Castro developer Supertop buys Unread RSS reader

Supertop, the developers behind podcast app Castro, have announced that they have acquired RSS reader Unread from Jared Sinclair. As Sinclair wrote earlier this year, being the independent, one-man development team has been difficult and unprofitable. Sinclair announced last month that he would be moving to a new job at Bloglovin, and thus no longer able to update Unread for iPhone and iPad.

From Supertop:

We met Jared at WWDC and discussed, among other things, the difficulties of running an indie app business. It was sad to read, a couple of months later, that he wasn't making enough of a living from Unread and had concluded that it was time to move on. We decided to get in touch and see if he would consider selling Unread, so that development could continue.

Supertop will move the app under their App Store account in the next few weeks, which will require a new app download. Supertop says that they will work to ensure that all current customers get the new app free of charge.

Source: Supertop

Joseph Keller

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