Don't miss out on this $12 Anker charger for all of your new Apple devices

Anker Powerport Iii 20w Hero
Anker Powerport Iii 20w Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

With so many great Apple Cyber Monday deals, chances are you might have already picked up the new iPhone 13 for yourself or a loved one. But there's one thing that's still missing in the box, as Apple has stuck with its decision to ditch the included charger. Thankfully, you can get a fast charger for your new iPhone as Anker's PowerPort III charger is down to just $12 for Cyber Monday.

The Anker PowerPort III charges at speeds up to 20W, making it a perfect companion for all of the best iPhones available today. And going even further, this is a great companion charger for those who travel, as it sports a foldable prong design, so it won't take up too much space in your bag. The only thing you'll need is a USB-C cable to pair with the PowerPort III itself.

Along with being compatible with the iPhone 13, the PowerPort III is also compatible with just about all of the best iPad models. It may not charge as quickly with the new iPad Pro models, but it will still keep everything charged up with ease. Anker has even rated this to be compatible with Apple's MagSafe charger, so you won't need to spend even more cash just to get Apple's more expensive charging brick.

Those who might be worried about over-charging or over-heating can rest easy, as Anker has integrated various safety regulations into the PowerPort III. There's high-voltage protection, along with built-in temperature controls, ensuring that your devices and the charger itself will never overheat or overcharge your devices and accessories.

Andrew Myrick