The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the lowest price it's ever been on B&H right now at just $139, but what you may not have realized when you hit that "buy" button is that your existing doorbell chime may not be powerful enough to support the extra wattage needed for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which needs a more powerful 30VA transformer to work perfectly all the time.

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Most homes with a doorbell chime have a doorbell transformer. It's designed to essentially shrink down the amount of wattage that goes from your house to your doorbell down to a lower voltage. Most older homes, those about 20 years or older, only need about 8V or 16V, which requires about a 15 or 20VA (volt-amps) transformer.

A lower-wattage transformer doesn't necessarily mean the Ring Video Doorbell Pro won't work at all. You should be able to turn it on and connect to Wi-Fi without problem, but there may be issues with using your virtual assistant in connection with it (OK, Google. Who's at the front door?).

To make sure the Ring Video Doorbell Pro works with everything and doesn't freeze up when you need it most, you'll want a 30VA transformer.

To ensure that you can take advantage of all features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and to ensure that you don't accidentally freeze up the system right when you're trying to see who's at the front door, you'll want to have a 30VA transformer.

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If you suspect your transformer isn't powerful enough, first you need to find it. Look around the chime itself for a blank cover over an electrical box first, then move to the chime itself or your electrical panel if you don't see anything. Since one side of the transformer is connected to over 100 volts, it shouldn't be just laying around anywhere but I have seen them mounted inside an electrical box in the attic or basement.

Once you find it, make sure the power is off and look at the top of the transformer itself. You'll find a sticker or some engraving that tells you the voltage and power in VA that it's rated for. You'll need a transformer rated at 16-24 VAC and 30 VA to power things properly. If that's not what you have, you need to change it.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Use your phone to view live video or use Alexa to communicate with whoever is there. Provides 1080p video with a 160-degree field of view. Uses integrated infrared LEDs for night vision. Includes motion detection and bank-grade encryption.

$139.00 $249.00 $110 off

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