CES 2020: Razer is bringing its PC Gaming talents to iOS in a big way

Razer Kishi controllers with iPhone
Razer Kishi controllers with iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Razer Kishi is a pair of controllers that turn your iPhone into a Nintendo Switch-like gaming machine.
  • Kishi will be available in early 2020 and works on controller-friendly games for your phone, as well as cloud-powered games via GeForce NOW
  • Razer has a gorgeous new color for its Arctech Pro cases, providing gamer-centric features like heat dissipation without sacrificing style.

If the rise of Apple Arcade wasn't already enough for you to consider your iPhone or iPad as a viable gaming machine, Razer is about to fully convince you of this reality. Razer, the veritable PC gaming company, has been slowly edging its way into the mobile market for years now, and the culmination of that strategy can be neatly wrapped up into the company's Kishi controllers for iOS and Android devices. Phone controllers aren't a new concept, but the Razer Kishi goes above and beyond what we've seen before and turns your iPhone into a full-fledged gaming machine.

Right off the bat, you'll notice that these controllers don't just sit on one side of the phone or require your phone to sit above the controller on some kind of mount. These controllers make your phone look like a Nintendo Switch in more than one way. Just like a Switch, these controllers feature a left and right side that snap perfectly onto your iPhone (and many other types of phones) and includes a hidden Lightning cable inside the controller on the right side.

The controller looks like what you would expect from a modern gaming controller, including two joysticks for proper 3D gaming, triggers, a fantastic d-pad, and buttons that are lovably clicky. Any game that allows for controller input can be used with the Kishi controllers, which is a great way to play on-the-go or while lounging around the house. But it's the cloud gaming functionality that might be the very best thing about these new controllers. Powered by GeForce NOW, the Razer Kishi brings your iPhone into the next decade by giving you the ability to play PC games from the cloud.

That means you won't even need your own gaming PC in order to take advantage of all the great titles available on Steam, the premier PC gaming marketplace, as GeForce NOW provides all that hardware for you. Using the Razer Kishi, iPhone owners can now experience the best of PC gaming through the GeForce NOW service, all without the hassle of building and configuring a PC. With this simple accessory, you can easily use your phone for all your gaming needs, and it's all done without adding game-breaking latency to the experience. Expect to be able to buy the Razer Kishi soon, as Razer says it'll be available "in early 2020".

But what about when you don't have your phone in that nifty controller contraption? Razer is bringing some updated colors for its Arctech Pro cases to market, keeping your iPhone protected without making it look ugly. This new color scheme features a gorgeous black and gold design that looks as high class as it is high tech. As we noted in our review, these cases provide ample protection for the phone while still allowing for proper heat dissipation, thanks to a thermal layer between your phone and the case, as well as ventilation holes to keep it cool. That's doubly important during long gaming sessions, which you'll no doubt be doing once you get a Razer Kishi.

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