Chinese smartphone maker 'Digione' claims patent infringement on iPhone 6 design

It appears that a Chinese smartphone maker is taking issue with Apple's design for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The company in question is Digione, and it says that it sent a letter to Apple in September that claims the iPhone 6 might infringe on one of its patents.

After not having resolved the issue with Apple, Digione made its letter available on the social network "Weibo" on Monday. The letter states that the iPhone 6 may infinge on a patent covering the design of one of Digione's own smartphones. In the letter, Digione indicated that it is hopeful that the two companies can avoid the courts:

We believe that a communication with goodwill would contribute to solving potential legal disputes.

However, Digione may have a tough time if it does decide to take Apple to court. As our own Rene Ritchie said upon learning of the dispute:

The iPhone 6 looks like an iPod touch from 2012, so good luck with that.

Source: Weibo; via Macworld

Dan Thorp-Lancaster