Apple has created the mobile arcade to triumph over all mobile arcades, and we are excited! Apple Arcade showcases more than 100 new and exclusive games. It is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. So if you are an Apple user on any device, you can take advantage of this gaming subscription!

Currently available in Apple Arcade

Floor is Lava (Literally): Hot Lava

Staff Pick

This game is determined to be your favorite game since it probably was from your childhood too. Play alone or join your friends on an epic adventure of jumping from couch to ceiling to avoid the lava.

Play Hot Lava

Escape the Dungeon: Exit the Gungeon

Race to escape the hell dungeon while dodging and going through treacherous obstacles and opponents.

Play Exit the Gungeon

Sequels galore: Shantae and the Seven Sirens

You play as Shantae, who is a half-genie hero who visits what seems to be a tropical paradise. Trouble arises, and you will have to explore new towns, escape labyrinths and defeat bosses. You will also be able to adjust Shantae's powers to suit your gaming style.

Play Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Multiplayer Legos: Lego Brawls

Lego is multiplayer in this building and rebuilding adventure game. Build your own heroes and work together to go through the levels. You can even turn your Apple TV into the scoreboard.

Play LEGO Brawls

Houses of Cards: Where Cards Fall

The main game mechanic is to build buildings and pathways of cards, but it is a lot more than just that. You will also complete puzzles and use the spaces you create. This game is immersive. Explore physics and this card world as you can create based on your imagination.

Play Where Cards Fall

Survival: Overland

An extreme post-apocalyptic survival game where you search for supplies, rescue strangers, and battle creatures to make it through alive.

Play Overland

Ant race: Rayman Mini

As the size of an ant, Rayman tries to make it through the world as fast as possible to achieve the best score.

Play Rayman Mini

Real or Myth?: Sneaky Sasquatch

Play as an adorable sasquatch as you sneak around in disguises, steal lunches, and play golf... You know, normal sasquatch stuff.

Play Sneaky Sasquatch

Extreme Leapfrog: Frogger in Toy Town

Jump through obstacles ranging from blocks to babies while you rescue frogs and collect jellybeans. This colorful game is high energy and a blast to work your way through.

Play Frogger Toy Town

Explorers: Various Daylife

Discover and explore a new continent while living your character's best life in this Imperial Era RPG.

Play Various Daylife

Incredible Visuals: Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Breathtaking. The visuals on this game are amazing. This game is a prequel of the first Oceanhorn game and set 1000 years earlier. You will be able to explore dungeons and collect treasures all while discovering the gorgeous landscapes.

Play Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Sk8ter Boi: Skate City

This multi-touch game will make you feel like you are really skating through the streets as if it were your own personal playground, which is great because some of us never learned how to skateboard.

Play Skate City

Tile Puzzle Adventure: The Enchanted World

On a journey to piece the world back together, you will explore meadows, dive deep into caves, and go through deserts to solve the puzzles.

Play The Enchanted World

Submersive fun: Shinsekai: Into the Depths

This game takes place in an underwater world where the water is frozen over. You must battle creatures of the depths and collect items along the way to survive and explore the new world.

Play Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Ancient Cultures: Projection: First Light

Play as Greta as you journey through a mythological shadow puppet world.

Play Projection: First Light

Story Driven Puzzle: Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree

Cool Indie Game

Players will venture out as a young warrior named Estra in search of answers for her father's death. Gameplay will include complex puzzles and rhythm game battle sequences in the 2D world.

Play Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree

Broken Heart: Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is a pop soundtrack game where you play the role of a masked biker called The Fool. The Fool is trying to find harmony in the universe while trying to gain back the pieces of your heart.

Play Sayonara Wild Hearts

Retro-inspried puzzler: Assemble with Care

From the developers of the beloved Monument Valley series, comes a puzzle game that tasks you to fix old trinkets and gadgets one screw at a time!

Play Assemble with Care

Sharp wit and sword required: Grindstone

Battle your way through 150 levels of Grindstone mountain defeating creeps along the way. You'll need a sharp wit to solve the puzzle and a sharp sword to cut up the critters!

Play Grindstone

FOUR!: What the Golf

The golf game for people who hate golf, get ready to fling yourself, birds, cars, and everything else but a golf play in this wacky physics-based golf game.

Play What the Golf

Cute animations: Card of Darkness

Cast spells, slay monsters, and save the world in this beautifully animated adventure game with card play mechanics.

Play Card of Darknes

Use the clues: Patterned

Use the clues to help solve each jigsaw puzzle — each of which starts out as a simple sketch. With any luck, by the end of each level, you'll have a beautiful full-screen piece of art.

Play Patterned

Multiplayer RTS: Stellar Commander

This one-vs-one strategy game will have you fighting over control for planets. You have seven minutes to beat your opponent or the entire plant will explode!

Play Stellar Commanders

Sci-fi tactics: Spaceland

Classic tactical grid-style turn-based combat with a sci-fi twist, Spaceland gives you access to multiple units, weapons, and more!

Play Spaceland

High-speed spies: Agent Intercept

You're part of a high-speed chase and it's going to take all the skill you have and stunts you can pull off in order to catch the bad guys!

Play Agent Intercept

Arcade fighter: Punch Planet

This 2D sci-fi fighting game has all the charm of classic arcade fighters — with special moves, interesting characters, and a ton of finger tapping action!

Play Punch Planet

Be sneaky: Operator 41

Help the spy call headquarters with vital info be stealthily making your way to the telephone. Watch out for guards, cameras, lasers, and other obstacles in your way.

Play Operator 41

Defend your base: Red Reign

Build up your base and defend it from other players, with over 20 different types of units in this real-time strategy game.

Play Red Reign

No more traffic jams: Mini Motorways

A successor to the wonderful Mini Metro, Mini Motorways tasks you with fixing traffic jams and helping everyone get to work on time.

Play Mini Motorways

Tower Defence: Don't Bug Me!

Bugs are attacking your base on the planet Mars and they need to be squashed. Manage your resources and defend your base with a little bit of first-person shooter action and special skills.

Play Don't Bug Me!

Climb the league: King's League II

Train and manage your troops as you try to climb the King's League. Lead your team into tactical combat and win the battles and the glory.

Play King's League II

Shoot 'em up: Explottens

A chaotic shoot 'em up style game where the evil cats of KLAW have all but enslaved kitten-kind. Blast them out of the sky and take back the land of Catmandu.

Play Explottens

Deck-building RPG: Spelldrifter

A cool hybrid of tactical RPG combat and deck-building mechanics, Spelldrifter will make you think hard to defeat your enemies.

Play Spelldrifter

Find your dog: The Get Out Kids

The narrative puzzle game will have your sneaking out of the house at in the middle of the night searching for your missing dog. Nothign is quite as it seems and you may just find yourself in the middle of a mystery!

Play The Get Out Kids

Line art puzzle: Spek.

Fill with unique line art, wonderful soundscapes, and vibrant colors, Spek. will ensure you never look at a square the same way again.

Play Spek.

3D Side Scroller: Way of the Turtle

A wonderfully wacky 3D platformer, Way of the Turtle will have you jumping, collecting coins, and navigating across a dangerous island.

Play Way of the Turtle

Take Flight: Lifeslide

Play as a paper plane soaring through the sky avoiding obstacles along the way!

Play Lifeslide

Driving in the future: Neo Cab

One of the last human cab drivers left, you'll need to pick up fares, navigate the futuristic city, and maintaining a good rating to stay on the road.

Play Neo Cab

Relaxing painting: tint.

Solve puzzles by painting and mixing colors. No rush, just a relaxing and soothing experience.

Play tint.

Travel back in time: Over the Alps

It's 1939 in Switzerland and you're on the run. You'll need to make hard choices that affect the outcome of the game as you make your way across Europe.

Play Over the Alps

Magic Pinball: The Pinball Wizard

Shoot the tiny wizard around the dungeon, level up your skills, and ascend the castle.

Play The Pinball Wizard

Collect shoes: Word Laces

Ties the words together with shoelaces to solve the puzzles, in this simple and fun word puzzle game.

Play Word Laces

Definition of fun: Dear Reader

Classic books become puzzles as Dear Reader mixes up prose and tasks you for putting it back together properly!

Play Dear Reader

Sports simplified: Big Time Sports

A fun and a fast-paced game where you'll need to tap, swipe and press the screen all sorts of different ways to compete for the best time in several sporting events.

Play Big Time Sports

Rogue-like RPG: Dread Nautical

This tactical turn-based RPG has rogue-like elements as you face the supernatural forces trying to skip your ship!

Play Dread Nautical

High stakes: Mutazoine

Mutazoine is a high stakes, emotionally-charged adventure game with beautiful hand-drawn visuals.

Play Mutazoine

8-bit style art: Bleak Sword

In Bleak Sword you'll struggle across compact battlefields by striking down a bunch of different monsters, in this dark fantasy game.

Play Bleak Sword

Ghoul busting action: Dead End Job

You play has hector and employee of Ghoul-B-Gone who is an expert at Ghoul busting. The vibrant cartoon-style art makes this game look as charming as it is nostalgic.

Play Dead End Job

Purr-fect: Cat Quest II

A sequel to the wonderful adventure RPG, Cat Quest, you'll be sharping your claws and making more cat-related puns than you can handle!

Play Cat Quest II

Not dead yet: Dodo Peak

Play as a Dodo bird trying to navigate the dangerous peaks and save your babies from perishing!

Play Dodo Peak

Funny history: Cricket Through the Ages

Throw balls, swing bats, and hope you don't end up in pieces. Go through the ages — both past and future — in this silly physics-based game about one of the world's most popular sports.

Play Cricket Through the Ages

Racing Mayhem: Speed Demons

Satisfy your need for speed with this fast-paced racing game with eight different gameplay modes. Will you crash? Most definetely — that's all part of the fun.

Play Speed Demons

Tiny Detective: Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

Play as the character Jenny, who has to defend her mother from being charged for murder. She explores, finds clues, and has to grow up a lot in this mystery adventure game.

Play Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

Save the World: Cardpocalypse

A single-player card game that allows you to change the rules and the cards as you play to save your school and the world.

Play Cardpocalypse

Wonderful Puzzle Planet: ChuChu Rocket! Universe

Play over 100 incredible puzzles on different planets — an upgraded version of Sega's classic game.

Play ChuChu Rocket! Universe!

Random Levels: EarthNight

With randomly generated levels, you will never feel stagnant in this side-scrolling runner. All of the beautifully pictured levels are hand-painted too.

Play EarthNight

Let's Get Moving!: Sonic Racing

This recognizable character has a lot of people talking. Will this be a Team Sonic Racing game or just a twist on a classic character. Less than one week away until you can start your Sonic Racing campaigns.

Play Sonic Racing

Eight-legged Dinosaur: Spidersaurs

This action-packed game doesn't have a ton of information out. However, what we do know is it is created by the same developers that created Shantae, but this one will be exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Play Spidersaurs

Racing: Super Impossible Road

Set on galactic backdrops, this racing game will be incredibly challenging as you will have to master high speed turns and race your way to victory.

Play Super Impossible Road

Fight epic demons: Towaga: Among Shadows

An intense 2D single-person hand-drawn action-adventure game. We know very little about how to play, but the trailer for it is absolutely gorgeous.

Towaga: Among Shadows

Rich Narrative: The Bradwell Conspiracy

The story is set in 2026. You survive an explosion at a corporate event and discover another survivor. Go through the game and ask questions to uncover a deep-seated conspiracy in the mega-company, Bradwell Electronics.

Play The Bradwell Conspiracy

Space Assault: Redout: Space Assault

Play as an ace fighter pilot in 2395 in charge of maintain order. Shoot at space pirates, blow up enemies ships, and collection new weapons to battle in space!

Play Redout: Space Assault

Cool original music: Pligrims

This wonderfully animated adventure game will make you collect items and flex your brain muscles to figure out how to use the items!

Play Pligrims

Weird farming: Nightmare Farm

This weird farming game features some beautiful artwork, and transports you to the farm of nightmares. Keep your guests happy and grow your crops, and you just might find your way out!

Play Nightmare Farm

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Choose your characters: Steven Universe: Unleash The Light

Editor's Pick

Cartoon Network developed this game based on the animated series. You will play as Steven and learn how to use your powers to help protect the universe.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Sports Fanatic: Ballistic Baseball

This arcade game features the head to head battle between pitcher and batter. This game also has the ability for a live mode to play multiplayer matches.

Coming soon tp Apple Arcade

AI Future Plot: Beyond a Steel Sky

A 3D adventure where the future holds an AI-controlled utopia. You will play as a character that is vowed to rescue a child who has been kidnapped and brought to Union City.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Handmade Game: Fantasian

A mysterious plot with backgrounds created by hand. The developers then added 3D characters to the photographs of the real-life sets.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Mysterious Ride: HitchHiker

In this eerie game, you will play a hitchhiker and get rides from strangers in each section of the game. You will be faced with decisions to steer the conversations and change the gameplay.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Secret-Secret: Kings of the Castle

Like most developers, Frosty Pop is holding their cards close to their chest before the big release day. They have tweeted their excitement and release a couple of images on Twitter.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Brick by brick: Lego Arthouse

This is a celebration of play itself and speaks to how people don't grow up; they stop playing. Arthouse targets a more mature audience and is meant to inspire creativity to the masses.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Flow freely: Lifelike

A game that uses swarm behavior as its game mechanic and is inspired by natural phenomena.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Top Secret: Little Orpheus

A cryptic game of coded telegrams based in Russia. Described by the game programmers as a "pocket-epic in glorious technicolor."

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Fishing for the right beat: Monomals

Fish for beats. Compose your music. Share your fishy beats online.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Teaser Image: No Way Home

The game developers, SMG, posted this teaser image with nothing else and they are not giving anything else away. So we can safely assume there are multiple species on this colorful adventurous game.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade


A spin on the treasured classic game. Play in four-player Battle Mode and be the last PAC-MAN standing to win.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Arachnophobia: Spyder

We can only assume that this game has to do with a spy device in the disguise of a spider. Either way, the few teaser images, and GIFs have us excited about the gameplay.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Going on a trip: The Artful Escape

While on a quest for self-discovery, you will explore a colorful world as a musician named Francis Vendetti and let the music take you away.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Mythical Adventure: The Pathless

Explore a forested island to dispel a curse. A blend of action and story will take you to a mythical dream-like world as you delve deeper into this game.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Storm Area 51: UFO on Tape: First Contact

Just like UFOs, this game is a mystery for now. We do know that it is a beautifully pictured game of UFOs and adventure.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Dream-like: Winding Worlds

Create worlds and make friends. This dreamy-like puzzle adventure is all about exploration, friendship, and acceptance.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Make good choices: Yaga

A role-playing action game where your decisions will change your progression. This folktale will change every time you play it so even if you think you are done... there are so many infinite possibilities.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Other Titles Confirmed for Apple Arcade

  • Box Project (Developers: Mediocre Mel)
  • Doomsday Vault (Developers: Flightless)
  • Enter the Construct (Developers: Directive Games)
  • Possessions (Developers: Noodlecake and Lucid Labs)
  • Repair (Developers: UsTwo Games)

Players, are you ready?

Apple has really set the stage with this amazing line up of developers and games. With no ads, one low price, and endless gaming possibilities, it is going to be very interesting to see how this changes mobile gaming. In this huge mix of games, there is something for everyone, even the most serious gamers. It is almost unbelievable that these developers and Apple were able to create something so rich in content for a small hand-held device.

While we have tried to put all of the games that have been released on this list, we know there is way more than this that hasn't been revealed, so we will update this list as we discover new games. Since Apple has opened the door to developers for the Apple Arcade, you can only expect more as time goes on.

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