Cracking the iOS 7 icon super-ellipse formula

Not only does iOS 7 seem to ever-so-slightly increase the size of iPhone icons, it seems to move away from the more common rounded-rectangle shape to the more complex superellipse. Hopefully Apple will provide tools to make generating curves of this type easier for developers and designers, but in the meantime Marc Edwards of Bjango has been doing a lot of maths (his spelling, not mine!) and has come up with something that seems to match up very well. From Twitter:

The formula for the iOS 7 icon superellipse.

He's also working on Bjango's own interface design tool, Skala and I'd be shocked -- shocked, I say -- if he's not already got superellipses, and likely tesseracts and other geometric wonders, well under way.

Check out the formula and the image proof via the link below.

Source: Marc Edwards