Can you customize your character in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Can you customize your character in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Best Answer: Yes, you'll be able to choose from eight different character options, and you'll also eventually be able to change clothes and accessories. You will also be able to customize your hair color and style, and your eye color between several different options.Canine steel: Pokémon Sword ($60 pre-order at Amazon)Wolf guard : Pokémon Shield ($60 pre-order at Amazon)Twin Wolf: Pokémon Sword and Shield Double Pack ($120 at Nintendo)

How customizable is my character?

You're able to choose between eight different looks off the bat, but there are also salons in various cities in which you can choose between many different hair colors and styles, as well as contacts to change your eye color. The overall facial shape is the same for all male characters, and again for all female characters.

Pokemon Sword and Shield character options

Pokemon Sword and Shield character options

Can I change my character's clothes?

Players are able to don a variety of shirts, pants, shorts, hats, socks, shoes, jackets, and bags in-game. Each city carries different clothes and accessories so you're going to want to shop around whenever you discover a new place. However, each new outfit comes with an in-game price tag, so many players may only purchase one or two favorite outfits while saving the rest of their Pokécoins for things more important to gameplay.

Making a unique look for Max Battle Raids

Being able to change the look of your character is going to be a bit more important in Sword and Shield compared to past games because of multiplayer co-op when doing Max Battle Raids. You'll want your character to stand out! Fortunately, Sword and Shield offers plenty of options, so each character can truly look unique.

As silly as it might sound, being able to customize the look and outfit of my character is a big draw for me. I spent a long time mixing and matching outfits to get the perfect look. Then I spent even more time picking the perfect hair color and style. If not thing else, having some say in what your character looks like makes you feel more connected to the game you're playing.

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