Apple Tv Plus With Magsafe ConceptSource: Yanko Design

What you need to know

  • A new concept imagines an Apple TV that plugs straight into the wall.
  • The new Apple TV would also have a space for MagSafe charging its remote, too.

The current Apple TV 4K is undoubtedly the best Apple TV the company has ever made. But it could be better and one way to do that would be to eliminate as many cables as possible. Like, say, the power cable and then the Lightning cable that's needed to charge the remote.

This new concept by Yanko Design does that, and it's a winner in my eyes!

Apple Tv Plus With Magsafe Remote ConceptSource:

The idea is a simple one — plug the Apple TV straight into the wall and then charge the remote via a MagSafe charger that's built right into it. That means that just one cable is needed — an HDMI cable from the Apple TV to the TV. Simple!

Apple TV is a nice-looking device, but despite its neat appearance, it is still subject to wire clutter. With a built-in wall plug, the Apple TV concept removes the need of a power cable, and thus the power cable slot from the bottom of the device has also vanished. Now you only have an Ethernet and an HDMI port. On the front is the MagSafe charger with the Apple logo in the bang center.

The Apple TV isn't the only one that got some love here, either. The redesigned remote is simpler than the one that ships now, with two of the buttons moved to the chunker sides.

Other than the reimagined Apple TV, the designer has also rethought the remote. The Apple TV 2021 concept comes with an iPhone 13-esque remote control. It is divided into two halves – the top featuring a trackpad (to scroll through the menu) and the bottom section featuring two sizable Menu and Home buttons. The volume rocker and the Siri buttons are moved to the sides, while the back of the device features MagSafe. The remote can cling onto the Apple TV box and recharge effortlessly.

What do you think? I'd be all over this if Apple decided to make it — would you?

Be sure to check out the full Yanko Design post for more pictures and background info on how all of this would work.