Did you switch from Android to iPhone? Tell us why!

One of the biggest areas of iPhone growth continues to be people switching from Android. Whether they go for something inexpensive at first, aren't happy with it, and so go iPhone next, or if they simply want something different from the last Android flagship, switchers comprise an increasingly large and important part of the iPhone customer base.

Here's what Apple's CEO, Tim Cook had to say a couple of weeks ago:

[We] continue to see a very high level of customers switching to iPhone from Android and other operating systems. In fact, we added more switchers from Android and other platforms in the first half of this year than any other six-month period ever.

That made me curious. We've asked about switching to iPhone before. Back then, one of the primary reasons was the new big and bigger display sizes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Those have been around for over eighteen months, though. So, the pent-up demand may no longer be so pent up. There are, however, some other things that have changed:

  • Apple released iPhone 6s with a 12-megapixel camera and 4K video.
  • Apple shipped a 4-inch iPhone with the same camera but a much smaller profile.
  • Apple unveiled the Apple Watch and new Apple TV, both of which can make iPhone more compelling.
  • Apple once again upgraded all iPhones to the latest software, once again going back to 2011, once again all at once.
  • Android vulnerabilities like Stagefright got a lot of media attention.
  • Compelling new apps, updates, and/or features that came to iPhone first.

If you made the switch from Android to iPhone recently, let me know which Android phone you switched from and what caused you to make the switch. Was it one or more of the reasons above, or something else entirely?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I switched from the Nexus 6P to the 6S Plus. The bigger screen, the apps going to Apple first, the ease of use were all factors. The ability to FaceTime and the Apple Watch all played a big part as well. I still have the 6P but haven't turned it on in over a month. I'll probably sell it on Swappa. Loving the 6S Plus!!
  • The 6P has a 5.7 screen. The 6S Plus has a 5.5 screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • I didn't mean a bigger screen than the 6P. I meant bigger than previous iPhones..
  • I did it the other way. From iPhone 6s plus to Nexus 6p and man is Android better in everything. True missing my apple watch but moto 360 is cheaper and smarter
  • Are you saying that apple ecosystem made you switch than the device itself? You were not sure of it before buying 6p?
  • I've been back-and-forth between Android and iPhone (and Windows Phone as well) over the last few years, so I don't really have an allegiance to any one brand.
    Most recently I was on a Nexus 5X and liked it, but I picked up an iPad Air 2 during all of the sales and remembered how much I enjoyed using iOS and iMessage. I love having the OTA updates the day Apple announces them (no sideloading required). We have a Mac Mini as well - so that really pushed me to sell the Nexus 5X and pick up a 5S off Swappa. Still a great phone and I got to pocket $100 from the sale. Figure I'll use the 5S until the iPhone 7 comes out.
    It's been nice not seeing a daily "X App stopped working" error message for the last two months.
  • iPhone 5s is definitely still a great device! I'm considering the SE next time around (or whatever generation is out by then). The 4-inch form factor is really one of the best sized phones. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched FROM an iphone 4 to a Nexus 4 because I needed a bigger screen. My aging eyes just could not deal with a 3.5" screen. I was prepared to switch back to a iphone 6, but I have grown accustomed to being able to customize my phone experience. I am open to switching to an iphone (i love my ipad) but I will need more customization options. Just being able to put my apps where I want on a screen would be enough for me to switch. Perhaps ios 10?
  • Smart man Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • This could just be because of OCD or something, but I almost get customization anxiety when I have android. I know I can just leave it as is, but there are so many choices to make with android - do I use stock apps or manufacturer, do I want widgets or a cleaner look. What icons do I want to use? Which launcher looks the best, works the best, etc.
    And it isn't just blindly following whatever Apple says looks best. One of my favorite features of Windows phone was the limited amount of customization.
  • I'm the same way. It ends up being a distraction b/c I know the potential customization options. As fun as it can be it's also a complete waste of time 90% of the time. It needs to be a tool, not a toy. If it oversteps that boundary (or rather, if I allow it to), then it's not serving its main purpose, which is simply to keep me connected to what I need to be connected with while making my life more efficient - not less efficient. It should be in and out and done. I realize this is completely possible on Android as well, but I'm a tinkerer at heart. And for some reason, jailbraking and customizing an iPhone feels like a huge leap that never crosses my mind. All personal problems I'm sure. :)
  • Ditto, The same thing over here. I'm a tinkerer and the main reason I switch is because on Android I have to factory restore every 3 to 4 month, with luck. I know it's my fault tinkering in dark OS system. So I have an iPhone as my work phone so I don't mess with it. But I jailbreak older iPhone to find out the additional function is for make it more android.
  • This. I moved from away from Android to iPhone because I was tired of setting up how I was going to use my phone instead of just using my phone.
  • I know some time ago (before Lollipop, really) Android devices often needed these customization to be great. I don't think they are needed anymore. If you pick up your average Galaxy S7, and don't change anything, it will run and look and work great. The default settings are pretty close to ideal to an average person.
  • Are you saying you like Apple better because you don't have a choice as much in customizing the experience as much to suit your needs or tastes? Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • I'd rather be in and out of my phone quickly without having to tweak anything "to my needs or tastes" and focus on the needs and tastes I have in the real world. That's what he's trying to say, I believe.
  • I'm an Android user, and I like making my phone just how I want it. But I understand where the poster is coming from. I generally prefer listening to the radio over picking what music I want out of the massive streaming libraries out there. Why? Because I don't need to worry about whether I'm listening to the perfect song all the time. I just turn on a station I like and live with what is on. For my phone, I have a handful of looks/organizational structures I like. I switch between them every 6 months or so. I'm not worried about all the other, possibly superior options.
  • Stop preaching Android on here like its some godly OS because it isn't abs neither is iOS perfect. Either say something to the point of question on this thread or don't say anything at all. This is an Apple community and talk of Android isn't exactly welcome here. Sent from the iMore App
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  • You need to look at the title of the thread. If the mention of Android bothers you so much, you should avoid threads that have the word "Android" in the title.
  • No the mere mention of Android doesn't bother me, what bothers mr is people going off topic. In the case of this question. Is why did you switch from Android to iPhone? So people need to stick to the topic. Sent from the iMore App
  • You are such an angry little ******* troll dude. Every thread when somebody says something positive about Android, or negative about Apple, you leave your little hut to rail about it. If it makes you that upset, I suggest you stop reading. Moron.
  • Yeah customization can really suck you in on Android with all the icon packs and such. I actually went with a Lumia 1020 for a while and tried out Windows Phone for about a year. I actually really liked it. What drove me away from it was the lack of apps, timely app updates, big name apps pulling themselves from the store (a lot of banking apps started bailing on it in 2014), and the complete lack of Google apps which I can still use on iOS finally just got to me.
  • I did that too on the Moto. Keep looking for an app that allows me to do shortcuts here and there. Spent nights doing that, just to perfection. But now back on iOS I just can't get away from workflow. It's so powerful. Sure I would love customisation but iOS has so many already built into the core software that I have to still hunt down on android again. Sent from the iMore App
  • This! Same exact anxiety.
  • Totally agree. I love Android for so many reasons. I just feel like I'm always customizing it instead of actually using it. iOS is totally boring, but I feel like I spend more time actually doing something productive rather than worrying about widgets, icons, etc...
  • Hey, you can put your apps where you want on your screen on iOS. Just long-press any app, they will all go wobbly, then they can be moved around, or dragged on top of another to create a folder.
  • I think they're referring to being able to put an icon or widget anywhere you want on the home screen regardless of what is around it on Android. On iOS you have to put your icons in order starting from upper left across the top row and continuing down the grid until you get to the bottom right. You can not leave a space between icons or, if your screen is not completely full of icons, you can't put frequently used apps along the edge of one side of the screen so they're easier to reach with your thumb.
    This is a big annoyance to me on iOS as well. There is no logical reason to be forced into this design after 9 iterations of iOS. Having the freedom to put something anywhere on the screen is not going to cause people to freak out that there is too much customization nor will it cause any added confusion for new users. It's just a pointless limitation...
  • Its how I feel at the moment. Went from the Droid X to the iPhone 5 since the iPhone wasn't on Verizon yet. Then went to the HTC One m8 because it was the best phone available at the time and then upgraded to the Nexus 6 because I could. And the Nexus 6 which was just too big. When I had to swap carriers, I went with the iPhone 6s. Would of gone with either the HTC m9 or Droid Turbo 2 but they weren't supported by US Cellular, so I felt that the iPhone 6s was the best phone at the time. Got a highly discounted Apple Watch too, so I think I am going to be in the Apple ecosystem for a while
  • I switched from Windows Phone (HTC 8X, then Lumia 930) after being disappointed with the outcome of the Windows 10 Mobile and I can really feel the difference: so many apps I haven't dreamt of and even Microsoft ones are rather good; plus no more "resuming" or poor battery life. I regret the personalisation options are very limited - tiles and wallpapers from Bing changing on daily basis were really beautiful. But apart from that I finally have a functional phone that last 2 days with my usage pattern while being always swift and pleasant to use. I am really considering going deeper into Apple's environment. I only wish Apple keeps the pace.
  • I went from a Moto X to an iPhone 6s. Why? iMessage, Facetime, higher quality apps and presence of certain specific apps not found on Android. I have to come appreciate my iPhone now as it continues to perform flawlessly even after a few months, something I couldn´t say about my Moto X. P.S. I think Android as an OS has better UX/UI paradigms, but I need and prefer iOS apps. A phone is probably as good as its apps.
  • I first switched to the iPhone because I had always wanted one but AT&T wasn't an option. I love being able to have exclusive apps from the devs that only support iOS. Timely updates and a system that just works are a plus. I have been going back and forth. I keep an Android phone for 6 months and the latest iPhone for 6 months.
  • I guess that I have kind of made the switch. I was originally on Windows Phone, and I tried out Android. I really thought that I would be switching to Android permanently but I have had some issues with Android itself that made me decide to try out the iPhone and then eventually choose it over Android. Anyway, for me, it was the following (I'm going to try not to make this as long): -Silencing the ringer on Android makes it go into vibration mode, which is frustrating when you are trying to use Doze...in a quiet setting.
    On the iPhone, the mute/kill switch takes care of that for me instantly...and I get the choice of if I WANT to use vibrate or not. -Speaking of Doze (it's meant to save battery), it only works on a flat surface which is annoying considering that I have a job where I am always getting up, and my office is "open" so I don't feel comfortable leaving my phone on my desk if I am not there. My phone warms up in my pocket.
    The iPhone has a great way to optimize battery. It also doesn't burn up in my pocket either. -Android has SO many layers, so many things to configure and adjust. I'm aware that I don't have to do these things (even though sometimes you do have to do them, but lets save that discussion for another time). I felt like I was always adjusting things to have the best experience.
    With the iPhone, it feels simpler to me, almost like Windows Phone with the simplicity. I can just do the original setup and go about my day, just the way I like it. -Android's Do Not Disturb mode is one of the most annoying things ever (at least to me). I have touched on this in the forums but in short, it's not enough to set DND on its own, you have to choose which mode within DND you want to use. I set my phone in DND and alarms don't break through it, and neither does media, which is annoying. I have to tinker to make sure that it would wake me up.
    iPhone: I have one DND mode, and alarms and media break right through it. I don't have to worry that my alarm might be silenced. -Double email notifications. If your email is hosted on Gmail, this is a non-issue. For me though, my emails are hosted on Outlook. Every time I get an email, I get a Outlook notification and also a Gmail notification. Very annoying. My favorite thing (sarcasm) is if I disable Gmail notifications, I then get NO email notifications.
    iPhone: This doesn't happen at all. I just get Outlook notifications. I have probably never opened the Mail app since I first got an iPhone in general. Finally, this might sound silly but eh, it is what it is:
    -I hated that I turn off things, and yet they are still running in the background on Android. Like NFC, I turn it off, but yet in the processes, I still see it running. Additionally, it seems like everything runs in the background.
    iPhone: This doesn't happen. There are some apps that I don't need to run in the background and I love that I have the option to turn off refresh. Twitter of course, should refresh. My Bible app on the other hand, it really doesn't need to. Basically, that's why I switched. These might be little things to some, but they really started to annoy me. Will I probably try some Androids in the future? Most likely if they interest me, but I'll probably continue to use iPhone as my main. Additionally, the release of the SE is golden to me. I started with a smaller smartphone and found myself missing the smaller phone factor often enough, but anything that is smaller, I have either tried or they have awful specs. The SE is like a dream, nice specs in a smaller phone. (I see that I win for longest response...welp.)
  • Original Droid, X2, Maxx, Turbo, N6, N6P. Flashed own ROMs, very much loved Nova Launcher. Have done the iOS <---> Android switch-er-roo to the cell carries delight, draining my wallet and my own mental well being. Reasons I'm sticking with my iPhone 6s+:
    Corporate email more fluid when using Exchange, including handling MS office attachments, Calendar, family calendar sharing, garmin connect notifications are a mess on android, iMessage is a killer app, audio via headphones is awesome on Apple for quality compared to the 8+ android devices I have owned, the camera is reliable and takes noticeably better photos, when encrypting android becomes sluggish, battery life is night and day (even against the all superior giant Turbo battery), facetime with family, find my friends, integration with the other apple devices in my household. Most importantly, not waiting for negative infinity for software updates from the OEM & carrier on android. Getting them day one on iOS. I have spent zero hours researching issues on my iPhone compared to my android. Have had a 6 plus (Original and now +) since they were released. Not going back to android.
  • My fiancé and I both switched from Android mainly due to problems we were having with our Android devices on Verizon HTC M8 and LG G3 are data speeds were very sporadic and we're having signal issues were our neighbor was having no issues with their phones who were also on Verizon. I mainly held off on switching back to IOS due to the iPhone at the time only having a 4 inch screen and we were use to having 5+ inch screens and when the 6s+ launched we jump on it right away and have never looked back. In short it just works and that's something we have been longing for.
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 because it was free. My wife is an iPhone gal and I was a Android guy. When the time came around for new phones our carrier was doing a 2 for 1 deal but they had to be the same manufacturer. I was going to have an easier time transitioning from one type of phone to another so I bit the bullet and made the switch to a 6s. I enjoy the phone a lot but I do miss some of the small things from Android.
  • I am curious, what are some of the small things of Android you're missing?
  • I haven't made the switch yet, but I'm seriously considering it. I really liked my Windows phone, but Spring & Samsung have left Windows in the dust. Went to Android with Galaxy S4. Last update was to Lollipop & that is the last update it will ever receive. I'm so tired of manufacturers lagging on the updates & then the carriers doing the same. I should have learned my lesson with my Windows Samsung phone! I want updates in a timely manner. Even my husband's Iphone 4 gets updated swiftly. I'm holding out for the Iphone 6S Plus 64 gb with the hopes there will be a good deal later in the year.
  • I switched from the droid dna to the iphone 5s in 2013 because I was fed up with HTC withholding android updates. I was also in love with the build of the 5s and already used itunes for my music.
  • Using a 6s plus and S7 edge iOS standby times are unreal that's why it's my daily driver Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from the oneplus one to an iPhone 6S 64GB. Main reason for switching after being on android since smartphones hit the mainstream (after my brief hiccup with a BB Storm 2) is that I just wanted something that worked in itself and with other things. Unless you go Nexus with Android you're left in a world of uncertainty update wise and can never guarantee that everything will work the same from one manufacturer to the next. Had a few htc phones which were fine but never quite 100%. Have had a couple of Sony devices which weren't amazing, oneplus was restrictive network wise and never stable so I ditched it and got my iPhone. I might still go back once my two years are up. I love how this works so easily and the camera is great, I miss the tinkering though that I was able to do with android phones. Where as I could sit faffing for ages with the layout and such for ages on my android phones, I find once I've checked my mail and social networks there's no reason to continue using the phone. It's probably not a bad thing I guess but hey hoo...and ****, the App Store expensive compared to the play store. We shall see though Sent from the iMore App
  • Check out launcher app for iOS, adds the android style pull down menu. besides app icon organizing what other tinkering have you wished you could do with iOS?
  • Personally, I just couldn't deal with the unstable nature of android. I had a 6s that I traded for an LG V10, then that for a Galaxy S7. The major reason I switched back was due to an error on my account that made it impossible to buy apps. I sat on the phone with Google Play support for literally hours before they, in a roundabout way, told me they had no idea what was going on and would get back to me. Which they didn't. Went back to Tmobile and got a 64GB Rose Gold 6s and have no regrets.
  • I was a long time Android fan boy (Motorola Droid, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Droid DNA, HTC One), but I was always frustrated by the fact that many people couldn't understand my (lower) voice on calls. I borrowed my wife's iPhone a couple of times, and had no such trouble, so I reluctantly switched to iPhone and couldn't be happier with my 6S. :-)
  • I had been with Android forever, last phone was the Nexus 6, switched for the apple watch as crazy as that sounds, at the time the only watch to be able to take phone calls on it, but also because I knew I would use Apple Pay, at more places that I thought it'd work, also knew it'd work with the new August Lock, love using it to unlock my house. I also have to port one of my enterprise android apps to iOS so I figured I'd fully convert to force myself to understand the usage of the iOS version. Both platforms are so mature that I can do the exact same thing on android as I can on iOS EXCEPT I have not found a good calendar app. I loved calendar snooze on android, no calendar reminder would disappear unless I specifically clicked dismiss, it would stay in the notification bar letting me act on it or snooze it till later. With iOS the closest I have come is CalAlarm, reminders disappear from the notification center when you go into the app, but keep repeating every 15 minutes until I dismiss them, but still not as good of a solution as Calendar Snooze on Android. What does anyone else use for this? Would love a better app suggestion
  • I switched from my Z5 Premium after years of Android loyalty due to the massive fragmentation and need for carrier customisation. Take Wifi calling as an example, on Android I needed to either buy my handset carrier direct or flash the carriers ROM. On the iPhone I pop in a sim and it updates the carrier settings. This type of simplicity won me over, now I have Wifi calling, VoLTE, visual voicemail without needing to wait for the updated Android rom that would usually be out of date from by the time it was released. Yes I could have gotten a Nexus 5X or 6P but I'd still end up in the same time loop. Sent from the iMore App
  • I was tired of resetting my android phone due to its lack of speed. Android phones work great at the beginning but after a few months it starts to get slow and apps starts to slow. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched over to iPhone mainly due to LTE data issues on my Android phones with Sprint. All my android phones had the same issues. Every time I wanted to watch videos I would always get buffering. Switched over to iPhone and no issues at all. Other reason for me were lack of updates and patching of Android phones. Apps were a big thing to. Had a lot more apps crashing on Android than I do on iPhone as well. The only thing I miss is the file manager. Sent from the iMore App
  • i switched from a LG G4 to an iPhone 6 Plus because i wanted to keep great camera performance, but have great phone performance as well.
  • Confession: I'm actually an Android fanboy, but I use iOS and a 6S as my daily driver. I used to tinker - root, rom, etc. - on Android every chance I got, all the way back prior to the Motorola Droid. Then life became more important. I've owned literally every Android flagship going back to 2009 thanks to Swappa. There always felt like a compromise no matter what Android device I had, but iOS (at least in its current iteration, and on the 6S) feels like there are no (or minimal) compromises. Even now on the Galaxy S7, it's hampered by carrier bloat and already delayed updates. If I wanted to drop $700 on the unlocked international version, I wouldn't be able to use Samsung Pay and would have limited Android Pay, and no VoLTE or Wifi calling - and updates have been sporadic on that version already as well, due to the regional firmware Samsung uses. iMessage & Facetime: I know this is trivial for some. But literally every. single. person. I work with or care about in my family / friend circle uses an iPhone, so iMessage and Facetime are pretty awesome. Any time I pop my sim into an Android device, iMessage groups get completely screwed up - and not just for me, but for everybody in the group. This isn't Android's fault, but it's an issue nonetheless - call it genius 'lock in' on Apple's part I guess. One final point of contention - battery life. I know when I set my 6S down at night, it's only going to be a couple of percentage points lower by morning. On my S7, there have been some nights like that, and others where it's down 20%, and I get tired of the constant battery life "hand holding". For the hardcore Google fan out there, honestly the experience on iOS is as good or better in some instances anyway (unless you live & breathe Google Now). So for me it boils down to consistency, simplicity, updates, and connectivity to those I care about. Sorry for the long comment... kinda got going there and didn't stop. Edit: Let me add one more comment on the cameras since I have the S7 alongside the 6S. The S7 is a great camera, but I don't think it beats the 6S. They each have their strengths, but one of the weaknesses of the S7's camera is the field of view and intense over sharpening. In good lighting, I'll take my 6S over S7 any day b/c the photo looks real and natural, and there is minimal "stretching" on the outskirts of the photo. The S7 is the opposite, though still very good obviously. In low light, yes the S7 takes in more light, but I'd still argue it looks very unnatural in a lot of scenarios. Whether that's better or worse is up to you.
  • We're definitely in the same boat. I'm an Android fanboy, for sure. Been basically using them since the OG Droid X. Been on iOS since December and don't see me switching, basically for all of the reasons you listed.
  • because the iphone is the best i switched from experia z1 to iphone 5s it's the best of the best
  • iPhone 5? The best I think you waste a lot money. You could of get a nice Android phone
  • I have a love and dislike relationship with Apple. I love visiting Apple forum and knowing Apple user's perspective. I am an Android user and might get iPhone someday. But still not very convinced with iPhone. A couple of my friends own iPhone and I was very excited because I could now bother them and ask various questions and clear my doubts but unfortunately, they are minimal users. The only answer I get is "it's nice, it's working smoothly". They hardly use iTunes. I wanted to know more about iTinues and pros and cons of using iOS. It "feels like" you have to use iOS as per Apple and unlike Android, make it yours. Do whatever you want. The accessories are expensive for Apple. USB OTG is awesome for Android users. Cheap and simple. But for Apple, you need a different app for that (I can understand, might be security reasons), then Majority of users in India use Android so transferring data via hotspot is fast and simple. With apple, that will be difficult. Transferring of data via USB to phone and vice versa is so convenient and we use it a lot. In fact, in case something goes wrong and you need to take a quick backup and have no wifi or PC nearby you can take the entire backup of your phone and transfer it to USB and then format your device and restore it back. You save data and time too. This thing has saved me many times, especially when I am travelling. I do like certain things about iOS. Like iCloud backup system. Not very confident with Photo sync. Even with Android too. Need to learn more about it. Then, complete backup option via iTunes. Smooth performance of the device after 1-2 years. Of course, the OTA updates :) I still not like the harsh syncing system of iTunes. I am very used to with drag-n-drop function of Android. Another day, I just wanted to add few pictures into my iPad (yes, I have iPad mini 1, and it's lagging, app crashing a lot now :| Need to buy a new one) but I couldn't because it ways I need a particular folder to sync and also, device's pics will get deleted. Same goes with the songs too. Why can't I just drag and drop a file into iPhone via iTunes? Almost every time I use iTunes I have to search the internet. Never did this with Android, it's more straight forward. For me, iTunes is like some kind of slavery, where I have to accept that somethings can't be done or/and done in a different way. For iPhone users, since you have been using it for so many years and now you are comfortable with it, might have found the alternative to various things. For a new user like me, it's a different story.
  • Never use iTunes. Unless you want to backup the phone and encrypt the backup. Because iCloud still don't do encrypted backup. I did that when I signed on to the beta tester programme. Other wise never touched iTunes. My photos are all in Google photos and OneDrive. Delete most of my local files. Because Google photos are great enough. iPhoto is quite lousy. To do a quick transfer of photos or videos can try pushbullet or vlc through wifi or airdrop through Bluetooth. If all else fail there's a lightning Usb stick or microSD card reader, both are quite expensive thanks to lightning. Worse part of Apple is the price of the phone. Quite expensive even after awhile. I can buy a s7 for slightly more than an se unlocked. Sent from the iMore App
  • I use both but if I were to switch to just one, it would be iPhone.
    The reason: android can not send picture messages reliably.
    And its not just one android phone, android can't send pics 100% of the time no matter what brand, or what messaging app you use.
    I sent 4 pics from my galaxy S7 yesterday and the person got 1 out of 4....
    customization is great, but android just doesn't have the polish iOS has.
    I am selling my current phones and going to a 6S+ asap.
  • I converted to the Iphone 6 Plus a year and a half ago from a Note 4 and as far as I'm concerned, Android who? The bigger screen real estate was the "big sell" for me to try. But when I did try, here are the things that impressed me off the top (taking into consideration i came from Samsung): 1) Phone simply works beautifully. (Android, especially on Samsung phones stuttered after a day of use)
    2) The apps are elegant and look better on Iphone. (Android apps, you never knew what you would get)
    3) Huge deal, 6 Plus stayes connected to Wifi (Samsung, Im calling you out. Every phone i had of yours could not do this!)
    4) The camera. Absolutely blew away my old Note 4. (Samsung, ease up the sharpening and color contrast)
    5) The app store. Clear, concise, easy to navigate. (Google Play, not so much)
    6) IMessage. Brilliantly designed (Goodbye extra chat apps)
    7) Fingerprint scanner works like magic. (Samsung, not even close on this)
    8) BATTERY LIFE. The standby time on the 6 Plus is ridiculous. (My Note 4 would drop 30% after 3 hours of standby)
    9) Unexpected surprise, Safari. Absolutely brilliant browser. (Hated Samsung's and all others that I could download still doesn't work as nicely as Safari)
    10) A year and a half later, it still works just as fluid as it did day 1. I will be sticking with Iphone and will probably upgrade to the 7 this year.
  • Maybe you had a note 4 clone
  • Yeah, I think I know what phone i had previously. My 6 Plus blows the Note 4 away.
  • I switched from an LG Optimus G2 Pro to an iPhone 6S Plus. Switched because got tired of all my android phones not receiving OS updates, or getting updates that effectively make the phone less useful than before. Like degrading battery life like crazy. Also got it for the battery life. The 6S plus battery is insane!
  • Get a Nexus
  • I switched from an LG Optimus G to the iPhone 5s. I had talked to some friends who had also switched from an android to an iPhone and had been really happy with it. That is when I made the decision to switch to iPhone. I haven't looked back since. The interface is simpler and more fluid, the software seems less buggy, updates happen MUCH more frequently. It is just overall better. Even if there is less customization overall than android.
  • I switched from a Galaxy S6 to an iPhone 6+S because iPhones are the only ones currently allowing hearing-aides to be connected to directly. On android, if you have the manufacturer's app, you can connect to a hearing-aid, but unless you have a separate bluetooth device, you can't hear the call on the hearing-aid. I like my iPhone, but I also really liked my Galaxy, and I truly think this is a huge shortcoming for android devices. I do however, really have to give praise to Apple for including this. Nobody else is really looking out for the hearing-impaired.
  • Same reason here, except I later switched out my 6s for the SE. Very happy.
  • The timing was perfect. I just bought a 6S plus and i am waiting for it to arrive.
    I have a HTC M8, and was the best android phone i've used.
    But android is not a very reliable OS, someday on thing will stop working and you will have to reboot or factory reset.
    Last week i tried to take a video of my little nephew, and when i pressed the record button, it just crashed, 3 times in a row. It just worked after a reboot.
    And this is one of the examples of what could happen, maybe your maps app will crash, maybe your messaging app, you are always at risk, and this happened with every android device i had, and i have not used any samsung crap with touchwiz, just nexus and a htc.
    With my nexus 4 sometimes the phone just heat up and drain 60% of battery overnight, some rogue app stopped working.
    Also since i got the HTC i stopped tinkering with my phone, i don't care about roms, kernels, themes etc anymore, i just want a phone that will work for me everytime i need.
    Another reason is the updates. With the iphone at least 3 years of updates i will have, with android my old galaxy nexus died so young without seeing the kitkat update, and my 2 year old HTC is already done too with updates.
    Other reason is because the A9 chip + the storage technology behing the 6s is crazy fast, and even this year no android OEM came close to the speed.
    And there is a lot more reasons like, better developed apps, exclusive games, not having to worry if a game i bought will work or not.
    And this is because i don't even received the phone, i am hoping it to exceed my expectations.
  • I tend to go back and forth as I can appreciate features of both platforms. However I recently switched back for a variety of reasons and feel it might be for good this time: * Industrial Design. I love Apple's design. Always have.
    * Timely Updates. I had a series of Samsung phones and was sick of waiting 6 months for updates.
    * Screen. No Nexus device can come close to the iPhone 6+ screen. Hugely important to me. Might have stayed on Android if a Nexus phone could compete.
    * Apps. Some apps I use are iOS only.
    * Continuity. We have three iPads and an Apple TV in our home. Nice to have the same apps and content on all devices. Why might I switch back? Customization. I love Androids customization options. Icon packs, app icon arrangements, system look and feel... I do miss that.
  • I switched from a HTC Hero to an iPhone 4 my boss gave me for work in 2012. In 2013 I acquired a 15" MBP and switched to a 5 and they work together seamlessly. And I immediately took to the combination of simplicity and functionality of then iOS7 I think. What you need often is on the surface, what you do not need immediately is squared away. I'm not going back. If I use Android I think it feels clunky. That and the horrible integration between that and my other work platform.
  • Eight year Android user. Just switched to the 6s+ about a month ago. Switched from a carrier version of the galaxy s5. My reasons for switching were the waste of time I spent modding Android, the ridiculous wait time for Carriers to push the newest updates out, the polish of iOS, boredom with Android after 8 years, simply wanting to learn something new, iMessage, the galaxy s7 being just kind of meh imo vs the s5 I already had, the iPhone camera, and finally my wife switched to iOS the week before I did, and setting her iPhone up intrigued me I suppose. No regrets this far although I do miss my back button... Sent from the iMore App
  • You'll get used to the swipe back in place of the back button... it might take a bit but you will! :P
  • Swipe back? Sent from the iMore App
  • On most screens you can swipe from the left side of the screen to the right and it mimics the back button - it's not quite as system wide as an actual back button, but when going back to Android, I end up missing it as much as I miss the back button from Android.
  • Ah, got it. Thks much for the tip! Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh. FWIW. I'm on a 15" MBPr in combination with a 6+ - the one with the nifty hardware (6S+, iPad Air2, 13" MBPr) is my wife :-)
  • Actually, I was using an HP Prē 3 for a long time, and had planned on upgrading to an S6 when the time came. Then, things like stagefright happened. That was a major factor in my choice to move to an iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I got fed up with the lack of apps for my Microsoft Surface. Also, the apps that were available were buggy and awful. I decided to get an iPad Pro and keyboard and immediately fell in love with it. I already had a Mac Mini at home, so I decided to go all in with Apple. I sold my 1 month old Galaxy S7 and Moto 360 and bought an iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. I know that there are going to be times in the future when I'm going to be tempted to switch back, so I hope that I can resist the urge. I generally feel that the quality of Apple's hardware is the best, but Apple rarely innovates these days and I know that the Android folks are always going to have the cool stuff first.
  • iMessage Sent from the iMore App
  • Switched from the Sony Xperia Z5 to the iPhone SE. Liked the power in the small form factor that the SE brought. And I always end up returning to iOS for Tiny Wings. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched a few weeks ago from an HTC One M8 to the 6S+. My touchscreen stopped working on my M8 after 2 years. I like HTC phones but some research online revealed my issue was somewhat common. I hate Samsung phones, having a bad personal experience. Two close friends had switched to iPhone from Android and told me they would never go back. So I switched and am happy so far. I like the added security with built-in encryption also.
  • I came back to the iPhone for the support I get form Apple. Don;t get me wrong, I loved my Galaxy S4 and my LG G4 (with the exception of the boot loop issue) and everything I could do with Android, but getting any warranty or other issue required me to deal with the carrier or the manufacturer and having to send my phone back. With Apple, I know I could schedule an appointment at my local Apple store (or TRY and get a walk in) and get my phone taken care of. I have no regrets going to Android, but ultimately, it was that customer experience that made me go back to iPhone.
  • I've an iPhone user for nearly 3 years now but I did try the dark side (Android) and it ain't that bad but I came back to iPhone because I'm an iPhone guy and always will be. From the moment I had my first iPhone (4S) I knew I'd never really use anything else. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh yeah the timely updates and its simplicity are just 2 of many reasons why I'll never leave iPhone again and will still with the Apple ecosystem. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been an Android user since 2009 (as in currently still am via a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet), but for my phone use I switched to a 6s Plus my first iPhone and Apple device of any kind last October from a 2014 Moto X Pure edition (i..e fully carrier unlocked etc). The big draw was I continually heard about apps having more polish and either getting updates quicker or apps just coming out sooner. Yes a lot are now released cross platform all at once, but that's not always the case. Before my Moto X I ran a Nexus phone so update speed wasn't an issue. The Moto X pure edition was better than a carrier tied model but still not as good as a Nexus with what is now monthly security updates. The iPhone getting security updates directly whenever Apple wants to release one is a big draw if you're not using a Nexus device. The other things that drew me in were the battery life on the Plus and the 12mp with OIS. Yes Android cameras have finally caught up to iPhone on the recent Nexus phones but that knowledge wasn't really out there at the time the 6s Plus came out. Samsung and the others had decent cameras for a while but I always hated their skins they put over the Android OS so I refused to use their phones. I also saw the 3D touch as a new concept I really wanted to have. In practice I do forget it's there a lot of times, but now that app developers are starting to utilize it more hopefully that will change.
  • Been back and forth between Android and iOS for a few years, mostly on Android, however. I picked up a 6s Plus in December and it looks like I'll be staying where I am. I switched for apps (everything good seems to come to Apple first), stability, OS updates, fluidity, handoff and continuity. Other things specifically about the 6s Plus that I like are the screen, camera and battery life - it isn't lacking in the most important areas for me where it always seems like every Android phone is missing something important for me. Like some other people have said before me, sometimes the customization on Android is a Catch 22. While it is nice to be able to customize a lot of things, it can also give me anxiety with constantly fidgeting with my phone and sometimes it can muck things up (some apps can cause serious conflicts with other functions in Android). I'm at a stage in my life where a phone needs to be a tool that just works for me that I don't have to mess with. And it's looking like Apple is it.
  • I switched from Nexus 5 and I am glad that I am with iPhone right now, even that I need to forget about some apps (like phone calls recorder). When I have been Nexus 5 owner, I wait, and wait, and WAIT for update to latest Android. When Next Nexus came in, users with 5 have been left behing. When Update finally came, was laggy and buggy. Waiting for fix take agaes, and before it arrive I got enought and I switch. That was good move.
  • Yes I did. From iPhone 3Gs to android phones (Galaxy S2, Nexus 4, OnePlus One, Galaxy A5 (2016)), now back to 6s because I am tired of android's battery draining issues. I know some suggested to flash other ROMs, but I don't think it's something the phone brands should let happen and expecting end users to flash other ROMs. In Lollipop, the mobile data radio active thingy is seriously annoying that put me off so much. I guess I only liked KitKat of all Android versions.
  • I recently switched from an LG G5 to the iPhone 6s Plus. I mainly switched due to the more frequent security and software updates on the iOS platform. With so much of our lives being in our mobile devices nowadays, it's nice to know that if a security vulnerability comes up it will be patched in a timely manner. Google is starting to do this and they're doing a great job on the Nexus line in keeping them updated, however the only OEM that seems to care about timely security updates is Samsung and I'm not fond of their smartphones.
  • The Galaxy S6 made me switch. I had been using Android since the original Droid, but just felt like they were focusing on the wrong parts of Android going forward. The final straw was the battery life of the S6. I know that was specifically Android, but my previous Android phones had started having worse and worse battery life. My wife had an iPhone and its battery was much better. Another bonus was Apple's family set up so that I didn't have to buy any apps, music, or movies that my wife had already purchased. I don't think that family sharing gets talked about enough.
    There are some things I missed about Android and that I don't like about the iPhone and iOS, but when all things are on the table, I'm happy with my decision and will be sticking with the iPhone for the foreseeable future.
  • I began with the good old ( now extinct) Blackberries and loved them. Itching for a change, I jumped ship to the iPhone and had the 4s, 5, and 5s. Then when the BB Priv came out I thought it might be the perfect device and its siren call was irresistible. Made the switch and tried as I might, I absolutely hated it. I went through FIVE Privs before I sold it back to ATT and bought a 6s. All is right with the world again Android and BB do not play well together. It arbitrarily deleted my address book when I added a new contact. It overheated so badly I had to wear a glove at times to hold it. It arbitrarily rebooted in the middle of working in an app. I had to reboot 4-5 times a day to try to keep the screen from locking up. I got pretty high up on the ATT food chain in the customer service Dept and they. Had no ideas. Just kept sending me replacements. Was told to delete Facebook once. Was told to delete over half my apps by a rep who reminded me that the Google App Store exercised no quality control. The list goes on. And on. Never again. My heart bleeds for what BB with Android has become. But my hands will forever hold an iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm still undecided. Here is a question that will help me decide.
    Are there any disadvantages to using Google/Android services on an iPhone compared to an Android phone? Is there a service ....like google maps or other such thing....that the Android does better with google services?
    I have no interest in the Apple Cloud ecosystem or their own office suite. I use Microsoft's suite and google docs.
    The thing is, I have come to truly enjoy the Apple Mac OSX. Stable, snappy, easy
  • The Google services aren't integrated like it is in Android, but Google Now is here in the Google Search app, Google maps is here, however if you tap on an address it automatically brings it up in Apple Maps. You can still sync your calander and contacts with iOS. Gmail and Chrome apps work well. I use Onenote and onedrive on my iPhone and iPad, no complaints. Haven't tried office on iOS yet. Hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.
  • Having switched recently I can tell you that while it's not perfect, i.e. as someone else mentioned it's not integrated as well as you'll want it to be, it does work pretty well IMO. Yeah you can't set google maps or chrome as defaults but it's easy enough to copy a link and paste it into chrome to view for instance. As far as the apps themselves I've had no usability issues that I can think of vs. the Android versions (which I still use on a Nexus 7). I don't have any contacts in iCloud, I just added my Google account to the phone and you can set that as the default for contacts. Same with Google Calendar. Well, you can't set the Google Calendar as the default app, but you can set it as the default calendar service so all your Android devices and PC etc. will get any changes then just open the app manually on the phone or view it in the default app.
  • No problems using things like google contacts and calendar in iOS. For maps I've used Google for years, but it's not bad to have Apple maps as well.
  • All the google apps are in the Appstore. IMO the Google apps on iOS are way more refined and user friendly (see gmail for example). Yes, the integration is not as tight as on Android, but I haven't had any issues thus far that were even all that annoying, much less deal breakers. Was already using drive and dropbox to back up pics and docs and both work great in iOS. Still using google to sync my contacts, mail, calendar, etc...and no issues here. I'm also still using play music on my iPhone. No need for icloud thus far, for me, in my experience. I am only using icloud (the free allotment that came with the phone) for cloud/phone backups
  • I switched from the iPhone 5 to the Note 3 then back to a iPhone 5s until the iPhone 6 Plus came out. Now I am using an iPhone 6s Plus. I switched to android because I wanted a bigger screen and was tired of waiting for Apple to come out with a bigger version of the iPhone. I also thought I wanted all the customization that android offered. I switched back after 2 months because android is a hot mess (or at least the Samsung version was at that time) and I realized it would be 6 months to a year until I was able to get the latest version of android. My iPhone rarely has errors, locks up, or has to be rebooted but the Note 3 I had would have at least a few issues every day. Some android apps were optimized for the larger screen of the Note 3 and some weren't. Also, if I was going to have an android phone I was going to get an android tablet. Once I realized that many of the android apps weren't optimized for a tablet (and you didn't know which were or weren't until you downloaded them) I was out. When I traded in my 14 month old iPhone 5 I got $350 for it. When I traded in my 2 month old Note 3 I got $150. Apple stuff isn't cheap, but it holds its value better than other manufacturers. And say what you want about Apple's lack of customization, but when you want a phone that always works and does so efficiently you can't get a better phone than an iPhone. There's something about having the same company that makes the software make the hardware. I am interested in checking out the Nexus 6P for that very reason. That and you don't have to worry about being 2 OS versions behind. I will never use an android device for my primary phone again, but would like one to play with. Both OS's have their positives and negatives and each is great for particular users. Good news is we all have choices. Sent from the iMore App
  • My wife, daughter, and I switched over from Android earlier this year. My biggest drive was software updates, I know I'll see software updates for at least a couple years. Additionally, I've come to enjoy Apple Pay (when available), accessories available everywhere, and the fact I might reboot my phone once a month maybe. I do miss themes and how Android handles notification and third party keyboards, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Oh yeah, continuity between my iPad mini 2 and my 6s is pretty nice.
  • Well I was on a Lumia 920 then switched to a OnePlus One (Which I actually loved a lot but I wanted a fingerprint scanner) so then I got a Samsung Galaxy S6 which was a decent phone but the battery sucked and the latest update at the time made it unusable with my car. Since I am in my car at least 2 hours a day compatibility with my car's Bluetooth is important. Since at the time I wasn't really keen on the Android update situation the the 6S Plus has just come out I decided to jump back to the iPhone because 1) My car I know works with iPhone's rather well 2) Touch ID at the time was more thoroughly more integrated on the Apple Ecosystem then the Android one and with me moving my passwords to my mobile device this was very important to me for securing my device.
  • My primary reason for switching was how buggy touch wiz was becoming. It seemed like every time I unlocked my phone to do something, I would get an error. Very frustrating. Also, I became so obsessed with constantly customizing my Samsung... Every other day I'd fee like I NEEDED to change the font or change the icon pack etc. One day my phone force closed and then turned off. That was it, went into T-Mobile that evening and came out with my 6s. That was 7 months ago and I haven't had a single complaint since! Sent from the iMore App
  • "Also, I became so obsessed with constantly customizing my Samsung... Every other day I'd fee like I NEEDED to change the font or change the icon pack etc. " That's an issue with you, not with Android.
  • Went from a 5s to a G4 and back in 7 months. Pretty happy with G4 as a music player with 200GB microSD card. Loved customization options. Phone died and LG will not support. Made a list of everything I liked about both OS's. iOS was just faster for most common operations. LG has little lawyers inside warning you about airplane mode, for example. Took an old 5s, fixed cracked screen and replaced battery. Bet this old phone lasts longer than low end Android device. Apple needs to support more storage and high definition audio, we will see.
  • I switched from a 4S to a Lumia 920 because I wanted to see what another OS was like. From there I went to a Nexus 5 and then on to Samsung. I'm enjoying the Note 4 and the S7e at the moment and will probably stay with Samsung for a while.
  • Apple so butthurt by Android lol. You never see Android sites with articles talking about iPhone
  • 1. Safer
    2. Faster
    3. Pink
  • The responses here are proof. Many people are boring and have little to no preference. Just have it make phone calls and open apps with no fuss. Yay.
  • Why did I switch? After using my Android devices for a 6-12 months it was lagging a lot. I had to erase and start over. Even my Note 4 took a turn for the worse in 12 months. Updates! I am no longer he'd back by Samsung-Verizon-Google for updates. Apple gets them to me asap. With Android I basically have to buy a new phone to get the new Os which includes new emoji. Quicker updates, less bloat ware and a sexy decí e is why I switched. I had been with Android since 2008. Sent from the iMore App
  • Switch from z3 to SE. Love the size. Sent from the iMore App
  • Nexus 5 to iPhone 6S. I was diehard Android because I get bored with a device I use almost nonstop every single day. I wanted the ability to change certain elements that I interact with regularly - like the keyboard - because it makes that boring device feel kinda new again. I also needed something with a screen size that I didn't have to squint to look at. But I went for a solid year without flashing a custom ROM or doing almost anything that I wouldn't be able to do with an iPhone - just to see if I could survive the switch. During that time, it made me realize that the stupid crashes that I had always experienced when doing mundane things - like taking quick picture or sending an SMS - weren't due to the barely-tested custom ROMs that I had always run. I saw the same issues running stock plain old vanilla Android. Unacceptable. I'm getting too friggin old to be tinkering with my stuff every day and dealing with necessary reboots to get basic functionality back. Apple addressed both of my major concerns (different keyboards and minuscule screen size) with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6(and +) and it doesn't take a genius to know that the consistency and reliability of the iPhone surpasses the experience on stock Android. So I switched. Glad I did.
  • i came from android HTC..smooth ios better optimized apps work better no errors u get fast ios update ...on android 1 year wait,,,i like design, camera,screen, ios,..i will stay on apple 4 ever Sent from the iMore App
  • It's all about the OS)iOS is much more stable than Android)iOS "thinks" much faster))this is very important thing for me)
  • In my case, I started with an iPhone 4S back in 2013 then got a 5s in March 2014 which I used solidly for over a year and then I got so fed up with the battery life and the smaller screen, I sold my 5s last July and got a Moto G which I enjoyed using initially but then the quirks of Android set in and I soon started to tire of the Moto G and then add insult to injury, I got the stage fright bug and that was the final straw for me and soon got a Nexus 6 and what a nightmare that phone was, random rebooting and apps crashing, but to honest I knew I was always an iPhone guy deep down but I wanted to at least try Android and while marshmallow was a lot better, it was too late and I decided I'd sell my Nexus 6 and come back home to iOS and iPhone in January with a 5c which was a stop gap til I got my 6s Plus 2 months ago and while Android isn't a bad OS it lacks the consistency and reliability of iOS which I've always preferred to every other platform and I love the Apple ecosystem and have no plans to ever stray again. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. For me iPhone and the Apple ecosystem is the only one I'm happiest with. Sent from the iMore App
  • If you got the stage fright bug then what on earth where you doing with your phone !!!??? Unless you mean your phone was vulnerable to stage fright. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I didn't do anything, it just shows how insecure Android is and I have piece of mind with iPhone with security. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes I believe you.. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I went from a Droid X to an iPhone 5 and then to a Galaxy S5, Note Edge, and then back to an iPhone 6S Plus. I initially switched to an iPhone 5 as I wanted a phone with a better camera and a better music playback experience. My Droid X's camera was atrocious and music playback ate through the extended battery. I also wanted to see what iOS was like. I switched to the S5 as I fell for the marketing and wanted a phone that I didn't really need a case for, then I upgraded to the Note Edge after Android 5.0 ruined the phone (I also wanted a larger display). I ditched the Note Edge after it was ruined by the Android 5.0 update as well which took away the edge display. By then Apple had come out with a smartphone that had a large display and I knew the 6S Plus was right around the corner. I wanted to get back into Apple's ecosystem as well as not having to worry about software updates, battery life, I wanted better photos (despite Samsung's marketing at the time, their cameras sucked and my iPhone 5 was better), I wanted better compatibility with Bluetooth headphones and speakers (only having to worry about adjusting the volume on one device is nice instead of trying to balance things out), I missed having the quality app selection, I wanted a better fingerprint scanner, and I looked forward to using ApplePay and the AppleWatch.
  • I have the 6s plus. 128 gig and I like the storage. I originally switched when 4s came out. I got a I pad mini given to me first and I was hooked when I finally figured out how to use it. The way apps go onto both devices when connected to wifi really excited me. And the choice of apps was also a seller to me. Now I have Apple TV 4 and tv 3. I've never had a virus on any apple product. Cons are the lack of compatability to android and pairing to android. The cost is another con. But I love all my apple products and will continue to get more. Don't like the size of the new iPhone.
  • I switched away from android because I pretty much was tired of the constant unreliable freezing and lagging even with the powerful processors and a lot of ram. The next is the one and done or none updates excluding the nexus line of phones.i have been tempted to switch but then I hear that people face the same usual issues that I experienced with android in the latest phones from Galaxy S6 to LGG4 to one plus etc. I even saw one freeze up and then boot loop in my hands. (Galaxy S6 Edge). It was a defect and the replacement fixed it. So because of that , I switched to iPhone and I cannot go back to android Sent from the iMore App
  • The S7 is a really good Android phone, there isn't really any "LAG" with that 820 SOC, TOUCHWIZ is pretty light now but IOS is still smoother for games and my 6s plus has much better battery life. The S7 charges FAST and has a much better camera however. I think we're finally at the point where you wouldn't be disappointed with android in general and it depends on your specific feature(s).
  • I'm a gadget guy, and will continue to use and test newly released device as time goes on.
    But, what I've noticed in the last 8-10 years, is that Apple products, just work out the box. Example, to obtain the same or better battery life and processing power on an Android device (even the BlackBerry Priv), quite a few features had to be either turned off, or edited slightly. The last devices I used, was a BlackBerry Priv (bought November 2015, sold Feb 2016), and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (bought Oct 2015, and have it in a drawer, as backup). The question is, why does the Android devices need so much 'editing'? Whereas the iPhone, or most Apple products are 'ready to go', out the box. Having said all that, the one thing I wish Apple would allow us to do, is to make the bottom task bar of icons transparent, and place icons ANYWHERE on the screen.
  • Because Android is open source and everyone can write software for it. iPhone is stock iOS made for one device only from one company.
  • Every Android phone I have used works right out of the box. Your argument is severely flawed and I get irritated when people like you perpetuate the myth that Android phones don't work out of the box. They absolutely do work.
  • Since I quit the last Nokia-Symbian-E70ish and become an early adopter of the 1st Galaxy Note in late 2011, I have been stuck with Samsungs until last January. My Galaxy S5 was stolen so I wanted to go for something new. The S6 looked and felt almost identical to the S5, so, the real change fo me was switching to a different brand, a different OS, a different ecosystem. My family has plenty of Apple devices (MacBook Air, iPad2, iPhone 5s, a couple of iPods), so I really was a die-hard Android user for my own mobiles. I chose the iPhone 6s and it was like "hey, now I'm finally home". My point is, Android is a good OS, but I don't really "feel" it. I don't want to upgrade to a different version, I just want better apps and better ideas to live with. I Think I'm going to stay with IOS for a while.
  • Primarily I switched inside the Android Eco-system from Galaxy line to Nexus line, looking for:
    -Stock Experience from the root (Google)
    -Faster upgrade rate
    -More User experience focus (Google) than just Hardware Specs focus (Samsung)
    -Better price-value relationship Then, I switched from Nexus to iPhone, today I own an iPhone 6s and if you look the points above it makes sense the switch to iOS eco-system, except maybe for the price-value relationship part (although Nexus' prices got a boost in 2015 models). But I also had another reasons to make the switch: -Concern about my privacy (I'm not saying iOS is 100% secure, but Apple care more about security and privacy).
    -Performance (Despite you may find higher specs on Android world, it doesn't necessarily translate to better performance).
  • I have switched numerous times to the iphone. I grow tired of all the customization that android allows and long for the simple life of the iphone. Then i start missing the android and go back. My wife says she is glad I don't change women like I do phones
  • I know what you talking about
  • Well that HTC 10 does make it tempting :D.
  • It seems that the main draw for most users is the default messaging and Video chat. Out of curiosity, why aren't any of you using Facebook messenger for your default communication. It is almost as ubiquitous as anything pre-installed and it supports comprehensive communication (chat, voice, video.) With FB messenger there is no Cross platform funkiness and you get the same kind of ubiquity that the rest of the world enjoys with Whatsapp. FYI, I don't use it as my primary messaging app either (I use Hangouts) but there really isn't any reason that I shouldn't.
  • Facebook is a great solution for most. But it's still not quite as ubiquitous as iMessage/Facetime, especially for older family members. That was an option I looked at when on Android, but I have numerous group iMessages for work as well, and Facebook isn't an option there. I would imagine that would work great for a lot of people, though.
  • I have to say the main draw is "real" battery life, not the review bs about how android devices are now "good".
  • I hadn't had an iPhone since the 3GS. Went from that to HTC Desire HD, then to a couple of Nokia Lumias. Finally back to Android with an LG G3 and then a Nexus 6x. I recently switched to an iPhone 6s Plus. Here's why: I'm an app junkie. I love to have a ton of apps available. If there were more apps on Windows Phone (and had they stayed with the feel of 8.1), I would have stayed there. But Android? That OS simply cannot handle a lot of apps on the phone. I would keep the storage at around 50% and even then, the volume of apps would render the phone unusable. With the 6s, it's actually become a goal of mine to cause a slowdown. 215 apps installed and there's no change in speed. 215 apps on the Nexus and I doubt I could even get past the lockscreen. I still have a Nexus 9 and have to keep a bare bones number of apps or the thing just stops working.
  • Wow, whats the 6X??? :/
  • I switched a year ago from my Nexus 6 to a iPhone 6Plus. It's a very boring platform and little to no customization and I love it. I've wasted so much time flashing ROMs and reconfiguring my phones. This phone works well and leaves me no desire to upgrade every time something new comes out. Sent from the iMore App
  • Switched from a BlackBerry Q10; only 2 complaints about the IPhone SE:
    You CAN'T email songs, that have NOT been purchased through ITunes
    Strange, because you CAN email them from ITunes on a Windows 10 PC
    Any downloaded CD's, will NOT email; kinda sucks
    Also, the email speed on the SE is NOT as good as the BB
    Other than that, lovin' my IPhone SE!
  • I switched from the Nexus 6 to the iPhone 6s plus after 8-ish years on Android. I wasn't unhappy with Android but I just wanted to try iPhone and see "what the big deal was". After 5 weeks with the iPhone I have no regrets about switching and have no intention to go back to Android any time soon. I've said all along that "iPhone just works. Period." and so far I've been right. My wife has been iPhone since day one I'd take my Android and her iPhone and compare the two. I finally just decided to make the switch. It's the same reason I left Verizon and switched to T-mobile. No reason, just wanted to try something different. And so far I have no regrets.
  • Better battery life. Although since the 9.3.1 update the battery life isn't as good. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from Android to iPhone 2 months ago. I loved android and I still do but after playing with 7-8 devices, I wanted a phone that I can rely on. Sure there are many things that android offers and iPhone don't but iPhone is perfect at what it does whether its camera, music listening experience and battery life is good.
    There are many phones that look better than iPhone on spec sheet but not in the real world.
    I will quote a line at the end, "If you don't have an iPhone, You don't have an iPhone."
  • I switched when the 6 plus came put from the moto x. Before the moto x I had the note 4. I switched pretty much because I loved iPhone however, it was always too small for me and Android offered bigger screens with different features. When they finally made a large screen iPhone i switched immediately. I must admit I tried a nexus 6p for a few days and it didn't last long. Android just isn't for me.
  • I left a LG G4 for an iPhone 6S just for stability. Every day with Android was a new surprise: inconsistent battery life, apps load (or not), and I was tired of messing with the device far too often. The iPhone just works, nothing flashy or sexy, just a solid performer. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from Oneplus X to 6s. Reasons are as follows:
    -Since long I wanted to find out why an OS famous of not being customizable like android is preferred by so many people
    - beautiful design of iPhone always compelled me to grab from friends hands and feel it's beauty.
    - 6s features like peek and pop, 3d touch and camera when I experienced in apple gallery just stunned me to silence
    - great deal was on when I dropped in apple store. since we don't have contract system it is very important reason If there is a great deal going on
    - I was bored with android in last ten years Sent from the iMore App
  • Switched from LG G3 to 6S for the live photos, find my friend service and touch ID.
  • I forgot about Friend Finder. My wife and I use that ALL the time and there's no comparable service on Android or between Android/iOS. Life 360 is pretty good, but drains the battery on iOS. Google Plus works ok if you're Android to Android, but still isn't as seamless and reliable as Friend Finder.
  • I like Jobs, I always want to switch android to iPhone when using android phones, as it is slow and always crash, i I switched from Meizu 4 to iphone 6s, now I am happy with my iphones 6s, HD photos, vedios, 3D touch and so on...
  • What a change... I changed from an iPhone 4s to a galaxy s7 edge lol
  • Yes I did after cumbersome updates software lags and crashes my time with Android was done. Also since I have ditched Windows for Mac this was also another reason so that I have continuity between my devices. I left ios years ago for android...previous phone was an iphone 4 and now loving my iphone SE.
  • I switched because of the see less integration between both the iPad and the iPhone. You just don't get that with android tablets and phones. Continuity, being able to use iMessage for SMS on your iPad, being able to access tabs in safari from one device to another etc... Sent from the iMore App
  • I was getting cancer.
  • I have had several android phones, very poor on updates and the fast ones are too big to carry around.
    I wanted a small, fast phone, pocket sized, reliable with the latest updates.
    My 5SE 64G fits perfectly.
  • I have the iPhone 6S Plus, coming from the Galaxy Note 4. The main reason was delayed updates by Samsung.
    But when time came to choose between Galaxy Note 5 and the 6S Plus, it became quite easy. The iPhone was relatively cheaper with guaranteed updates.
    On the contract I was looking at:
    Galaxy Note 5 (32 Gb)= ZAR600.00 p/m
    iPhone 6S Plus (64 Gb)= ZAR620.00 p/m Looking at the fact that both devices have no expandable storage and the iPhone was giving twice the storage size at US$1.3 and and also with a promise of updates while Samsung has that as a week point. I had to vote with my wallet.
  • I meant at only US$1.3 more. In terms of usage my Note 4 was also fast, just not shown the respect I felt it deserves from its maker.
  • I switched from the Note 5 to the iPhone 6s Plus for several reasons less crashing, more and better apps and of course FaceTime. I have two children in the military.
  • Was strictly an iPhone guy until the 5s. I thought I wanted virtually unlimited customization, so I bought a Nexus, rooted and tweaked it to death. But I spent more time doing that than actually USING the device. Sold it, bought a Galaxy S5. Won't make THAT mistake again. iPhone 6 Plus (and now 6s Plus) arrived and finally I get my large screen and the app store isn't a wasteland of crappy copycat apps and borderline pr0n ads (I already know where to get it if I want it.....lol).
  • First off, Ios is a lot more sophisticated than android. Second, ios offers more that what android can offer my lifestyle. Third, the battery life is just superior. I have 6s plus. Cheers! Sent from the iMore App
  • Three main reasons I switched: 1. Apple introduced the iPhone upgrade program so I didn't have to pay $900+ upfront, 2. Software updates, 3. iMessage I switched from the Moto X (2014) to the iPhone 6s Plus back in October '15. I'd always been curious about iPhones but the Apple upgrade program is what brought me in. I was grandfathered on a Verizon Unlimited Data plan, so I couldn't use upgrades to get new phones (had to pay full price, and the iPhone was just too expensive). The Moto X was an excellent phone and very affordable, but when Moto announced they would no longer be updating the software (when the phone was only a year old), I decided to switch. Other Android manufacturers had left me stranded without updates in the past so I was sick of it. I took advantage of Apple's monthly payment plans and got the 6s Plus. Also, iMessage is awesome. I text a lot, and when I had an Android phone it was either SMS, WhatsApp, or Hangouts. SMS is OK but not great for group texts and it's easier to send photos via iMessage, and the vast majority of my friends have iPhones, so it just makes everything simple. It's also nice to be able to Facetime with most of my friends & family without having to explain to them how to video chat with Hangouts or have them sign up for Skype. iOS isn't perfect by any means (iTunes & iCloud are the most convoluted services/pieces of software I have ever encountered), but Android has it's share of faults, and I'm very happy with the choice overall.
  • What happened if you switch off data and have no wifi? Bye bye imessage because you won't receive and SMS because imessage is waiting that you get connected again.
  • iMessage will change to SMS if it fails to push through their server.
  • Longtime Android user here and I just switched from a Nexus 6 to an iPhone 6S Plus. Love keeping the same real estate of screen but main reasoning for switching was to keep my gf happy and just to try out the iOS on mobile for myself to see how it goes....
  • We know that when connecting a device (smartphone android) in the USB input with Windows is enabled autorun (autoplay). Thus, there are various types of infection in the windows by autorun, even if the service (AutoRun) is disabled, we also know that there is infection unit mounted on windows, or any pendrive or android connected to the windows device and mounted as drive storage has a serious risk of infection.
    For this reason, i wil go buy iphone.
  • I switched because of family sharing. Nothing beats it at the moment. I can iMessage my kids easily interface with my iMac easily. Sadly the things I thought I would miss most are the things I miss the least. I no longer need launchers widgets etc.
  • Do your kids have phones or something like iPod Touches? Ours are almost old enough for a phone, but we've debated something like the Touch.
  • My little cousins both got iPod touches for Christmas. They're 9 and 6 and they love messaging and facetime.
  • I message is a big problem. My son has a iPhone 5c because all his friends have one and he hates it so much. Cant even put music on the phone without using this awful iTunes.
  • So he has it literally just for iMessage with his friends?
  • Google Play Music will work on Iphone, just FYI. Will that help him ?
  • I switched to iPhone from Nexus 5. I love android and I still believe its better than iOS. I used android devices for 7 years and the best one I owned was Nexus 5. The main reason I switched was that I wan in habit to flash custom ROMs on my device and wasted a junk of my time in this process (backing up, flashing, restoring etc). Battery life was also awful on my device (Google play services wakelocks). So I have always seen my friend using iPhone always boasting about its stability and ease of use. I wanted that and hence I bought an iPhone 6s. Peace of mind.
  • I know a lot people they only own an iPhone when I show them a galaxy s7 edge there are like wow the camera is so much better and the feel... when take it inside the pool they think I am crazy and then the big wowowowowo I want one now We see apple did not sell so well and Samsung is number one in the states again. There is only one thing I would switch to an Android phone and that security.but I don't care when someone checking my phone
  • They think its cool for about 10 minutes, and then they stay with iphone.
  • ^hahaha this!!
    Or android is my second phone Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah, until you drop your iPhone in a puddle or in the toilet. Then your phone dies. My S7 edge still hasn't died despite dropping it in puddles and pools.
  • yeah ok....happnes all the time right?
  • UH.... https://youtu.be/IJUxi0ktDzw?t=1m46s Toilet or puddle eh ?
  • Yea, I never understood those people, then I became one of them.. :D
  • I switched from the S7 1. Battery life sucked on the S7
    2. Siri beats both google now and S VOICE (garbage) ! Apps still run better on IOS. All in all though if the S8 is better than the 7 and APPLE doesn't step it up, there might be NO reason no to go Android, it was really tied for me overall. IOS efficiency kinda saves Apples bacon, but how long can they really hold off awesome new phones like S7, HTC 10 ? Not like the "Old Days" where Iphone was an easy choice.
  • Ive Switched from blackberry 10 , and I've never had another smartphone other than blackberry from 7100 to classic and all touch z10 and z30, 10 years plus 1 . Can't get blackberry phones with any carries here in Ireland anymore
    2. What's app and Facebook dropping support
    3. App gap just getting wider even everyday banking apps etc
    4. Blackberry not including Ireland in there EU online store Blackberry Os is one of the best out there I do miss blackberry hub and the flow of the blackberry 10 Iam so pleased I've made the move its been 8 weeks and probably should have done it sooner no more app gap Sent from the iMore App
  • Blackberry all this time ?! You must've been really pleased to see how far stuff has come then. I actually really liked the Blackberry Torch and tried to get one at the time they were new (bad credit) :(. That's prob my favorite feature phone !
  • I felt the same when I switched from my Nokia Lumia 520 to an iPhone 6s. In hindsight, i probably should have switched earlier. I don't miss the "loading" and "resuming" lags on the Windows Phone for sure.
  • I've used both Android and iOS on and off since the Nexus 4, iPhone 4s. I have an LG V10 but am expecting another iPhone 6s Plus within a week. First reason is its
    ecosystem, second: updates, third: ease of use. I only wish Apple would allow me to
    upload my entire music catalog to the cloud like Google play music. That would be a knock out blow on Apples part imo.
  • I switched from an HTC One M8 to an iPhone 6s, for so many reasons, but what it really boils down to is updates. A couple years ago, there was a big security flaw, and Google said they already patched it, in the new version. Those with the old version were out of luck, but they could just buy the next phone or tablet. That was Google's solution. Spend hundreds of dollars. And the trend has continued. I was telling my wife about it the other day. And she's a huge Motorola fan, and they're one of the worst ones for updating. I was saying how if a flaw is found in Windows, you know, there are millions of combinations of PC parts, but they all get patched. With iOS updates, it's the same way. There are fewer models, but they still all get patched. So how is it on Android, updates have to be tailored for each device? And then, all the Android OEMs are Asian. Even Motorola, which is Chinese now (Lenovo). So an Android OEM puts out an update, it goes to their countrymen first. Then the rest of the world. America? Months later. If ever. The Android update lottery gets real old, real quick. There's Nexus, but no US carrier carries it. So you can get one, but you have to buy it outright. I guess I could sell my 6s and get a 6P, but I have other reasons. Choices are good, but Android offers too many distractions. Android users screw around with ROMs, kernels, icon packs, and other things that, frankly, nobody bought a phone to do. It's just asinine. And I did that for six years. Now I just want to use my phone for calls, texts, Facebook, Spotify, etc. And the camera. And stuff. Oh, and then you get these two bit hacks, they talk a big game about their ROM, their kernel, but if you have a problem, "Oh didn't you read the red text? You flashed that at your own risk." Even if you have a question, it's "Well flash it and find out." They don't know what they're doing. I mean, they're learning. They're having fun. But in the time you spend "flashing," and the 20-30 minutes Android takes on first boot since Lollipop ("Android is optimizing"), you could miss an important call! That, and nobody's making a 4.7" flagship anymore. Sony has one, but again, I live in the US, and Sony doesn't like us too much. And it's Android, so it's going to be a mess. Probably not going to get updates. Lastly, every Android phone I've owned has sucked after a couple years. I see and hear about people still rocking the iPhone 4S, and that's amazing. And the resale value on a mint or near mint Android phone after two years is about $100. Some people ask more, but what do they actually sell for? And an iPhone can have all kinds of damage and still sell for 2-3 times that. So maybe I sell this phone and pay the difference to the next one? I can sell it now and pretty much get any phone out there. Or maybe I keep it for five years. I take care of my stuff. So it should last. I hate to burn the little green robot, but I'm tired of playing. I want a good phone, with a good camera, and I just want it to work right out of the box. I've had my iPhone 6s for almost a month, and I've got it looking real nice with a mahogany dbrand skin and a retro Apple logo — http://i.imgur.com/t4l75lp.jpg — and though it's jarring not being able to customize every last pixel, I like the way it looks and works. I get a little flak from my friends who hate iPhone, but it's all in good fun. In any case, I get "just another Android" and it's no big deal. They get "whatever Android" and I'm the only one who cares, because I'm the phone guy, and I read up on all the specs and stuff. But I get an iPhone and everybody loses their minds. It's kind of neat. And I'm no more beholden to Apple than any other company. I've tried Samsung, Motorola, and HTC. I figured it was LG or Apple's turn, and I'd been on Android for six years. The LG G5 is a **** fine phone, but I wanted a greater change of pace than another brand, and really, Google needs to get their update issues in line. And I think that's a goal of theirs. I'd like to go back. And forth. Because I'm not an Android guy, and I won't be an iPhone guy. I'm just a geek. (And yeah, I type a lot.)
  • Facetime. So I can talk to my little cousins. Also, I like the hardware level encryption, and local backups. I still prefer the choice in Android handsets and customization of the software, including widgets.
  • I used to have an IPhone 4 from 2011 to 2013 when it got stolen. I wasn't to upset cause iOS 7 was a death sentence on it. My mom had an android and I wanted to try it out so I got the Nexus 5. I fell in love with it and loved all of its speed and os. Everything was going so well until Android Lolipop came out. Updated my phone and it was running slower and hotter than my old iPhone 4 did. I sold it and got me a 6 and just upgraded to the SE when it came out and I'll never go back
  • I went the other way. I went from an iPhone 6s Plus to the Galaxy S7 edge. I don't regret it at all. The S7 edge has a much more vivid and vibrant screen, it's IP68 certified, wireless charging, and it has expandable storage. Not only that, double-tapping the home button brings up the camera to allow you to take photos in snap. There's nothing about this phone that I don't like. I feel like everything is safe and secure on my device (it is). I can customize my homescreen. I can uninstall annoying apps that won't ever fill up my homescreen like it did on my 6s Plus. And I love that I can have my calendar up in a widget and see all of my appointments without having to open an app. I don't think I could ever go back to iOS after using the S7 edge.
  • Yeah, loved my S7, but MY battery life sucked for how i use it, and I missed Siri.
  • I hate to disappoint, but perhaps of all the people who would comment on this thread, who willingly traded-in an Android phone for an iPhone - without any kind of compulsion, or duress, or anything of the sort.....my motivation is very likely the least "pro-Apple" of the bunch. In fact, while calling voluntarily switching from Android to Apple "anti-Apple" or "pro-Android" in any sense, or to any degree is quite a stretch, at best, to whatever extent such a thing is possible, so it was with me. I have a longer, more detailed explanation, or an even longer, crazy long "tl;dr" "tell-all" explanation as well which we will file under "available upon request". But to condense the story as much as is possible for long-winded me: I just went back to Verizon from Sprint, where I had a Note 3. I initially got a Nexus 6, but within the 14-day exchange window, traded it in for my current iPhone 6+. But the reason I did this wasn't motivated by a preference for the iPhone, but a tax-time strategy to have one of each (and if possible, a Windows Phone as well, but that's another story). And where the "pro-Android", "Anti-Apple" stuff comes in is that I was more concerned with the tax-time phone than I was with the at-that-moment phone. I could either keep the Nexy 6, and get an iPhone 6s+, or I could trade the older Nexy 6 for the older 6+ in order to be freed up to get the newer 6p. In other words, it's not at all that I cared more about the 6+ than the Nexy 6, but that I cared so much more about the 6p than the 6s+. ........and that's why I switched to iPhone. To free me up for a better Android later.
  • Now, as providence would have it, my plans did not come to fruition, and I do not have a Nexus 6p. Nor do I have a Windows Phone. Instead, of all the things that could've happened to me, my old 2009 MacBook Pro finally crapped, and I chose "much smarter but less fun" over "more fun, but much less smart" and sprung for a new Mac Mini instead. Also, as the bitter realities set in over just what a crushing financial burden (and time consumer) it'd be to pursue - and more importantly, to maintain my previous ambitions of fully immersing in all three of the major ecosystems completely, plus with my priorities in bulk-sum free money (like tax returns) shifting towards saving for a down payment on a house, the passion level (and corresponding likelihood) of such ambitions has dropped significantly. Not quite to "absolute zero", but certainly to "incredibly remote". Those ambitions, outside of massive windfall occurrences, have largely been replaced with the much more doable ambition of simply having some kind of presence in all three. Even if that were just an iPhone, a Windows 10 gaming PC, and a Chromebook. In my case, it's a little more than that, because I have an iPadAir2, and the aforementioned MacMini in Apple, a cheapie budget-brand Windows 2-in-1, and I lack the Chromebook, or any kind of meaningful Android presence at all. I do plan to do the Chromebook, though - especially if the play store does come to Chrome. I may also do an nVidia Shield set top box, and/or an Apple TV (probably not an Apple Watch, though). Anyway, the point is that with that shift, the odds of me actually pursuing a Nexus 6p (or future equivalent) now are virtually non-existent, even though I do like the 6p every bit as much as I thought I would, and in a lot of ways still prefer it (and Android) over iPhone (and iOS). But that's not to say that I don't still get tons of enjoyment out of this iPhone - and I knew I would. I guess I've more or less grown content just to live here in mobile for the here and now. Make no mistake, I'm still "marooned" here. Maybe I need a window sticker in the shape of the Apple logo that says "captive" inside.....but I can think of MUCH, MUCH worse places to be imprisoned than in the pretty fantastic world of iOS, and the Apple Ecosystem more broadly. :-) Cheers!
  • IMO, nothing wrong with switching or being fans of more than one phone / manufacturer. Now days no one phone is clearly better in all areas anyhow. I loved my S7, love My 6S+, and would try an HTC 10 in a minute. My S7 was a better phone in every way as far as hardware, but SIRI and battery life are more useful to me, also I prefer non AMOLED and no curved edge business (so I also got a larger screen in the process).
  • Before this I was a Windows Phone user and before that an Android user. I will say that I do get a little envious of the extra features that Samsung users have such as the split screen feature and saying "cheese" or "smile" makes the phone take a picture "hands free".
    My family consists of Android users (all using the Samsung Note 5) and I am the only iOS user in the house (iPhone 6s 64GB in Rose Gold) so Facetime and iMessage are not my daily apps.
    I have wanted to try owning an iPhone since the iPhone 4 (cause I like how it looks) but the price was always so expensive and far beyond my reaches, now that I have finally got an iPhone, I will say that I like it and if my finances allow me to, I will most probably stick with the iOS for some time.
  • Hi
    I have been using Android phones for some years now and also bought an Android tablet last year. My handset was the HTC One (M7) which I love. The only Apple device I have ever owned (mainly because I do not appreciate the high costs associated with their products and reading through some of the reviews on the Apple website makes me think the quality doesn't always match the price tag either) is an old iPod Classic which lives in my car and hardly ever sees the light of day. Over the past year though, it has started to freeze up and I am concerned I will soon be without my favourite songs... This prompted me to look into moving my iTunes library onto my HTC handset - something I cannot do without subscribing to Google Music @ £ 10.00 (approx.) a month or so I am told by some young boy at the Carphone Warehouse... So, when my contract came up for renewal last month and I looked around, I didn't really like any of the Android handsets available and because I had my music library at the back of my mind, settled for an iPhone SE - I didn't like the large size of the 6S or 6S+ so hadn't considered them at all previously. It has taken EE 4 -5 weeks to actually supply the new handset, which arrived yesterday. Upon inspecting the box and putting the phone on charge, I have been unable to find a user or setup guide or manual in the box, and having spent at least 30 - 45 minutes online to look for a printable guide, I am fast coming to the conclusion that my music is not worth all this hassle, as my colleague (Apple iPhone fan) tells me it's all on the phone. To be fair, he is a good 20 years younger than me, so does not understand the need to read up before starting the process. Plus, how the **** do I get all my content from my HTC to my new iPhone, (again, nice to be able to read this up before starting the process and running into problems) as I was sent a new SIM card (size issues). So, in theory iPhone seemed a good idea and solution to my music problem, but in practice this could be a bad decision... A rather disgruntled and fed-up (currently) new Apple customer.
  • That kid at Carphone Warehouse likely lied or doesen't know wTH he's talking about. You could simply download ALL your Itunes music to a computer. Once downloaded the files are stored here: C:\Users\(Username)\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\ For Example, this is my path on windows 10: C:\Users\Thomas\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Clint Black\Put Yourself In My Shoes\03 One More Payment.m4a. From there you can simply upload them to Google Music with no conversion on your part, Google converts it for you. The upload limit is 50,000 songs. See the links below for proof. Once uploaded just listen to them or even download them to your android device. I am sorry you got bad advice ! https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1100462?hl=en https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1143668?hl=en
  • Just to clarify, the 4 stars do not stand for the bad word starting with an f, which I do not use, and was substituted by this site before posting my comment...
  • Also, Google Music is free unless you want the features like Ad free. I've been using the free song storage for a cpl years.
  • Hello Drinkoldcoke Thank you very much, will be looking into that sharpish !!! Have a nice evening. Regards
  • You can also use Google Play music on you Iphone if you dont want to switch back. I have it on mine right now.
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  • Not just yet, but looking forward to own an iphone due to my job needs !
  • Looking to swap from the Nexus 6 to an iPhone SE. I got the Tmobile jump plan, so i figure if I don't swap, it'll be a waste. I loved the Nexus 5, but the Nexus 6 didn't seem all that impressive after 1.5 years of use....and I only bought it because I broke my 5. I also wanted to try a large screen, but not pony up for the Galaxy Note. Despite having big hands, I don't like it. Battery life is starting to take a dive, and OS is starting to get buggy. Plus the phone didn't have 4g LTE and WiFi calling apparently (didn't research, was an emergency purchase, reps were like "yeah it has that all!"). Final straw was phone didn't work from apartment, with no wifi calling. Anyway, other than not wanting to waste my Jump promo, the SE has all the updated internals of a 6s at the price point of an older phone. I don't want to jump into a contract of anything $650+, so it's becoming a contender. However I've been an android user for the past 6 years, and iOS looks very basic, not sure how I'll like it. Moral of the novel: new phone and price motivated. Also, I don't want an Galaxy S6 :)