Can you save your Polaroid Mint Camera digital photos to an external drive?

Can you save your Polaroid Mint Camera digital photos to an external drive?

The Polaroid Mint is marketed as an instant camera, but I can still have digital copies of photos, right?

That's correct. The Polaroid Mint is first and foremost an instant camera with the ability to print your new captures immediately with the built-in printer that uses ZINK 2x3 photo paper. However, it does support microSD cards up to 256GB in size, so you can use it as a digital camera. It has 16-megapixels, so the image quality is fairly decent.

When you have a microSD card inserted into the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer, it will save a digital copy of your photos onto the card each time you snap a picture. This is great because if your camera is out of ZINK paper, you'll still have a digital copy of it safely stored on the card.

Unfortunately, if you're out of paper, but have it saved on your microSD card, it's impossible to get that printed from the built-in camera since it only prints images immediately after you take them.

So how would I get my digital photos onto an external drive?

You'll want to remove the microSD card from your Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer first, and then transfer it over to a computer that can read it through a card slot or hub peripheral.

It's probably best to move those images over to your computer's internal drive first, so you can free up space on the microSD card for more photos. Then, after making sure your external hard drive is properly plugged in and detected by your computer, just copy or move those photo files over directly to the external drive.

Once all of that is done and taken care of, just properly eject your microSD card from your computer and pop it back into your Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer.

You're good to go for another round of amazing memories! Just make sure you have ZINK paper loaded if you want them printed out.

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