Time's ticking: The best Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals are only around for a few more hours

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We're ticking down to the final hours of Cyber Monday and that means the amazing Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals that have been going on all day will only be available a little while longer. There are steep deals on all current models as well as some older ones. Whether you want the latest and greatest or something older but reliable we can help you out. 

With the help of deal trackers and price history checkers, we've been scouring Cyber Monday deals to find the very best discounts on Apple Watch models. Here are the best ones going on right now. 

5 best Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals

Top Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals

Apple Watch Ultra | (Was $799) Now $739 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra | (Was $799) Now $739 at Amazon

The latest and greatest Apple Watch is swimproof, temperature sensing, and offers up to 36 hours of battery life. Even though is launched recently it's got a great discount going on right now. 

Apple Watch SE (40mm) | (Was 249) Now $229 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE (40mm) | (Was 249) Now $229 at Amazon

The latest Apple Watch SE isn't much different from the last one, but it's still a great way on board with watchOS. This is a nice little discount to be had over Cyber Monday - this is only $10 off the lowest price the watch has ever seen. 

Apple Watch Series 8 | (Was $429) Now $349 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 | (Was $429) Now $349 at Amazon

If you're looking for an eye-catching Series 8 deal, you can save $30 on the 45mm size of Apple Watch 8 in the Product RED colorway. It's the biggest price drop it's seen so far.

Apple Watch 8 (Cellular) |(Was $529) Now $449 at Amazon

Apple Watch 8 (Cellular) |(Was $529) Now $449 at Amazon

Here's an incredible Apple Watch Series 8 deal for users looking to leave their phone at home. You can now purchase the Wi-Fi + Cellular model for at least $50 off. This is a limited-time sale only. 

Apple Watch Ultra | (Was $799) Now$739 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra | (Was $799) Now $739 at Amazon
Today's $60 discount is the best price we've seen the high-end Ultra go for. The version with the orange wristband is out of stock at the time of writing, but the white and yellow options are still around. We've got you covered for alternative Apple Watch bands if you fancy a different color.

Apple Watch Series 6 (renewed) |(Was $255) Now $235 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 6 (renewed) |(Was $255) Now $235 at Amazon

It might be a few years old, but other than a few sensors and a slightly smaller screen, the Series 6 is still up there with the best smartwatches around.

This deal drops the price to around the price of an Apple Watch SE, and is well worth a look.

Apple Watch Series 5 (renewed) | (Was $280) Now $170 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5 (renewed) | (Was $280) Now $170 at Amazon

This deal cuts the Apple Watch Series 5 price by over $100. The first model with an always-on display, this smartwatch still runs the latest watchOS features and features a cellular connection, too.

It's worth noting that the product is "renewed".

Cyber Monday Apple Watch Series 8 deals

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest Apple Watch, bringing some great extra features to the table. Battery life has been improved, and with the new low-power mode, it can last up to 36 hours. There's even a new temperature sensor in the watch that will not only make heart monitoring better, but allow for better cycle tracking for people who need it.

Despite being the latest Apple Watch, there have been some discounts already. Over the two-day Amazon Prime Early Access sale, there was a significant discount that brought the Apple Watch Series 8 to its lowest price ever, and there have already been some big deals over Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Apple Watch Ultra deals

The Apple Watch Ultra is perhaps the most exciting Apple Watch to be released in years. There's a new titanium shell to make it more rugged than ever, a massive 49-inch screen, and a nice selection of new Alpine Bands. It's the biggest, most powerful Apple Watch that Apple has ever released and it comes at a price to match. The Watch costs $799.

There has already been a big deal on this model over Cyber Monday, netting you a $60 discount.

Cyber Monday Apple Watch Series 7 deals

The Apple Watch Series 7 was the first in the family to see the bigger 41mm and 45mm screen size increases. Physically, however, it remained the same size as the prior model, slipping neatly onto many a wrist. With that increase came some cool features that use the extra real estate, too, like a full-size qwerty keyboard to compose those quick reply texts.

While the Series 7 is last year's model, your friends would be forgiven for thinking you've got one of the new ones. The only thing you'll really lack is the temperature sensor, and now, over Cyber Monday you'll save a lot if you're willing to get something that doesn't have '2022' on the box.

Cyber Monday Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Despite no longer being the newest model, Apple Watch Series 6 is still a super functional smartwatch by today's standards. Powered by the S6 chipset, it's 20% faster than the Series 5 that preceded it and features an always-on display. Like all Apple Watch models, it's great for tracking your health and fitness goals with precise heart rate monitoring, plus it even includes a blood oxygen monitor — something older Apple Watch models do not have.

You might have to get a 'renewed' watch here, but you could save a lot of money and get a very solid smartwatch for the price. It may not have the same features as the latest models, but you'll not be left wanting for most of the main features.

Best Cyber Monday Apple Watch SE deals

The Apple Watch SE launched as a lower-tier alternative to the more premium Apple Watch models, saving on cost by stripping out some of the more advanced tech and including only the essentials. It's still a good choice today, especially if you're new to Apple Watch or you want to save a bit of money versus going for the newest model.

Cyber Monday Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

Apple Watch Series 3 is a little long-in-the-tooth in 2022, but it could see some significant movement in price during Cyber Monday making it one to pay attention to. Though you'd miss out on advancements in pretty much every aspect, the Series 3 could be a good pickup for someone wanting to try out an Apple Watch for the first time or those really wanting to spend as little as possible.

When do the Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals begin?

The Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals are live now - they're all over the web at loads of different retailers.

Where can I find the best Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals?

Are there Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals on the Ultra and Series 8?

Yes! Both of Apple's most-recent watches, and the new Apple watch SE have all seen discounts in some form over the weekend. 

Is it ever worth getting a refurbished Apple Watch?

Absolutely! You may not be getting the newest Apple Watch, but you'll quite frequently save a lot of money if you get one. The models to look out for and get the biggest savings on are the Series 5 and the Series 6 - both still excellent smart watches and retain some of their flagship credentials. That, and from a distance, no one is going to be able to tell the difference.

Make sure you're getting a refurb from a trusted buyer - our favorites are either Apple directly, or the Amazon renewed store. You'll find loads of other  renewed products there too, so have a browse

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