Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access support PD fast charging?

Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access support PD fast charging?

How do we know it works with PD fast charging?

After noting that this information was nowhere to be found on the Mophie website, I contacted customer support and spoke with a representative who confirmed that the USB-C port on the battery case would work with a PD fast charger. As far as standard chargers go, I was informed that the Juice Pack Access should charge within 1.5-2 hours as long as you're using a 5-10-watt wall charger, so you can expect it to take less time when using a PD fast charger.

Charging options

Unlike other charging cases on the market, this one leaves both the iPhone's Lightning port and the battery case's USB-C port accessible at the same time. Because of this, there are a few different ways to charge the devices. We've listed each charging option in rank of fastest charging option to slowest charging option:

The USB-C port and Lightning port: This is the fastest way to bring both devices to a full charge. You'll have access to both ports so you can plug a USB-C cable into the battery case and the Lightning cable into the iPhone and have them charge at the same time. In addition to the battery case being able to use PD fast charge, all iPhones version 8 or later also support it. If you fast charge both ports, both your phone and battery case will hit full battery a lot quicker.

The USB-C port: You'll find the Juice Pack Access' USB-C port on the bottom running parallel to your iPhone's Lightning port. When charging, power first gets sent to your phone before sending power to the case. This ensures that your phone gets priority charging. You may want to use a USB-C PD fast charger to quicken the process.

The Lightning port: As stated previously, this battery case doesn't cover the iPhone's Lightning port, which means you'll still be able to charge your phone using your standard charger or a PD fast charger. Plugging the cable into the iPhone does not charge the case so you'll need to do that later.

Charging Wirelessly: When used in conjunction with a wireless pad, both the iPhone and the Juice Pack Access battery case are given power. This is the slowest charging option available to you so it's much better to use a cable if you need either device charged in a hurry.

Listen to music and charge at the same time

Using the USB-C cable to charge both the smartphone and the case leaves the Lightning port available for use. That means that while you're charging the two devices with the USB-C, you'll be able to use the Lightning cable to plug in wired headphones or use any other accessory that features a Lightning cable at the same time.

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