Apple TV experience, from multi-user support (that gets a finally from me) to a slightly redesigned Home screen. There's also support for Xbox One and PS4 game controllers, as well as new screensavers and improved lyrics in Apple Music.

Now you might be wondering, "Can my Apple TV run tvOS 13?" The good news is that the answer is, probably, yes. If you have Apple TV HD or an Apple TV 4K, the only versions of the Apple TV that run tvOS, you'll be able to download tvOS 13 to your streaming box when it launches this fall. Basically, if you've got tvOS, you've got support for tvOS 13.

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This is actually an interesting move on Apple's part. The Apple TV HD, first introduced in 2015, is powered by Apple's A8 system-on-a-chip. This is notable because iOS 13, Apple's major 2019 software release for iPhones, won't run on devices powered by the A8. Because of this, you might expect that tvOS 13 runs only on the A10X-powered Apple TV 4K, but according to Apple, you can install the beta on Apple TV HD, too.

If you have an Apple TV from prior to 2015, then you haven't been able to run any version of tvOS. Your Apple TV runs on "Apple TV Software" which is currently on version 7.3.1. Maybe it's time for an upgrade.

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