A lot of people have been waiting in the wings on the hope and promise of Apple's AirTags, its rumored Tile competitor that will help you keep track of your non-Apple things. While AirTags are sure to be handy, Apple has begun to open up its Find My app in the name of fair competition so that third-party tracking companies like Tile can offer the same level of features.

Tile's Cyber Monday sale is so great that it makes us quit waiting for AirTags and get into the tracking game right now.

Four things at once

Tile Sticker 4 Pack

Tile Sticker 4-pack

Track all the things

The Tile Sticker features an adhesive back, a loud ring, a built-in three-year battery, and is completely waterproof.

The Tile Sticker, unlike its bigger brothers, features an adhesive back that enables you to secure it to all sorts of items you might want to keep track of. Stick it to a bicycle, a skateboard, or even a car. If you do leave your item somewhere, its last location will be saved in the free Tile app and, once you get within 150 feet of your sticker, you will be able to ask it to ring to make it easier to find.

One of Tile's cool features is that you can use it in reverse, meaning that if you lose your phone, you can actually use your Tile to find it, even if it is on silent. You can also sync your Tile account with the Google Assistant and Alexa to use your smart assistant to find your items.

Tile Sticker on Amazon Fire TV RemoteSource: Tile

The sticker comes packed with a built-in three-year battery and is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting it wet and failing on you.

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