With March event scrapped, Apple could be gearing up to unleash new products

Apple Press Releases
Apple Press Releases (Image credit: iMore)

In recent days, Apple has taken noticeable steps to deal with the pandemic. Through March 27, for example, all Apple retail stores outside of China are closed, while this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June is set to become the first in the history of the week-long event that's online only. Meanwhile, the virus almost certainly forced Apple to cancel a March press event that was long-rumored but never officially announced.

Despite this, all might not be lost when it comes to new Apple products. This morning, while much of the world remained home under self-quarantine, Apple's Beats announced the next-gen Powerbeats. With history as a guide, the Monday announcement could soon be followed by others in the coming days.

Last May, long before the world heard of the word coronavirus, Apple revealed new products without holding a press event. Instead, over two days, it announced and released the first 8-core MacBook Pro and new-gen iPod touch. Apple also decided to introduce the AirPods Pro without a press event in October 2019.

What other products could be coming?

Along with the new Powerbeats, Apple could reveal a new MacBook Air as early as this week. A new round of iPad Pro models could also get a quiet reveal soon, although we've heard nothing concrete about this in recent days.

Beyond this, with spring starting in just a few days, the time is right for Cupertino to reveal its newest lineup with Apple Watch bands. Those could also launch via a press release.

Whether Apple reveals new products this week or next month is, in some respects, a very first-world concern, of course, thanks to the current conditions on the ground. However, getting any new products released would suggest things are slowly getting back to normal on the supply front. That would be positive news, and don't we need some of that right now?

Stay tuned!

What say you?

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