Daily Tip: How to use AutoFill to automatically fill out web forms on iPhone and iPad

Tired of filling out one tedious web form after another, and wondering how to get Safari on iPhone and iPad to automatically fill them out for you? Luckily, deep within the settings of Safari there is a way to setup AutoFill, something which allows you to automatically input your personal data on sites that permit its use.

  • If you haven't already, create a contact for yourself in the Contacts app.
  • Open up the Contacts app
  • Select the plus sign in the top right corner

  • Add in your personal information

  • Hit Done
  • Open up your settings app

  • Tap on Safari
  • Tap on AutoFill
  • Toggle "Use Contact Info" to on

  • Tap on My Info and select the contact you just created or the one you already had
  • Now when you visit a site that needs your information, as soon as you select the first text box your keyboard will pop up and there will be an option called AutoFill

  • Tap on AutoFill and Bob’s your Uncle, all your details will be automatically filled in for you

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