The Early Edition for iPad is the digital newspaper and RSS reader that launched alongside the iPad. Over the course of 12 months, Glasshouse Apps has redesigned it from the ground up and just released The Early Edition 2 - and we're gifting away 5 copies!

I wasn't a fan of the original Early Edition, but I am loving The Early Edition 2! The UI is gorgeous and the app runs nice and smooth on my iPad 2. Because of my love for eye candy, one of my favorite features is the manilla envelope that pops up when sharing an article to a social network and the "Shared Copy" stamp that appears just before it pops up.

The Early Edition 2 is a beautiful, up-to-the-minute newspaper that puts you in the editorial seat. RSS feeds are the basis for content and now it can be used either as a standalone app or in sync with a Google Reader account.

  • Dynamic Page Layout - Now sporting a gorgeous column-based page layout, The Early Edition 2 uses an algorithm to intelligently position stories based on their content. This means every page is now both beautiful and dynamic.
  • Turning Pages - Page turns can now follow your finger which looks stunning. Or you can simply swipe horizontally or tap the edge of the page.
  • Less Clutter, More Content - Our intuitive multitouch interface strips back visual clutter so you can focus on the news. The main newspaper view is now completely free of buttons in both orientations which means you can simply enjoy browsing and reading your paper.
  • Go Offline - All images are now cached on the device so if you go out of network coverage, you still get the full reading experience. Also, you can choose to either load images in real-time while you navigate the paper or set it to preload all images. Preloading images is especially useful for Wifi iPads or use when a 3G network is unavailable such as flights.
  • Images, In all their Glory - Double-tapping any image in the main paper view takes you to a swipeable gallery mode, perfect for photography, design or comic feeds. Swipe horizontally to view all the images in a single story or vertically to view images from the next or previous story.
  • Search - The entire paper is now searchable. And if there are particular search terms you use frequently, you can save them for one-tap searching anytime in the future.
  • Clippings - Sometimes there just isn't time to keep up with the flow of news pouring in. Now you can star stories as you browse, and they get sent straight to your Clippings shoebox for later reading.
  • Featured Feeds - This is our curated list of suggestions for topics and news sources. From here you can preview and subscribe to interesting feeds that you may not have discovered yet.
  • Gestures - We've implemented a lot of gestures to make navigating The Early Edition 2 both quick and amazingly fun to use.
  • Power - The engine powering The Early Edition 2 has been completely re-written, making it faster and more memory efficient.


We like The Early Edition 2 so much, that TiPb is gifting it to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below promising that you'll add TiPb to your RSS feed! Must have a valid US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!

The Early Edition 2 for iPad is available for $4.99. This is not on update to the original app, so even if you previously purchased the original Early Edition, you must make a separate purchase for The Early Edition 2. The Early Edition 2 requires iOS 5.

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