Apple's Craig Federighi talks Face ID in TechCrunch interview

Face ID has been generating a great deal of buzz since it was announced at the Apple Event, and many consumers have been questioning its effectiveness and security. In an interview with TechCrunch, Apple's Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi discussed iPhone X's new feature in order to help clear up any confusion.

The biggest question on the public's mind regarding Face ID is one of security. Federighi explained how to disable it in the event of an emergency:

On older phones the sequence was to click 5 times [on the power button], but on newer phones like iPhone 8 and iPhone X, if you grip the side buttons on either side and hold them a little while — we'll take you to the power down [screen]. But that also has the effect of disabling Face ID. So, if you were in a case where the thief was asking to hand over your phone — you can just reach into your pocket, squeeze it, and it will disable Face ID. It will do the same thing on iPhone 8 to disable Touch ID.

You can read more about disabling biometric authentication on iPhone here:

How to quickly disable Touch ID and Face ID when you need extra security

Federighi also addressed concerns about what sort of facial coverings would disrupt the ability to unlock your phone with Face ID:

If you're a surgeon or someone who wears a garment that covers your face, it's not going to work. But if you're wearing a helmet or scarf, it works quite well.

Definitely glad to hear I won't have to alter my scarf-heavy winter wardrobe or stop wearing my extremely cool and treasured X-Files baseball cap.

For the full interview, visit TechCrunch's website.

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