EPOS reveals B20 streaming microphone

Epos B20 Lifestyle
Epos B20 Lifestyle (Image credit: EPOS)

What you need to know

  • EPOS is a premium gaming audio brand with a large assortment of gaming accessories.
  • Today, EPOS revealed the B20 streaming microphone.
  • It features four microphone pickup patterns and is compatible with Mac, PC, and PS4.

EPOS has long been a trusted name in the audio industry, so it's always exciting to see what new products the company comes out with. Today, EPOS revealed the B20 streaming microphone, a brand new accessory specifically made with video game streaming in mind. It comes with a desk stand for easy use while recording and is compatible with Mac, PC, and PS4.

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CompatibilityMac, PC, PS4
Recording sample/bit rate24bit - 48kHz
Playback sample and bit rate24bit - 96kHz
Speaker frequency response20 - 20,000Hz
Microphone frequency response50 -20,000 Hz
Microphone patternCardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo
Thread size3/8 inch
Cable length9.5 ft.
In boxMicrophone, desk stand, USB cable, quick start guide
Warranty2 years

As with many computer microphones, this one comes with a long 9.5-foot USB cable giving users plenty of leeway to get it in a good position. It also comes with a simple deskstand and has a 3/8 thread on the bottom if buyers want to connect it to a scissor arm stand for better reach.

To help you get the audio just right, the B20 features four microphone pickup patterns to choose from. By experimenting, buyers can discover which option works best for their projects. It also has an impressive 24bit record and playback bit rate for smooth sounding audio.

With the help of a reliable microphone, like the EPOS B20, and one of the best capture cards out there, you can be streaming in no time. We can even help you with our guide for how to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch with a capture card.

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