Eager iPhone 6 buyers already lining up in London

Whatever you're doing on this fine Sunday evening, if you're reading this you're likely not already in line to buy the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Right? Despite Apple offering pre-orders and in-store reservations this year for the launch, there is already a tent pitched outside the British flagship store on Regent Street, London as spotted by the team over at Techview.

Of course, people lining up to buy the latest iPhone isn't at all uncommon, and at Regent Street in particular literally thousands of eager buyers descend on launch morning. With 5 days to go, whoever's inside the tent is going to have to endure the best part of a week on one of London's busiest shopping streets. Maybe they missed the pre-orders?

Come Friday (OK, maybe Thursday night) we're going to begin venturing out ourselves, as are many of you. What's the earliest you ever lined up for a new iPhone? And where and when are you planning on doing it this year?

Source: Techview

Richard Devine

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