Daily Tip: How to share a map location via Email, Messages or Twitter

If you ever need to share your current location or any particular location you fancy when using the Maps app you can. It is very easy to do but can also be a very powerful way to help your friends find you or find a location that interests them that you want to share. Follow along and we will show you how easy it is to do it.

  • Open the Maps app
  • Let it locate you or if you want to share a different location, search for it in the top right corner search box
  • Once your location is shown on the map, click on the push pin

(opens in new tab)
  • A box should open with a red circle on the left and a blue arrow on the right
  • The circle on the left is for street view; the arrow on the right is for more information
  • Click the arrow on the right, it will open an information page on the location selected

(opens in new tab)
  • You now have a few options, Directions to Here, Directions from Here, Add to Contacts, Share Location and Add to Bookmarks
  • We want Share Location

(opens in new tab)
  • You then have three options, Email, Message, Tweet
  • Select whichever method you want to send the location by, in this example we are using Email
  • This opens up the email send box, you will see an attachment already there ending in .vcf.

(opens in new tab)
  • Fill in the recipients address and that’s it
  • When the recipient receives the file, they can open it on their iOS device and it will show them the same info page

(opens in new tab)
  • The link to the map will show the exact location and from there, you can get navigation details from your current location.

(opens in new tab)

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  • Or download my new favorite app: glympse. It's free and is an amazingly awesome way to share your location with whoever you want and allow me to track you for whatever amount of time you specify. Otis like find my friends, but allows you to control who follows you and when they can do it, with the ability to revoke it at any time. No, I'm not the developer, just an impressed user.
  • I really like this app, this and Zephyr are my favourite apps of the year.