Can I use a DualSense controller with PS5 Remote Play?

PS5 Remote Play Ipad Hero
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Can I use a DualSense controller with PS5 Remote Play?

Best answer: Yes, you can use a DualSense controller with PS5 Remote Play, as long as you've got a compatible device.

Can I use a DualSense controller with PS5 Remote Play?

The DualSense controller is the official controller for Sony's latest console, the PS5. Sporting a number of improvements over the DualShock 4, the DualSense is in fact compatible with PS5 Remote Play. As such, if you want to stop playing PS5 games on your TV for a time and transfer over to one of your mobile devices, you can do so with the same controller. With that in mind, there are some important caveats.

The DualSense is officially supported on any iOS device with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later, meaning that it'll work with PS5 Remote Play on a variety of iPads. So, if you've recently picked up one of the best iPads available, you're good to go. The DualSense is also officially supported on any Android device with Android 12 or later. Naturally, you'll have to be using Remote Play with your PS5, not a PS4, as the DualSense won't work with the PS4. The DualSense is also compatible with the PS5) version of PlayStation Remote Play on Windows PC, as well as any Mac using macOS 11.3 or later.

Using your DualSense with your iPhone or iPad isn't difficult, but you'll need to go through the steps to connect it wirelessly. By using the DualSense for Remote Play, you'll also miss out on some of the controller's more advanced features. The PS5 DualSense uses haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to alter the experience of playing a game, and both of these features are usually disabled when playing through Remote Play.

Haptic feedback uses enhanced vibrations to simulate an effect specifically, instead of just relying on rumbling various parts of the controller. As an example, in Housemarque's 2021 game Returnal, you'll feel the patter of raindrops as you move under portions of the game where rain is falling.

Meanwhile, adaptive triggers simulate various amounts of resistance, making the trigger easier or harder to pull, even providing recoil when appropriate. If you pull the trigger halfway with a shotgun in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, you'll fire one shell. Pulling the trigger down all the way will instead fire both barrels.

What else do I need for PS5 Remote Play?

In order to reliably use PS5 Remote Play, you'll want a steady Wi-Fi internet connection. While 5Mbps is the minimum required internet speed, Sony recommends having at least 15Mbps down in order to ensure your gameplay is smooth. Through our own testing, it's extremely smooth at speeds of 25Mbps down or greater.

PlayStation has added mobile data support, so if your PS5 is hooked up to a solid Wi-Fi connection, you can use data with your mobile device and play without being close to your PS5. Please keep in mind that this will use data at a rapid rate, so you'll want to set some sort of limit or warning when you're getting close to your data limit.

Your PS5 will also have to be set as your primary console. Realistically, if you only have one PlayStation console then this will be the case by default but if you're still using your PS4 as well or you have a large household with multiple consoles, then this is something you'll have to keep in mind.

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