If you're an American then Deezer won't be too familiar to you, but all that is set to change in 2014. The music streaming company which is already available in locations around the world is set to finally hit the U.S. music arena some time in 2014. And, while cracking the States is going to be an incredibly tough ask, it's impossible to avoid the worlds largest music market forever.

Deezer isn't some small start up anymore either, with 5 million monthly subscribers worldwide without the help of the United States. It offers a pretty extensive music catalog, is available on all major mobile platforms and in some locations such as here in the UK can be had right now for 50% off the regular monthly fee.

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So, yes, it's another music service heading your way next year, because we just don't have enough of them, right? Deezer is actually my own service of choice right now – mainly down to price – and I'm pretty happy with it, and at least we can't possibly say we're not spoiled for choice?

Source: TechCrunch