Curious how to create rich, HTML email iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? iOS may show you fancy emails but it doesn't natively support creating them. However, there are tons of apps available that allow you to do so. Which one you choose is really a matter of preference. I've tried a couple and found Markdown Mail to be my personal favorite. Obviously you'll have to learn markdown if you don't already but I promise, it's dead simple. There's even a link in-app to a help page with all the syntax. Jump through to see how using Markdown Mail (or any other HTML e-mail app) can allow you to create HTML rich e-mails.

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I use Markdown Mail because it's simple to learn and integrates perfectly with the default mail app. You can simply create your e-mail in Markdown and send it without having to copy/paste anything over to the mail app.

  1. Launch Markdown mail and tap the plus sign under drafts.
  2. Type your e-mail in markdown format.
  3. If at any time you want to preview what you've written, tap the circular icon to the right of the trash option.
  4. Once you're done, tap the mail envelope on the bottom right. A mail message will pop up, simply type in the sender and subject and you're done!

As a side note, you can also choose to e-mail the markdown version as well. To do this, tap the arrow icon (bottom left) and choose e-mail markdown.

If you guys use a certain app to create HTML rich e-mail, let us know which one in the comments. If you decide to try out Markdown Mail, let us know how it works out for you!

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