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Apple has created the mobile arcade to triumph over all mobile arcades, and we are excited! Apple Arcade showcases more than 100 new games — some are even exclusive to Apple Arcade. It's available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and they work great with the best Apple TV gaming controllers. So if you are an Apple user on any device, you can take advantage of this gaming subscription! This is a complete list (in alphabetical order) of all the Apple Arcade games you can play right now.


Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has over a hundred premium games with more added regularly each week. There is something here for everyone, and it only costs $5 a month for all you can game!

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What's new on Apple Arcade

New games are coming out for Apple Arcade all the time — here's what's new on Apple Arcade this month whether you're playing on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. Remember, some games are far easier to play with a compatible gaming controller or once you learn how to use a PS4 or PS5 controller with your iPhone or iPad.

  • Garden Tails Match and Grow — An adorable puzzle game akin to Candy Crush featuring several cute creatures. 
  • Love You to Bits+ — Kosmo's robot girlfriend is in pieces and it's up to him to gather her all back together in this space-themed puzzle game. It relies on players pointing and clicking in various scenes to make progress.
  • My Talking Tom+ — A virtual pet sim where you take care of your pet cat, dress him up, feed him, and make sure he's happy. 
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD — Vast groups of enemies will assail you as you attempt to keep your kingdom safe in this tower defense game. 
  • Subway Surfers Tag — Skate around various off-limit areas as you do tricks, collect powerups, and work to avoid the guards stationed there. 
  • My Bowling 3D+ — It's exactly what it sounds like. Work to knock down 10 pins with your bowling ball while adhering to the game's robust physics. 
  • Cooking Mama: Cuisine! — Select your ingredients and then see what kind of dishes you can come up with. It's a satisfying game for those who like to cook without the mess. 
  • Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins — Our little amphibian is on a brand new adventure as he works to solve puzzles located in ruins. Try to collect all of the items before reaching the end and unlock rewards as you go. 
  • Warped Kart Racers — Race behind the wheel while playing as characters from Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, and Solar Opposites. It's like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Apple Arcade.
  • Horizon Chase 2 — Race bright-colored sports cars while traveling around vibrant locales in this racer that hearkens back to the arcade era. 
  • Jetpack Joyride 2 — Fly through levels while collecting upgrades and blasting enemies in your path. 
  • Amazing Bomberman — Participate in online battles against opponents as you work to hit the highest scores. 
  • HEROish — Play as one of six different characters while using their specific skills in this tower defense game. 
  • Samorost 3+ — Enjoy surreal imagery while traveling around as a space gnome and looking to uncover your past.
  • Air TwisterFly forward while shooting at enemies and obstacles in your path. This is a classic arcade shooter brought to us by legendary designer Yu Suzuki.
  • Pro Darts 2022+ — Try to score as best you can while launching darts at a target. The game's physics makes this a fun game for both casual and intensive players. 
  • Goat Simulator+ — Do whatever you want in this crazy sim as you travel around causing chaos as a goat. It's a hilarious game for all players. 

Apple Arcade games coming soon

  • Shovel Knight Dig — Take on the role of the famous Shovel Knight as he works to reclaim his loot stolen by Drill Knight in this side-scrolling platformer. It's expected to release on September 23, 2022.
  • GRIS+ —Enjoy one of the prettiest games to be made in the last few years. Help Gris make it through her sorrow and come back to reality. It's expected to release on September 30, 2022.
  • NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition — Shoot hoops and play as your favorite NBA legends. It's expected to release sometime in October.
  • Football Manager 2023 Touch — Determine how to manage your football (soccer) team as you recruit players, create play tactics, and see how your team performs against others. It's expected to release on November 8, 2022.

Featured Apple Arcade Games

The iMore team loves Apple Arcade, but some games stand above the rest. Here are a few games we think everyone should check out.

Jetpack Joyride 2

You can always trust iMore. Our team of Apple experts have years of experience testing all kinds of tech and gadgets, so you can be sure our recommendations and criticisms are accurate and helpful. Find out more about how we test.

As we said in our Jetpack Joyride 2 highlight, this is an addictive shooter that is hard to put down. The main character, Barry Steakfries, flies forward using a jetpack and moves up or down based on your commands. Fly into weapons, powerups, and goodies as you make your way to the end of each level while blasting enemies along the way. 

Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

As we said in our Cooking Mama: Cusine! review, this cooking sim is extremely satisfying and will have you coming back for more. Chop vegetables, skin potatoes, bake desserts, create classy main dishes, and more. There are different ingredients to use each day and it's up to you to find out what you can make with them. 

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Whether you're familiar with the cartoon or not, Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is a fun RPG with seven different playable characters. With plenty of combos between all the characters and unique skills among them all, your party can take any form you want.

Over the Alps

It's 1939 in Switzerland, and you're on the run. You'll need to make hard choices that affect the game's outcome as you make your way across Europe. The choose-your-own-adventure-style gameplay is simple, but the story is well-written and compelling from the very first choice until the last.

Mini Motorways

These are all of the current Apple Arcade games out right now, and we highlighted some of our current favorites. What are you playing on Apple Arcade right now? Looking forward to any upcoming titles? Let us know in the comments!

Updated September 2022: Updated complete Apple Arcade games list. Reformatted new and featured sections.

All Apple Arcade games

These are all of the games currently in Apple Arcade. They are listed in alphabetical order.  


Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has over a hundred premium games with more added regularly each week. There is something here for everyone, and it only costs $5 a month for all you can game!

Buy from: Apple

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