Does the Polaroid OneStep+ come with a battery?

Does the Polaroid OneStep+ come with a battery?

Best answer: The Polaroid OneStep+ comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 60 days on a single charge. This battery, unfortunately, does not appear to be user-replaceable. If you still want the Polaroid experience but feel the need for a replaceable battery, check out a refurbished Polaroid 600 camera, since each film pack has its own battery.Get the camera: Polaroid OneStep+ ($140 at Amazon)Replaceable batteries: Polaroid 600 Camera ($130 at Polaroid)

The Polaroid OneStep+ has a built-in lithium-ion battery

The battery for the OneStep+ is actually a built-in lithium-ion unit, rather than something like disposable AA batteries. You charge the battery through the included Micro-USB port, and Polaroid claims that you can get up to 60 days of usage on the OneStep+ off of a single battery charge.

This battery life is on par with the predecessor of the OneStep+, the OneStep 2, which also touted a 60-day battery life.


One of the consequences of having the battery built into the camera is that the battery isn't user-replaceable. As you continue to use and charge the battery on the OneStep+ over time, it will wear down, holding a charge for a smaller amount of time. The good news is that by the time the battery on the camera is too worn out to even use it, you might be ready for a new camera, anyway.

If you want a Polaroid instant camera with a replaceable battery, you should check out Polaroid's lineup of refurbished 600 cameras. Polaroid Originals, the company behind the newer OneStep cameras, has taken great pains to refurbish classic 600 cameras to like-new condition.

The 600 film packs actually come with their own integrated batteries, so you'll get a new battery every time you load a new pack of film into the camera. It might create more waste, but if replaceable batteries are what you're looking for, a 600 camera gives you them in an authentic Polaroid package

A retro experience in a modern shell

The Polaroid OneStep+ offers the nostalgic experience of the original OneStep cameras with contemporary additions like Micro-USB charging and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone control. For people that want that classic Polaroid look and feel with a touch of modernity, the OneStep+ provides just the experience you're looking for.

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