Do you want a smaller iPhone? [Poll]

When all Apple made were smaller iPhones, there were nothing but rumors and calls for bigger iPhones. Now that Apple makes bigger iPhones, there are nothing but rumors and calls for smaller iPhones again. That's because tastes are broad and Apple currently only makes two latest-generation iPhones to cover them all. But what if that changed? How would you feel about an all-new 4-inch iPhone?

Pick the statement below that best reflects your opinion on Apple releasing a new, smaller iPhone!

I've already written about what I think, but if you have additional thoughts on an "iPhone 6c", let me know in the comments below!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Anything that would give consumers more options, I would certainly be glad to see. As for myself though, I would be rather sad to be using a small phone again. I've gotten so used to working with large screens over the last few years that small screened devices just look silly to me. Everyone's eyes and tastes are different though, so what would be the harm for Apple to produce a small one? It's not as if they're hurting for money. Sent from the iMore App
  • 5S size but with edge to edge screen would suit.
    Either software Home button or move it to the back/side.
  • Edge-to-edge screen? Software home button? Move the home button to the side? These are horrible ideas. The home button isn't going to move because that's going to confuse a lot of people who upgrade. It's definitely not going to be a software one, Apple have avoided doing that because if you've ever used an Android phone where there's software buttons you always accidentally press them. Similar thing with edge-to-edge screens, there has to be some sort of gap so you don't accidentally touch the sides of the screen
  • Apple has that software floating home button called "assistive touch" since iPhone 4 time. All my friend who using iPhone have that floating icon hovering on their screen. Did you just says Apple will avoid doing it? However I do agree that edge to edge screen is not something good to have. Especially when you using the phone with 1 hand and you try to reach your finger across to the other edge, the palm might accidentally touch the screen... Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • It's really popular, knowing the high cost of repair if the physical button fail.
    It also keep the higher resell value of a pristine button when the user want to change phone.
  • The the entire 2 years of having an iPhone. I never enable that assistive touch icon. Because I want the satisfaction of feeling the click when I press the home button. Maybe it's just me... By that time the home button did feel not so responsive. Sometime I need to press it harder in order to register the press... Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • The home button should stay where it is as its part of the iPhone's identity otherwise it would look like every other Android phone if the moved the home button to the side and replaced it with an on screen button. Posted via the iMore App
  • "Every other android phone" Except those that don't have a "home button" on the side (LG, samsung, etc)
  • I'd say the iPhone 5s is fine as it is the home button is iconic and can't be moved because of Touch ID. Posted via the iMore App
  • Put it in the apple logo on back. Iconic or not, it can and will be moved. Just like the "iconic" 35 pin port on bottom wouldn't be replaced because it's "iconic" oh wait.....
  • Why can't home button stay where it is and focus the edge-to-edge design effort for the left and right side of the face.
  • Why go backwards... I thought the future was big and slim, go the iPad Pro way... bigger slimmer faster! Sent from the iMore App
  • I think pocket size determines the size limit of the phone.
  • The vast majority of my iOS usage is on iPads. I want my iPhone to be smaller because I don’t get enough benefit from a bigger screen for the things I do on it. And I want it to take up as little space as possible in my pocket, even if my pocket is big enough for a bigger screen.
  • My iPhone 6s Plus has effectively replaced my iPad Mini, and the rest of my computer usage is on my Macbook Air. But I do see your point. A smaller iPhone will cover all the bases. Sent from the iMore App
  • Exactly. For you an iPhone 6s Plus and a MacBook Air is the right combo. For me an iPhone 5s, an iPad Air, and an iMac is the right combo. Just as some people would never trade their larger iPhone for a smaller one, I would never trade my iMac for a MacBook Air. But I do understand that an MacBook Air is the perfect fit for others.
  • I'd say the smaller iPhone should be kept around for more choice for consumers who don't want the bigger iPhones. Me personality if it was just temporary I'd manage with the 4 in iPhone as it really isn't all that bad, (I currently have the 5s)if that's all I had but yeah I'd go with the bigger iPhones (I'll be upgrading to the 6s Plus in March). Posted via the iMore App
  • After the transition from the 5 to 6S, it was weird, too big . But then I got used to it, and is the right size. I'm sure that the 6S+ will be way to big.
  • This poll doesn't have enough options. I love the size of the 6s. But the 6s Plus is too big. So no, I *don't* like the size of the "new larger iPhones" - I only like the size of ONE OF THEM.
  • Apple kind of creates demand when they choose what products to launch. Back in the iphone 5 days, you'd be on here discrediting larger screen demands by saying 4 out of 5 people prefer 4" least on AT&T. Apple made it, people lined up to buy them...even when the competition had larger. It's not as if all those people all of a sudden said they NEEDED something larger that they couldn't use one handed as well. But what people don't want is something vastly inferior. A smaller iphone doesn't have to be gimped. Give it 2gb ram, a9, 3d touch, nfc, 4k recording, etc. I'd get one. But if it's got an aging processor, less ram, no forcetouch, inferior camera, then nope, I'm not too interested. It doesn't have to be cheaper. Call it an iphone classic and dump the "C" branding. Make it the new macbook of iphones. Smaller but with its own unique features that scream premium.
  • It's the markets move over time and different companies choose to engage at different points. Samsung, for example, targeted early adopters by shipping big screen phones before there was high demand for them (especially in North America). Apple waited until most people wanted a bigger a phone, then shipped as they were hitting mainstream.
  • Funny how you word things. Now if Apple made large screens first and samsung followed suit years after, you wouldn't be calling it "oh companies just get into things at different times" You would be making rant posts saying Samsung copied.
    As I've mentioned before, Samsung *created* the demand and set the trends for bigger phones by launching a successful product that showed the advantages of a bigger phone over tiny 3 inch screens. We call that visionary. Apple simply jumped on the bandwagon when they realized their vision of "no one needs bigger screens" has become so blatantly false.
  • Fact. I still remember how the iPhone users i know reacted to the first Note. "Why would anyone want such a large phone?" Now they see a Galaxy and say the screen is too small. The market just wants whatever Apple pushes. If their next line of phones dropped the large displays everyone I know would totally support it and try to find a reason it's the better choice. ~TheRealFixxxer
  • I was at CES when Samsung put the first Note on every table in the press reception. No one could believe how big it is. Now it might even look small. Note has always been the most interesting Samsung phone for me.
  • Visionary, No?
  • Apple is seldom first-to-market though, right? Not the first MP3 player, not the first phone, not the first template. Apple's strategy is to ride the mainstream adoption curve. Check out "Crossing the Chasm" for a good explanation of the curve.
  • "Apple is seldom first-to-market though, right?" You got that right. Funny how you word things. God knows how many posts you have made accusing Samsung copying Apple for things like both phones looked *gasp* rectangular and yet when Apple does something that is so obviously modeled after Samsung's success with larger screens, oh its just "riding the mainstream adoption curve" ....
  • Taking Apple's revolutionary idea to combine a multitouch interface with a computer, accelerometer, GPS, phone, and Internet and make it bigger is not "visionary." It was a good idea, and I mean that sincerely, but the vision was all Apple's.
  • I think you can 'spin' things however you like, but Apple released large screen phones because they were losing market share to android because people wanted a large screen iPhone LONG before apple delivered one.
    People were leaving apple for android just for the screen size. It wasn't because they hated apple or liked android, they just wanted a larger screen. The general public don't really care if its iOS or Android, heck most of the general public couldn't tell you the difference.
    I would have never tried an android device myself if it weren't for the tiny screen of the iPhone 4-5S.
    Now that we have larger screens, apple needs to get rid of the giant top and bottom bezel and go to 1080p on the 4.7" and go to 2560x1440p on the 5.5"
    The Note 5 with a 5.7" 2k display and a stylus (S-pen) and a larger battery is smaller than the iPhone 6+/6S+
  • I think you need history lessons. iOS was always why Apple lagged behind on introducing big screens. They recognized the need during the iphone 4 days. But at that time, you couldn't just go from 3.5" 3:2 apps to what you see now. Some transition needed to occur. Android scaled and didn't have these problems. In other words, it had to be done right. Apple took their time. But recognizing the demand for larger screens was a nobrainer.
  • That doesn't mean Apple created the trend or demand for it. Way to distort history. Apple is not a trend setter anymore. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • @cardfan, I'd like to see a citation for Apple "recognized the need during the iphone 4 days". The only citation i have on the same year that iphone 4 was released is by Steve Jobs who said "no one is going to buy that" referring to big screens.
  • @xperl You don't need a citation. You only have to have an ounce of common sense. Of course Apple recognized the need. Why did they change aspect ratio with iphone 5 and make go 4"? This made all the existing apps look bad on those phones at that time. They knew they had to do this. Even without others going bonkers releasing bigger screen phones to do everything they could to fight Apple's cellphone industry profit leading juggernaut, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that future upgrades might involve making the screen bigger. Given your other posts, you seem determined. Just go get an iphone. You know you want to. Don't let the dark side consume you.
  • I sure do need a citation because I'm not interestered in fanboy logic. Ofcourse they knew they had to do it because Samsung was having massive success with bigger phones and Apple realized they need to jump on the bandwagon. I don't know what your argument here is. Are you trying to claim that Apple thought of bigger screen before Android based phones? lol
  • Now we have larger screens Apple needs to maybe reduce the bezels slightly but just enough to keep the bezels especially the bottom bezel because of the home button and Touch ID, personally I like the bezels as they are, what makes an iPhone an iPhone. Posted via the iMore App
  • I don't think it matters what I want. If we see a smaller screen iphone, it will be considered a budget phone with an expected lower price. That right there will hurt it somewhat. You may have been right to start with and just hope that Apple can shrink the 6S to a better size by getting rid of some bezel, home button, etc. I still go back to the 12" macbook. This should be under 1k and Apple's budget notebook, but it's not. Apple went premium on it and gave it some unique features not seen in the regular pro lines. It's the future according to the faithful. I think they could do the same with a 4" iphone. The problem is probably finding those unique features to make it stand out. Water proof? The other iphones are going this way according to rumor. Lose the headphone jack? Interesting. All sapphire screen sandwich ala iphone 4? Interesting again even if only the screen. You should dream up your version of a "premium" iphone classic with 4" screen that doesn't have a budget price (apple buyers don't really like buying "budget" items so don't make them). The new macbook of iphones. Then run your poll. Yes I know. What demand or new market share would Apple really be going for here? Who is the new macbook aimed at anyways? Markets move in directions all the time. What was once considered tired is soon all the rage again. But regardless, iphone is Apple's baby. Appeal to those who want the classic but give them Apple, not budget.
  • I think that Apple were late to the party with larger screen phones. It was the one thing I always wanted that Android phones had and Apple didn't, so I was very glad when they finally appeared. I'm sure they wanted to bring them out sooner but weren't able to. Apple like to plan ahead and do things right, which is great and I'm glad they do, but one of the downsides is that it can make them slow to react to market trends. Apple's tick/tock policy means that fundamental changes like screen size can only be made every 2 years. Larger screen sizes really took off in 2012, but Apple usually have a very good idea of what the public want before the public realise, so they probably knew in 2011 that they needed screen sizes. However it would have been too late to change next year's iPhone 5 design, so it was 3 years before they could release larger phones, which is an eternity in the smartphone market. It was just bad timing for them. In terms of whether a new smaller phone would be a good idea, I think that this thread proves that it would. I like the larger screens (although I am still undecided between the 6S and 6S+ sizes), but clearly plenty of people want smaller phones. I tend to use my phone two-handed but if I was a single-hand user then the latest phones are just too big. So I think a 4" phone would be a great idea, even though I wouldn't buy one.
  • I have to agree complete here. I would love a phone the size of the ipod touch. ****; I would get a phone with the old 3.5 inch screen if it had a new processor, camera, 3D touch, and 2gb of ram, and it was designed like the current iPhone.
  • "Apple kind of creates demand when they choose what products to launch." I agree wholeheartedly with this. And since they do and are reportedly thinking of launching a new 4" version I don't see any reason why they should launch it with inferior internals. If they're going to do that then might as well just keep selling the 5S.
  • Last I checked, the market already demanded large phones which is why Apple jumped on the phablet bandwagon. The market demanded small tablets for a while which is why iPad Mini. The market wanted productivity on a tablet (Surface/pen/type cover) which is why iPad Pro now exists. Face it...Apple is not the trend setter of the industry any more. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Apple's strategy was always about longevity, not trendsetting. Apple already set the only trend that matters with the original iPhone. Samsung's move to phablets and larger screens was built on the foundation of Apple's trendsetting. If you doubt it, try trendsetting the car. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ooof man, the Koolaid. So Samsung Made larger screens because Apple make the tiny original iPhone? Thats like saying the Wright Brothers successfully flew based on the trend setting of the people before them who held feathers in their hands and jumped to their deaths. I guess the only way that logic works is Samsung realizing how ridicuiously small the Apple screen size trend is and set a better trend of its own.
  • i would like a iPhone 6 with same screen size but smaller bezel like the apple watch bezel, digital force touch home button
  • If I could get the 6s camera in a 4" version, or the 6s Plus camera in a 6s, I'd downsize in an instant. There is just not any compelling software for the larger 6 Plus/6s Plus (both of which I owned) - if it were truly a mini-tablet I would stick it out, but I want the smaller form factor for what I do (photography and wireless hot spot).
  • How about horizontal split view in portrait, iPhone 6s Plus only? :)
  • Love the idea, I feel that Apple should and can make the iPhone's stand out by having each model up offer something that the others don't have. Sent from the iMore App
  • In all honesty, it's almost worthless because 3rd party developers have hardly done anything with that. I got a 6 Plus and 6S Plus from day one and that's not something I use because it simply isn't present in most apps.
  • Books and magazines define sizes and weight of iPads. Pockets and Purses define size and weight for iPhones. A 4 inch phone would go well with a Tuxedo pocket. Although I don't think Apple would make a nice, high end, small phone, 4 inch is the sensible person phone. The "I will carry just the enough" phone. Or the 6/6s already has this niche? What you think?
  • I think you need to keep smaller size for age 12 and up teens but still have some power and updated hardware features. Sent from the iMore App
  • If you're trying to differentiate iPhone sizes on software I think you're barking up the wrong tree. Baring zoom mode on + models I don't think Apple intends to fork iOS across its phone lines and honestly why should they? The 6+is big, but a tablet it is not. 7" is bare minimum to even consider as a tablet. Just my opinion though.
  • For me personally? **** no! But, options are good and it would make sense to match 3 to 3 size wise with the iPad line. Someone is always going to want something they can't have size wise or otherwise. It would be good to try to meet the demand for smaller it it's worth their time and effort.
  • How about the same 4.7" iPhone with 1080p resolution?
  • can't believe someone actually down voted you for wanting a higher res screen.
    720p on a $750 phone is a rip off and yes, you CAN see a big difference.
  • Amen Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I want an iPhone with better battery life.
  • After having lived with my 6s for a couple months, every time I pick up my wife's 5s for anything I think about trying (again) to talk her in to trading with me. It just looks and feels so much better. I know this is probably a controversial opinion, but regardless of the *actual* cost, the curved glass and edges look and feel cheap to me. The way reflected light bends at the top corner of the device - ugh, so cheesy. The size and curved edges make it impossible to find a comfortable single-hand grip, especially when, for example, trying to read an e-book in bed. So, I guess it's not just the size but all the curves... But I really feel like I could overlook the curviness if it were smaller and easier to fit into my hands (which are not small).
  • I downgraded from my iPhone 6 back to a 5s because I prefer the size.
    I can dig what people like about the larger screens, I just happen to not share that view.
  • I like my 6s Plus just fine. I don't want smaller. I'd possibly like a larger screen in a smaller chassis, though.
  • 6s and 6s Plus are just too huge for me. Bigger is not always better. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think a smaller screen option is viable. Sony do it with their xperia z series and people love the compact version. Interesting read your article about smaller phone sizes though. I don't think it's having a smaller form factor that makes a phone easy to use but the actual screen size. Having a large screen in a small edge to edge form factor creates some interesting ergonomics that would not feel as natural. The side bezels on iPhones are already small enough anyway, it's those monstrous top and bottom bezels that need shrinking but that would only create a shorter phone and not an overall easier to handle phone for people with small hands
  • Hate the Smaller option, I love my iPhone 6 Plus! Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd love a smaller screen. What I'd really love is to have the best camera available in all the phones. I upgraded to a 6s because I wanted the better camera. I didn't get the 6s+ because it's freaking gigantic, even though I really wanted it's better camera. The size was not a penalty I was willing to accept in order to get the best camera. I'm extremely interested in something with a screen half the size of the 5s. Just chop off the top half. You wouldn't read a ton on it, but you could take photos, look up directions and do some chatting and keeping in touch. It would be small enough that I wouldn't really care if it was a bit slower. I've been tempted for a long time to drop my iPhone for a dumb phone, but then I'd have to carry a camera, couldn't use it as a gps, and would probably have a hard time syncing contacts to the thing.
  • I'd love a full featured 4". Like the z4 compact. The 6 is just at edge of one handed usability for me and it's so slippery for the first time I think I'd have to use a case which nearly puts it over 1 handed capability Sent from the iMore App
  • I use iPad. I had iPad before my first iPhone. I'd be happy with small Phone, even going to 4/4S size, as I use it only for calls, texts, or with Siri. When I need bigger display than 4 had, I need minimum iPad mini size anyway. Sent from the iMore App
  • Any phone i have to whip out of my pocket then use two hands just to do anything doesn't work for me. Holding onto my 5 until it dies, then switching to my wife's old 5 until it dies (she loves her 6s, thinks my 5 is waaaay too small). Of course I still use my 17-inch MBP and think her 13-inch MBP is waaaay to small. I would migrate to an updated iPhone in the 5 form factor yesterday if it was available, assuming it had force touch and the better camera. I don't think this would cannibalize sales of the 6 that much, because those of us that don't want the 6 aren't buying them!
  • I enjoy my 6s Plus. My eyes thank me. But I'm all for a 4" iPhone with the latest stuff, or most of it. If I had a decent iPad, I might go for the small phone. There's a lot of 5 and 5s users out there with phones about to wear out. It would be nice for them to upgrade to the same size they prefer. Even if no 3D Touch.
  • I'd' like to see something in between the 4.7 and the 5.5, pomaybe 5 to 5.2 with everything the plus has, the ois, the 1080p screen and the larger battery. Sent from the iMore App
  • I come from Android where every good phone is 5" or bigger. I used a 5s and a 6 for a few days apiece and I just couldn't do the small size. The Plus line is perfect for me.
  • I want a new 4" phone badly Sent from the iMore App
  • Yup! Love the size of my 5s
  • I suspect a smaller iPhone would have worse specs or less features than even the 6s, the way the 6s is missing OIS that the 6s+ has. Would a smaller iPhone have to go without 3d touch? Will customers who lean toward a smaller size choose that smaller size if they have to give up features to get it? I have my doubts. I'd like to see a smaller iPhone come out at the same time, and with the same specs as the 7 (save for a smaller screen and smaller battery), simply to see it be a sales flop so we can end the smaller iPhone talk once and for all with hard numbers.
  • I remember saying that 5 was big, and that 4 and 4s were just right. Now I find myself thinking 5s would be the ideal size for me. The trend suggest I'd say the same thing about the 6 and 6s, in referente to the 6+. Although I'm sure I'd enjoy the 6+, I also miss how how great handling the 5s felt. I realized I don't feel the same about the 6 and 6+. This is why I would love a smaller iPhone (with beastly specs, of course).
  • I would be on an iPhone 5-sized device with a modern CPU and camera in a HEARTBEAT.
  • The 5s is still available for sale. Buy that if you want a smaller iPhone. I would rather see a 4.7" iphone with a larger battery capacity / life.
  • I would hate to give up my bigger screen. The 6S is the perfect size. 4" is too small and the 6S+ is too big!
  • I voted no, and back in the day, I was always one who preferred smaller cell phones. I've gotten so used to having smartphones with at least a 4.3-inch screen in the past three years, and I don't think I could go back after that. I don't think I would want to go bigger than a 5-inch screen.
  • 4.3 inch screen size is the perfect size for a smartphone in my opinion. And when talking about phones, a couple of tenths of an inch is a HUGE difference.
  • No. I don't want to go back to a smaller phone.
  • 5S sized with latest updated inners and a good battery! Sent from the iMore App
  • 3 sizes of we need 3 sizes of iphone. Yes, please and thank you!!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't know if I love the 6Plus yet, I just got mine. I chose the larger phone mainly to display my artwork (it saves carrying the iPad as well). I hope that I do like it enough to carry it every day.
  • I wouldn't use a smaller iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Personally I like the size of the 6S but I know a lot of people who are clinging to their 5s in hope of a smaller iphone to upgrade to. Posted via iMore App
  • If Apple is going to make (or reintroduce) a smaller iPhone, They should go smaller than the 5S, even smaller than the 4S, like 3" or so. I could totally go for a candy bar iPhone Mini that just does calls, messaging, photos and videos. Save the browsing and productivity for the big screens. It's getting to the point where there's little differentiation between the smallest iPad and largest iPhone, yet they run different versions of the OS. The iPhone interface is too limited for the 6S+, yet it's trying to be portable and powerful and winds up being neither one. We need an iPhone Mini.
  • I just noticed that yesterday my iPhone 6S+ felt small to me... lol... I think I might like an iPhone that's even bigger... Sounds weird, I know... Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree, and it could be something as simple as eliminating the side bezel and turning it into usable real estate. 5.7-5.8" screen? Sent from the iMore App
  • Absolutely Sent from the iMore App
  • My iPhone 6 is just the right size.
    Bigger wouldn't fit in my pocket. Smaller would get lost in there.
    This iPhone 6 is perfectly fine just the size it is.
  • Yes, I want a smaller iPhone. But I do not want a smaller screen size. Reduce/eliminate those top and bottom bezels. Apple R&D should be spending as much effort as they can on this simple task.
  • That is why I never bought an iPhone to small. I bought the iPhone 6 then the iPhone 6s and love the larger size. I was a Windows fan and now have all Apple products and love them.
  • I used an iPhone 6 since it was released. Then I sold it in anticipation of the 6s. When the iPad Pro was announced though I decided to stick with the iPhone 5s I've been using and get the iPad Pro instead. I've been using it for months and it still feels small. So I'm conflicted choice is nice but then I feel like if all the people who think they love the 4" screen tried the bigger phone that would change. There's choice and there's evolution/advancement. Sent from the iMore App
  • I want a "smaller iPhone" not a smaller screened iPhone. Apple needs to work on those huge bezels. When a 4.7" device is the size of 5.1" devices something is wrong. Same with the plus. No reason it should be the same size as phones with larger screens.
  • Agree. Increasing screen size shouldn't necessarily mean increasing the overall footprint of the device itself. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I moved from a Note 2 to a 5s because I couldn't use the Note 2 one handed and it became cumbersome. Then I moved back to the Note 5 to switch it up again. I pick up my 5s and wonder how the heck I ever used a phone that small for two years. Psychology at its finest. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Small?, No Way the Plus is the way to go! Sent from the iMore App
  • I think most people would be fine with a 4.7" screen if Apple didn't have such huge bezels and wasted space. The original moto x is 4.7 and much smaller than the 6/6s. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would prefer a smaller phone, before I switched over to the iphone 5s, I use to have a lumia 640. It a great phone, but the size is too big. It especially became cumbersome, when going to gym. I hate the arm bands, so I place it into to my pocket, and because of the width, it constantly smacking me or getting in the way. The 640 sits between the 6/6s and 6/6s+ dimensions, however I have had my phone for 2 weeks now, and I'm Lov'in it. So bring on the smaller phone. However, since it will mostly likely have some downgraded specs, especially if they put the new model in a similar light like the iphone 5c. I will not upgrade my phone just to experience to full Apple pay method. Must haves: better battery life of course, faster charger, maybe a better camera (for phone snappy people,) A9 chip or higher, and better resolution. Things that can go: Not a fan of the smooth corners on the 6(s), I'm a klutz, and I do not need help in making me more accident prone (even if a otter box case, will be glued to it), screen to the edge of the phone.
  • I'd like an iPhone Pro 7s. Apple could make cool backpacks to carry it in. I'm thinking 12" screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • As usual with the Mobile Nations polls - whether that be iMore, Android Central, or Windows Central, the position I hold is not represented as an option on the poll, leaving me to choose between picking a very not-reflective-of-me answer, or to simply abstain from the poll. This time I chose to abstain. But it's so frustrating for me to so often find myself in this boat! Anyway, my perspective on the matter straddles two poll options here as: a) on the one hand, I ABSOLUTELY think there should be a small-screen option out there. There's demand, there's desire, and it wouldn't take much in Apple's part to make it so. ...but... b) I personally have absolutely no desire for a small screen whatsoever. I have a 2014 iPhone6+, and while it's 5.5" screen seems massive to some people, prior to this phone, I had a 5.7" Galaxy Note 3, and even more recently, a Nexus6 with a whopping 6" screen. No, to me the 5.5" is not all that big at all, and in fact 5.5" is my self-imposed MINIMUM screen size! The only reason the 6+ seems so big is because they bezel the crap out of it. It's an LG G4 sized screen in an almost Nexus6 sized phone just because form beat the crap out of function in the over the top sized bezels. I plan to supplement the iPhone at tax time with the Nexus 6p (they'll take turns being my active phone), and within a year later, Verizon willing, I intend to also have some Continuum equipped Windows 10 Mobile flagship device. The point is, both of which will feature BIGGER screens than the iPhone6+. So, to recap: For the market's sake, I say resoundingly yes, bring us a small iPhone. For me personally - laugh out loud no. ....and PLEEEEEEASE give us more poll options in the future! I'm tired of falling between the cracks on them! Cheers!
  • Um it says "do you want a smaller iPhone" You even say in your answer that you have no want or need for a smaller iPhone. Poll and answers are pretty clear cut...
  • Except the thing is that I am stuck in the middle of options. One the one hand, I really "want there to be" a small iPhone, while at the same time I "really don't want one for myself" on the other hand. And it's NOT a matter of simply being "'okay' with there being a really small one" (otherwise your response would be valid after all). But no, I am REALLY strongly in favor of the idea. I didn't see an option like that....sooooooooooo......uh, did I miss one, or does my gripe stand? :-/
  • Some people want bigger phones and others definitely want smaller flagship phones too. My wife just bought a new iPhone and she purposely skipped on the iPhone 6 because it was just too big for her little hands and to go jogging with. So we searched high and low for a 64Gig, gold iPhone 5S in like new condition.
    I myself was on the fence about getting the 6 as opposed to the 5S because I like the idea of having a small pocket rocket for one-handed use. I use my iPad when I need a bigger screen. It's the perfect union for me. In fact, I use my iPad to text and make phone calls a lots hen I'm stationary. This ability, released on iOS 8, is what won me over from my HTC M7 and the thinness of the 6 along with the one-handed mode made me go for the 6. I felt like the HTC M7 was as large as I would ever want to go on a phone and then they upgraded to a 5" screen! I was like, no way I'm getting that. But the 6 was not only the same size as the M7, it was thinner. It's just then enough to to throw in a pocket or holster when I'm on the go and not be bothered by its size.
    Something else to consider, name one high end android phone with a 4.5" screen or smaller. There aren't any. There may be a few lower end phones but the iPhone 5 series are the only full powered, small screens on the market and people are still buying them. It would be foolish to ignor the masses who still feel as Steeve Jobs did about the perfect small screen size. There is still a market for small powerful phones just like there are markets for the Mini Cooper and the BMW X6, both of which are high end.
  • I would rather prefer it with a bit larger screen like 5" or 5.2"....even 4.7 inch seems quite small now. Posted via the iMore App
  • My primary mobile device is an iPad, as is many of my more senior friends and family. Cell phones are mostly used just to transfer calls to the iPad; reason: 1) can see the screen 2) don't have to hold the phone in a hand, 3) have better control over volume. And when in the Apple ecosystem, Facetime and iMessage become the primary communication platform which is an easier and superior experience on the iPad. Therefore, having an updated, small 4" iPhone in the pocket is what many are waiting for. Think some with full sight, hearing and physical mobility don't understand accessibility issues that they will later in life.
  • I want an iPhone that is in between the 6 and 6+. Like 5.1-5.2". The plus is just too **** long. The small version is still too small to me.
  • I went from a 5s to a 6s, and I gotta say that if Apple released a phone the size of a 5s with all the features and storage of the 6s (128 gb), I'd be all over it!
    I prefer the dimensions of the 5 series, as I found the 6s to be just big enough that it is no longer a one-hand operation phone.
    I have an iPad, so my big screen needs are covered.
  • Totally agree !!! 4" w/128gb! Sent from the iMore App
  • Make a 4.3 inch screen one and you will have a super happy customer here, Apple. That's the sweet spot for screen size, in my opinion. And, yes, it's surprising that 3 tenths of an inch would make such a difference from the 4.0 inch 5, 5s and 5c, but it does!
  • Not for myself. I'm happy with my 6 plus and wouldn't use anything smaller. However I think a smaller iPhone would be good as it would offer more choice as I imagined there are some people out there who want 4 inch phones. Sent from the iMore App
  • Its a good idea for people with smaller hands, I guess. I just can't see how Apple would make any money here. Ultimately, that's the deal breaker. Sure, people would buy a 4 inch iPhone with modern tech in it, but development costs, and supply chain economics make it a bad deal for Apple.
  • yes, 5S size, but, with the same processing power as the latest phones 6S or 7. smaller phones but with no watered down performance.
  • Power, performance, capabilities of a 6s in the 5s size.
  • I'm becoming a fan of getting a lot of life out of my devices. The 5s is great, compact, works well with watch. My iPad mini is with me most of the time, hence a big screen. In January my contract is up and joining Consumer Cellular will put my wireless service at 20$/month. For me the killer in upgrades is having to buy all the accessories. Small is just fine and easy to carry!
  • Currently as an iOS/Android Dev I'm using an iPhone5 next to an LG G4 as personal devices.
    Although I'm an iOS fan from the start, i must say I'm using the G4 more often when in transit (space allowing) because of the larger screen size, so I guess I'd really like the iPhone 6(+).
    At first I (for two days) I thought: "this phone (G4) is ridiculously large", but you get accustomed to that REALLY fast, so fast in fact that a few days later the iPhone 5 seemed rather small... Go figure...
    There is a limit however: the balance of a larger phone can be on the border of comfortable (will it flip/drop), while the iPhone 5 feels more stable than ever.. Especially when operated with one hand.
    So there's always two sides to the story, I guess :-)
    My initial thoughts on both;