So you think you can podcast? Win a guest spot on our show! [contest]

Want to be a special guest spot on our iPhone Live! or iPad Live! podcast? Here's the thing, Rene and Chad are fine and all but I need some new blood, some fresh opinions. Could that be you?

If you think you're the one, if you think you could handle being on a live internet show, then make us a quick video titled "TiPb Podcast Contest Entry", upload it to YouTube, and paste the link in the comments below.

Keep the video short -- 1 minute is plenty -- but show us what you've got. Show us why you should be on iPhone Live! or iPad Live! Give us a rant. Give us some insight. Give us something compelling about whatever TiPb-appropriate subject you like best.

Make it creative. Make it fun. Most importantly, make it entertaining. Hell, use a muppet if you want!!

We'll pick our favorite and you'll get a guest spot on our show and all the fame and bright lights that go with it.

So why are you still reading this, get moving!!!!!!

[Thanks to @iTroldahl for the idea!]


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