Australian School child using an iPadSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Students in Edinburgh, Scotland are getting 39,000 iPads.
  • The iPads are part of a 1:1 deployment as part of a £17.6 million project.

Students in Edinburgh, Scotland are set to receive an iPad of their very own as part of a new initiative costing £17.6 million or around $24 million.

Part of the "Edinburgh Learns for Life" and first reported by MacRumors, the announcement was made by the local council as part of an initiative involving ICT services provider CGI.

The 1:1 roll out, being carried out in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council's ICT services provider CGI, will start from September thanks to a £17.6m boost to learning and teaching. In addition to the personal distribution additional iPads will be also be issued to P1 to P5 year groups on an agreed ratio.

The program will see 27,000 new iPads handed out while 12,000 refreshed iPads will also be part of the rollout alongside expanded wireless connectivity support in school.

Key elements of the Empowered Learning programme, which will see a phased roll out of all the devices completed by the end of 2022, include: 27,000 new iPads being issued to pupils/staff, refreshed iPads for up to 12,000 pupils/staff and expanding the wireless connectivity in schools by providing wireless access points and a comprehensive programme of professional learning for teachers.

The report doesn't go into details about which iPads will be handed out but we can only hope someone has been reading about which is the best iPad for students.