October madness is open us, with Apple's iPad and Mac event coming on Tuesday, along with several Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile, and probably other events later in the month. That's then. This is now. And I'd like to take this brief breather to go over some exciting changes we're making to our podcast schedule.

Now, unfortunately I can't spill all the details yet, but here's the setup in bullet points:

  • Wednesday's iMore show is going on hiatus for a while. We might still do occasional special episodes as news and events warrant, but nothing regular. For those of you used to joining us on Wednesday nights, I apologize and I'll miss it, badly, too. But you'll be getting even more podcast goodness to keep your mid-week fuller than ever. We'll tell you all about it soon. Promise. Stay tuned.

  • Sunday's iMore show will become the main iMore show for now, but it will continue with it's Special Edition format. We had Jim Dalrymple on last week and tonight Guy English will be joining me to talk Çingleton, Apple, and pantsing quarterbacks. Be there.

  • ZENandTECH will benefit by getting Georgia's full attention. Her schedule is killer lately, so she's going to concentrate on this show, with occasional guest appearances on the Sunday iMore show. This is the most important show we or any other network is doing, and if you haven't listened to it before, go subscribe now.

  • Iterate gets the same benefit on Seth's side. He's a brand new dad so his time's at a premium and we're going to focus it on Iterate. He'll also show up on the iMore show occasionally, but for right now we'll be doing a few back-to-back episodes of Iterate to take immediate advantage. The legendary Brent Simmons guests tomorrow. Yeah, it's on.

  • Mobile Nations returns tomorrow at 11:30am ET/8:30am PT. It's been a long time since all of us have been able to record together, and given we have Apple, Microsoft, Google, and more events in the immediate future, a long with some fairly awesome announcements to make, it should be a great show. Don't miss it.

So basically, we're all going to be concentrating on our own shows for a while, Georgia on ZENandTECH, Seth on Iterate, and me on iMore, and I'll have some more news about what we'll be doing mid-week soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about the new focus on the other shows, and if you have any questions, shout them out. Personally I think they're going to be fantastic, but we do them for you, so yours is the only opinion that matters.