The Early Edition for iPad hits 1.1 - Give-away

One of the things many of us have been waiting for when it comes to iPad apps is a great RSS newsreader and with The Early Edition for iPad 1.1, a contender is here. It includes the same great newspaper look and page-turning feel as the launch-day version but adds what amounts to a must-have feature for many -- Google Reader feed import. Here's the full changelog:

  • Sections! Now you can group & view feeds in customized categories
  • Google Reader / OPML feed & folder importing!
  • Feed discovery! Now you can enter a website URL & The Early Edition will search for discoverable feeds
  • There are now four ways to filter your news: Last Fetch, Today, All Dates & Past Editions
  • Saved state! Now when you exit the app and relaunch, it will go back to the page you were on
  • Auto-fetch will now only occur the first time you launch the app on a given day
  • Fetching now includes a progress bar as visual feedback
  • You can now cancel a fetch before it is finished
  • Speed & performance enhancements
  • Greatly improved international character support
  • UI enhancements
  • App Store links now open the App Store instead of web previews
  • New Help menu with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Bug fixes, including some feeds that were causing crashes

I've been beta testing it for a while now and I've been very happy with it, so much so that when I switched to an iPad 3G last Friday and my beta wouldn't load, I missed it.

If you want to try it for yourself, Glasshouse Apps has been gracious enough to pass along a few promo codes. Just tell us some of your favorite news feeds in the comments below and we'll pick some of you at random and give you the codes. (US iTunes Store account needed to redeem, Apple's ru

[$4.99 - iTunes]

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