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My first impression upon unboxing the Caudabe Sheath Case was that it was too thin to provide much protection for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I usually use thick, rugged cases to protect my iPhones from my notorious butterfingers. After using the case for several weeks, however, I have been pleasantly surprised.

The slim, lightweight case is soft and supple to the touch, with a subtle, pebbled surface to provide superior grip. The Sheath is easy to hold onto, and even if you drop it, the iPhone will remain safe inside. I noticed that the case would show some scuff marks if you drop it repeatedly, but these are self-healing over time. Get all the details below.

Caudabe Sheath

Caudabe Sheath

Bottom line: For a slim, lightweight case, the Caudabe Sheath provides excellent grip and good protection. It's made of a soft, resilient material that absorbs shocks and also makes for easy case installation and removal.

The Good

  • Grippy surface is pleasant to the touch
  • Soft yet resilient material provides good shock absorption
  • Slim and protective
  • Easy to install and remove

The Bad

  • Scuffs easily
  • Not a perfectly snug fit

Slim, grippy protection

Caudabe Sheath: What I like

Caudabe Sheath Side CopySource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

I really enjoy the feel of this case. The Caudabe Sheath is made out of a supple material with plenty of bend and flexibility. This is what allows it to absorb impacts and shocks without any damage going through to the iPhone. The grippy surface feels good in your hand and won't slip out of your fingers. It also doesn't slip or slide around on smooth surfaces when you set it down.

The pliant construction of this case also makes it super easy to install and remove from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It slips right on and off, so it's a great case for anyone who likes to change cases often. The Caudabe Sheath comes in six different colorways, so you can mix and match them whenever you like without any frustrating struggle during the switch.

While the case is pretty slim - about 1millimeter at its thinnest point - it still provides ample protection. I have already dropped the iPhone a few times in this case without any damage to the phone whatsoever. I did notice a few scuff marks on the case itself, however, which is what I'm going to get into in the next section.

Scuff and nonsense

Caudabe Sheath: What I don't like

Caudabe Sheath Case FrontSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

I'm not going to deny that the Caudabe Sheath provides decent protection for the iPhone 12 Pro Max; so far, the iPhone has withstood some significant drops in this case with no damage. The case itself, however, is a different story. After a few hard drops, I did notice some scuff marks around the corners. These marks fade over time because the case has a soft, self-healing surface, but they are still slightly visible. The Caudabe brand does offer a hassle-free year-long warranty, though, so if any of the marks really start to bother me, I know the manufacturer will replace it. Overall, not too bad considering the affordable price tag on the Sheath Case.

The only other thing I noticed is that the Caudable Sheath doesn't fit quite as snugly as I would expect, especially considering its name. There is the tiniest gap between the edge of the case and the frame of my iPhone on the front edge. So far, this hasn't been an issue, but it makes me wonder if the case might slip off if dropped in a certain way. If this becomes more of a problem over time, I will update this review accordingly.

The competition

Smartish Kung Fu GripSource: Smartish

In general, iPhone cases are either slim or protective; it is rare to see one that features both of these benefits. There are a few contenders out there, of course. One of these is the Smartish Kung Fu Grip. The Kung Fu Grip also has a nice grippy feel, although this texture only extends over the sides of the case, not all the way across the back like the Caudabe Sheath.

The Kung Fu Grip has a similar slim profile, although the reinforced bumpers around the camera are more substantial. It also comes in similar colorways and offers a similar price point, so overall, the King Fu Grip and the Caudabe Sheath are both pretty good choices. Choosing between the two will depend on the texture and form factor you like better.

Caudabe Sheath: Should you buy

Caudabe Sheath Case BackSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

You should buy this if ...

Your fingers tend towards the buttery.

Slippery butterfingers who drop their iPhones a lot (like me) will appreciate the pleasant grippy texture of the Caudabe Sheath. It's easy to hold onto and, even if it drops, the case will keep your iPhone safe.

You like a slim profile.

If you hate trying to jam a big, bulky iPhone case into your pocket, then you'll appreciate the slim profile of the Sheath Case.

You change cases a lot.

Do you like to change your case to match your outfit? If so, then you'll want a case like the Caudabe that's exceedingly easy to install and remove.

You should not buy this if ...

You seek perfection in all things.

Between the eventual scuff marks (for drop-prone users) and the slightly loose edges, this case may not be up to the standards of die-hard perfectionists.

4 out of 5

The Caudabe Sheath brings a pleasing combination of slim grip and shock-absorbing protection that feels good in your hand. The soft, flexible material is textured for a grippy feel that lends itself to easy installation and removal. The case will keep your iPhone well-protected, but it may show scuff marks over time. Luckily, the soft material heals the look of scuff marks and damage over time, and the year-long warranty will cover a replacement if necessary.

Caudabe Sheath

Caudabe Sheath

Bottom line: Here you have a slim, protective case that looks good and feels good to the touch. The Caudabe Sheath is a minimal case that won't slip out of your fingers. It's also super easy to install and remove!

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