E3 2021 — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 new gameplay shows new enemies and tools

Link Botw2 Hand Takeover
Link Botw2 Hand Takeover (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Today's E3 Nintendo Direct revealed several new Switch games.
  • A new trailer for the Breath of the Wild sequel was shown.
  • We see Link falling through the sky and using new powers.
  • It is aiming to release in 2022.

Nintendo held its E3 2021 Nintendo Direct today with roughly 40 minutes of reveals for new Switch games, updates, and DLC. At long last, we finally learned more about the upcoming sequel to the 2017 Zelda title, commonly referred to as Breath of the Wild 2.

Link is shown falling through the sky and using his glider to reach distant locations like floating islands. It looks like something has happened to Link's hand giving him powers to go through walls, shoot fire, and move objects. We're sure more powers are in store as well.

We've also learned several new Breath of the Wild information thanks to glimpses at new enemies and upgraded enemies. Like the moving Bokoblin fort attached to a Stone Talus' back and a mechanical enemy.

Zelda Botw2 Hand (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

No exact release date or official name was given, but we do know Nintendo is aiming for a 2022 release.

There are several Zelda games on Nintendo Switch already, but we're always happy to see a new one. If you haven't played the first Breath of the Wild game yet, you're really missing out. It shook up the established Zelda formula, provides an average of 60 hours of gameplay, and was the 2017 Game of the Year winner from the Game Awards. We've got some time until the sequel finally drops, so it's the perfect opportunity to pick up your own copy and start playing.

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