Caseology Legion Case Review: The grippy match for your Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro

Caseology Legion Case
(Image: © Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

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Bottom line: A smart look combined with excellent protection make the Caseology Legion a great pairing with the iPhone 12 Pro.


  • +

    Great protection and good grip

  • +


  • +

    Very cool design

  • +

    Beautiful colorways that complement iPhone 12 Pro


  • -

    Dirt can collect in the gaps

  • -

    Rough, grippy edges are hard to clean

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As a serial breaker of phones, I've always thought my only choices for iPhone cases were huge, bulky, and super expensive. I've been shelling out big bucks for years on the best rugged cases, but after trying out the Caseology Legion, my mind has been opened to new and much more affordable possibilities.

The Caseology Legion is a sharp-looking case with multiple lines of protective defense. Despite its protective qualities, the case is not very thick or bulky like most protective cases, and it comes in several colorways that complement the iPhone 12 Pro colors beautifully. It also has an antimicrobial coating to fight germs, so all in all, this is a pretty complete package. When you consider the price point of the Caseology Legion alongside all that it comes with, this is a pretty dang affordable case.

Cool design + grippy protection

Caseology Legion: What I like

Caseology Legion Case

Caseology Legion Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

Pacific Blue is not the easiest color to complement, so not every case looks good on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I was surprised by how perfectly the Stone Green colorway of the Caseology Legion matches the Pacific Blue iPhone. This case and iPhone look like they were made for each other. My favorite part of the case is the polycarbonate panel on the back that brightens up the case with a lighter, metallic shade. When combined with the grippy TPU bumpers, it's an eye-catching design that looks sharp. Besides its good looks, this case does its job surprisingly well.

While it's not ultra-thin, this case is pretty slim for offering military-grade protection. The TPU layer has reinforced corners and a raised lip around both the screen and camera, so this will protect your iPhone no matter where you drop it. The case has been drop-tested from up to 16 feet with no damage, and although I've only dropped it from distances from 4-feet or so, the shock protection seems to be holding up just fine. There's not a scratch or dent to be seen on the case. The rough, grippy protection around the sides adds to this protective quality, since the iPhone is not likely to slip or slide around.

The antimicrobial coating is always a plus in this day and age, so I'm certainly happy to know I'm not toting a ton of germs around on the surface of my iPhone. With all of these benefits along with the quality look and feel of the Caseology Legion, I find the price point extremely affordable. It's the least expensive case I've owned that offered this level of drop protection, and so far it has lived up to all its claims of protection and quality design.

Sticky fingers beware

Caseology Legion: What I don't like

Caseology Legion Case

Caseology Legion Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

When you have kids, messes are pretty unavoidable. My poor iPhones and their cases have to weather any number of spills and accidents on a daily basis, so I find myself cleaning them up often. It didn't take long to notice that dirt and dust accumulate in the spaces and grooves of the Legion case. Small gaps around the buttons and polycarbonate panel can become filled with gunk that is not super easy to remove.

On that same note, the grippy, sandpapery material on the bumpers can also be difficult to clean because of the rough texture. If some sticky little fingers rub chocolate all over the edges of this case, it can take quite a scrubbing to clean up. Of course, not everyone is subjecting their iPhones to dirty children, so this may not be a problem for you. It is just something to consider for parents or other messy individuals.

The competition

Smartish Gripzilla

Smartish Gripzilla (Image credit: Smartish)

There's plenty of grippy, protective cases to choose from, but few of them offer 16-foot drop protection in the same price range. One very similar offering is the Smartish Gripzilla which has a similar makeup - super grippy bumpers combined with a smooth top layer in a variety of interesting colorways. This case also claims military-grade drop protection and reinforced corners for all types of drops. Although I don't love the color choices of this case as well for my Pacific Blue iPhone, this is also a good protective case that offers many of the same benefits at a similar price point.

Caseology Legion: Should you buy

Caseology Legion Case

Caseology Legion Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You drop your iPhone a lot.

With 360º drop protection up to 16 feet, you won't have to worry about drops and shocks to your iPhone when it's in this case. It also has rough grippy edges so the Legion case is less likely to slide out of your hand or off the table.

You're on a budget.

The excellent price point of the Caseology Legion is pretty surprising when you consider the high-quality materials, military-grade drop protection, and antimicrobial coating. It's a full package for a tidy low price.

You have a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro.

The Stone Green colorway of the Caseology Legion Case is a perfect match for Apple's Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro. The metallic polycarbonate plate in a lighter color is also a very nice touch. It's a great-looking combination for an iPhone, but especially the Pacific Blue colorway.

You should not buy this if ...

You are super messy.

While the TPU Legion case is waterproof and spill-proof just like the iPhone 12, it's not the easiest case to clean. Dirt and dust can collect in its gaps and grooves, so this may not be the best case for messy or dirty situations.

You let your kids put their sticky fingers all over your iPhone.

Parents beware, if your kids touch this case with sticky little fingers, it can be hard to scrub the gunk out of the grippy bumpers. Maybe keep this case reserved for clean hands only.

For a combination of military-grade protection, grippy texture, and attractive design, you won't find a better iPhone case in this price range. The Caseology Legion has opened my eyes to new possibilities for iPhone protection - possibilities that won't hit the bank account so hard. I also love how it looks on my Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. The metallic polycarbonate layer is a very cool touch.

I have had a hard time keeping this case pristinely clean, so I'm enacting a clean-hands-only rule for kids that want to use my iPhone. So far it's working, as is this case in general. I'm thinking the Caseology Legion is tough enough keep working for me well into the future.

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