Code of Princess EX: Tips and tricks

Code of Princess EX is out now on Nintendo Switch, but don't let its belt-clad heroine deceive you into thinking this game is a walk in the royal park. You can't get through the game's campaigns by button mashing attacks and hoping for mercy from the various monsters and armies swarming through the kingdom. Part RPG, part hack and slack brawler, Code of Princess will take practice and patience, along with multiple references to the control set-up and move list, but don't worry! Here's a quick run-down to help you get started on your adventure to reclaim Solange's kingdom.

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What is Code of Princess EX?

Code of Princess EX is a shiny HD version of a 2012 3DS brawler. In it, you play as Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux, who has been exiled from her home and must make her way back into the good graces of her people while stopping an outside attack. She's equipped with the Sacred Blade DeLuxcalibur and a massive roster of friends and allies she meets along the way.

Solange and several friends can be played through the game's Campaign Mode, which tells the game's story. There are also Bonus Quests that have specific requirements to complete and may reveal a bit more about the backstories of various characters or the world. Free Play lets you play through the same scenarios as Campaign Mode, but as anyone from the full roster of 50+ characters you've unlocked.

What's different on Nintendo Switch?

Code of Princess has gotten a bit of a makeover on the Nintendo Switch, but if you played the original, not much has changed. The graphics have been upped to HD (they're a little smudgy in TV mode, so I recommend handheld whenever possible for a smooth experience), the AI has gotten a touch smarter, and there's a brand new local co-op mode that lets you play against or alongside a friend on the couch with you.

One of the most noticeable differences is in how the level up system is handled. In Code of Princess EX, stats will be allocated automatically when you level up, with customization occurring only on gear. If you're used to working out different builds in this game, you might find this new system less appealing, but for newcomers the automatic allocation allows you to skip a lot of headaches and just enjoy the game.

How do I unlock new characters?

Code of Princess EX has over 50 characters you can unlock, and the majority of them are available just by playing through Campaign Mode. If there's a character you want, keep playing!

Keep in mind that Campaign Mode is only playable with a certain set of characters. Extra characters you unlock will appear for other modes, such as Free Play.

How do I win?

Code of Princess EX can be difficult to master. It's a hack and slash brawler with complex moves and mechanics, so if you're not already adept at fighting systems, you might struggle against enemies. This game won't leave you overpowered, though you can grind levels if you really want.

Here are a few tips to help you get the hang of the combat in Code of Princess EX:

  • Experiment with rail switching up and down and see how enemies react to you. You can swap rails if you're in a tight spot, or if you want to prioritize a particular enemy over others. If you find yourself in a corner, consider rail swapping to change your situation.
  • Practice each of the main characters and get comfy with how they move, especially with their different ranges. Some characters have a longer range than others but at other costs.
  • Spend some time in tutorial mode and in the earlier levels and get familiar with the different combos your characters can pull off. Combos are key to victory, especially in boss fights. Start by learning a few basic ones, then try to teach yourself a new combo or move with each new level you tackle.
  • Don't forget to lock on to increase damage, but be wary of lock on counters!
  • You can customize your armor in different ways, which can play to your character's strengths or to toughen up their weaknesses.
  • If you're just struggling to survive, consider backtracking a bit, leveling up, and playing with a different character for a bit to learn enemy and character patterns before bashing your head into a roadblock again.

How much does it cost?

Code of Princess EX is out now on Nintendo Switch and costs $40.

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Need more help?

Leave a comment if you're stuck in Code of Princess EX and I'll help you out!

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