Capcom is working on an update to fix Monster Hunter Rise save file glitch

Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug
Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug (Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • A glitch has been found in Monster Hunter Rise and has been brought to Capcom's attention.
  • The glitch is activated by setting Action/Hurt DLC gestures to the action bar.
  • Capcom is actively working to fix the issue and recommends players avoid triggering the glitch.

Monster Hunter Rise has been an immense hit ever since its release on the Nintendo Switch, with critics praising and calling it one of the best games on the system.

However, Monster Hunter Rise has not been without its faults. Despite a day one update that added bonus content and fixed minor issues seen in preview copies, players have encountered another glitch that may result in them being unable to open their save files. The glitch can be triggered by setting the Action/Hurt DLC gestures to the action bar and subsequently quitting the game. While this glitch won't affect anyone who hasn't bought the DLC, those who have bought it are experiencing issues with accessing their saves.

Capcom has commented on the issue, saying that they are "aware" of what's been going on, and have promised to find a solution. For now, they advise players against activating the glitch until it has been patched.

Monster Hunter Rise is an enormous game, so it's bound to have some growing pains. Capcom seems dedicated to fixing the issue, and it's not one that will affect a large percentage of the player base. We'll be sure to keep you updated if any new issues arise. For now, happy hunting!

Nadine Dornieden

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