Metric's new music video was filmed entirely on the iPhone X

When you think of big celebrity musicians and bands and their music videos and content, I'm sure the last thing to come to your mind is: "Hey, was this filmed on an iPhone?"

Asking that question a few years ago would have people laughing, but as the iPhone's camera improves more and more with each passing model, the idea of shooting content and major music videos on your iPhone isn't so ridiculous.

Take Canadian rock band Metric's newest video for their song Dark Saturday, which was directed by long-time collaborator Justin Broadbent and shot on the fly with a single iPhone X.

The band and I agreed that shooting on an iPhone would be a good way to immediately connect a visual style to the authentic feeling of this record. Because it was a 'run and gun' style video, we needed our footprint to be tiny and quick but the video quality still needed to be high. I think this also let the band relax, not having a huge camera and lights around while allowing me the freedom to try things on the fly. Even the design of the final video looks like four separate screens magically lining up together. (Justin Broadbent)

The video, which features 4 iPhone-like sections, follows members of the band in a black-and-white adventure.

At certain points in the video, the angles and orientation change, creating the image of a man walking sideways or transitioning to the same shot of a car with all the different band members.

We made the video for our new song "Dark Saturday" with Justin Broadbent and he shot everything on his iPhone. His vision was to capture each member of the band feeling alone in their own world, four different realities unfolding simultaneously and sometimes magically connecting. It was an all night shoot with many gritty locations but we all love working together so the shoot was a blast. (Lead Singer Emily Haines)

This isn't the first time a Canadian singer has taken to using their iPhone for a music video. Just last month, Charlotte Cardin's *California* was released and it was filmed entirely on iPhone. The footage is displayed through social media posts, Facetime calls, and screen records.

What do you think?

Apple has been showing the advantages of shooting on iPhone for a long time more, and so has iMore of course!.

Are you a big fan of filming on your iPhone? How about major artists and filmmakers getting more use out of their iPhone?

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Cella Lao Rousseau

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