Diablo Immortal tips and tricks for beginners

Diablo Immortal Key Art Barbarian Female
Diablo Immortal Key Art Barbarian Female

Diablo Immortal is now available across mobile devices, bringing the hellish world of Sanctuary — as well as its numerous festering, monstrous, evil, and conniviing inhabitants — to entirely new platforms. Part of making Diablo Immortal an accessible game is in how the systems are simpler than past titles, but that doesn't mean you won't need any help. The game is meant to appeal to everyone, from those that have been playing since the very first game, all the way up to anyone who (somehow) first heard the word "Diablo" today.

Now, if you're completely new to the Diablo franchise, don't worry, we're here to give you a hand so you can get to slaying monsters and grabbing loot. Here's a list of tips and tricks for Diablo Immortal designed to help out beginners and veterans alike.

Choose a class, but feel free to experiment

Diablo Immortal Art Classes (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo Immortal has six different classes: The Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. When you first start this iOS game, you'll be asked to pick one of the six. We recommend starting with the Barbarian, Crusader or Wizard if you've never played a Diablo game before, but you really should feel free to try any of them. A lot of the complicated systems in past games have been streamlined here, so you don't need to worry quite as much about min-maxing your build right out the gate.

It's important to note that Diablo Immortal gives each player five character slots. This means you can have up to five distinct characters active at a time. While this isn't quite enough to have one character from each class, it does give players plenty of room to experiment and try different things if their first (or second pick) isn't quite to their liking.

Play around with different skills

Diablo Immortal Skills Arcane Wind (Image credit: iMore)

No matter which class in Diablo Immortal you choose, every character has a range of skills they can use. These skills can then combine in different (and sometimes unexpected) ways. Just as an example, if you're playing as the Wizard class, using the Arcane Wind skill on any enemies that are currently lit on fire (due to you or another player attacking them) will cause you to ignite a Firestorm and deal increased damage. Alternatively, using the Disintegrate beam attack on the Ice Crystal will cause the beam to split, firing in multiple directions.

If you navigate to your Skills section in the Options menu, you can not only remap these skills to choose which attacks you have equipped, but you can also read up on each ability, which may grant insight into how different skills interact with each other. Play around, you never know what you'll discover!

Time your Health Potion usage and grab Health Orbs

Diablo Immortal Monster Difficulty Image (Image credit: iMore)

Unlike in Diablo 2, where danger lurked even at lower difficulties and potions had to be bought or hoarded, Diablo Immortal uses a system somewhat similar to that of Diablo 3. You have three health potions, which are on a cooldown timer. After using a potion to restore some health, you briefly lose the ability to use another health potion. Then, there's a second cooldown, as the potion slowly recharges. As such, choosing when to heal or not is critical for success in bigger fights.

From time to time, you'll see red Health Orbs on the ground, usually dropped from killing enemies or dealing a certain amount of damage to a boss. You should prioritize picking these up over using your health potion, as there's no cooldown associated with picking up Health Orbs.

Scrap anything and everything you aren't currently using

Diablo Immortal Blacksmith Salvage (Image credit: iMore)

As Diablo Immortal is all about grabbing loot, you will quickly fill up your inventory. Since you should be swapping to whatever best fits your current build, what do you do with all the other gear you pick up? Over 99% of the time, you should scrap it! Scrapping gear gives you a variety of resources that can be used to upgrade an item. These upgrades take huge amounts of resources, so it's vital that you're also scrapping vast amounts of equipment. You can scrap gear by selecting Services at any Blacksmith.

Don't neglect side activities

Diablo Immortal Elder Rift Image (Image credit: iMore)

While it's easy to get lost playing along the main path and blitzing the storyline, take some time and do side activities every now and again. Explore off the beaten path to find additional treasure chests and gold. Take on challenging Rifts for difficult fights that grant unique rewards. Finally, Bounties refresh daily, giving you an infinite supply of side quests to take on and get some additional experience points for your characters.

Make sure you to grab daily rewards

Diablo Immortal First Kill Of The Day Message (Image credit: iMore)

Diablo Immortal has lots of microtransactions, but even if you don't intend to spend a penny, you can get some neat extras just by making sure you play on a regular basis. There's multiple daily rewards to claim, including some stuff you get for killing your first monster of the day, as well as a free bundle of resources. It may not seem like much, but do this regularly and it'll add up over time. You can also claim one free Crest per day. Crests are a requirement if you want to take on more and more Rifts, so it's pretty important to claim your daily Crest.

Have fun!

As a free-to-play game, Diablo Immortal is going to grow over time, with more zones, events, loot, and possibly classes to try out. There's a lot of content here, more than Diablo 3 had at launch, so keep playing and having fun. Remember that Diablo Immortal does support controllers, so if the touch controls aren't working for you, you can always hook up a mobile controller and start playing that way.

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