Korean website doubles down on 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus bull$#!+

The same Korean website that claimed there was a "huge potential recall" facing the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus , when no such recall had been planned or has since been announced by Apple, has now doubled down on their crazy by claiming Apple will be changing the type of NAND Flash storage they've been using in both it and the 64GB iPhone 6. To the best of my understanding, just like the "recall", Apple is planning no such change.

Their latest allegation, attributed to "industry sources", is that there's a "defect" in the triple-level cell (TLC) NAND storage, stemming from its controller IC. What the "defect" is, they don't say. They state TLC NAND is slower than single-level (SLC) or multi-level (MLC) NAND, but that's no more a "defect" than 16GB being smaller than 64GB is a "defect". They also claim there are "complaints" about the "defect", but don't quote any of them or expand at all on what those "complaints" might be.

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In other words, they do no actual reporting. Nor do the sites that seemingly reblogged them without bothering to question or investigate the allegations first.

Again, as the owner of a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, I'm keenly interested in finding out about any real problems with my device. I've been using it heavily, day in, day out, and haven't experienced any slowness or unusual errors that would imply defects in the NAND Flash, at least as far as I can tell. If other people are, though, I want to know about it.

What I don't want is an apparently deliberate, ongoing attempt to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about the technology I depend on. That's because, while it may look like it's targeting Apple, it's really targeting readers and consumers. It's causing stress and concern where none appears warranted.

Look no further than their closing paragraph — They claim "overseas IT media sources" speculated about a recall, when it was their own headline that read "huge potential recall". It wasn't "overseas IT media sources" — it was them. If they can't even factually and honestly report on themselves, how can we put any faith at all in what they have to say about Apple?

If you have a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus or 64GB iPhone 6, and it's working fine, don't let this nonsense scare you. Don't reward the economy of fear. If you have a legitimate problem, however, call AppleCare or go to a Genius Bar. That's what they're there for.

Apple investigates any potential issues with any new devices as part of their regular, ongoing quality assurance processes. It's in their own best interests to do so. They want to keep you as a customers — they want your next phone to be an iPhone as well.