Didn't get those AirPods for Christmas you'd asked for?

AirPods up close
AirPods up close (Image credit: iMore)

Today, the internet is abuzz with people sharing their #AirPodsforChristmas stories. Some of them are joyous occasions, relaying the message that a dental floss-size box was waiting for them under the tree. Others lament their woes at being handed a pair of definitely-not-AirPods by a well-meaning family member. When AirPods were once made fun of for being weird-looking, they are now the gift everyone wants for Christmas.

If you're lucky enough to have unwrapped a pair of AirPods this year, check out our favorite AirPods cases.

If you were even luckier and unwrapped a pair of AirPods Pro, just know that someone thought about you way ahead of time or went through a lot of trouble to find you a pair, and check out our favorite AirPods Pro case.

For those that weren't so lucky, here are our favorite tweets and memes to let you know that you're not alone out there.

So many people that asked for AirPods received something very not-AirPods for Christmas this year.

The big offender this year seems to be Skypods as an alternative to AirPods.

Weirdly, there seems to be more than a few people posting the same exact picture of a pair of Skypods and claiming that "I asked for AirPods and got Skypods instead."


AirPods are so passé. Bring back the wired EarPods!

Did you get AirPods for Christmas? If so, congratulations. If not, don't forget to be thankful for what you did get (and secretly envy everyone flexing on Twitter with their new AirPods right now).

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