Every iPhone X Case We Could Find

There are so many reasons to get a case for your iPhone X. Whether you want the highest level of protection available to prevent damage to your new phone or the most transparent, thinnest case available to show off your new phone with pride, there are plenty of options out there.

We've compiled a massive list of all the cases we could find for the iPhone X that are worth your while. Regardless of what type of case you want, you're bound to find something that fits your fancy right here!

NOTE: Not every case will be compatible with wireless charging. If you plan on using wireless charging on your iPhone X it's important to remember that bank cards, credit cards, and other plastic forms of payment could become demagnetized when using a Qi wireless charger. Check out the link below for more information.

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Thin cases

Apple silicone case

The same Apple silicone cases the company has been selling for years. Classic, clean, and crisp.

Comes in a wide variety of colors, including a Product RED version for $39.

See at Apple

Spigen Thin Fit

A thin polycarbonate back plate with a little cushion in the corners to help prevent damage if you drop your iPhone X.

You can pick one up for about $15.

See at Spigen

Maxboost mSnap series

A hard polycarbonate case that protects the back and sides of the iPhone X from scratches and scuffs.

Get the Maxboost mSnap series in black or mint for $20.

See at Amazon

Vinve slim case

Made from TPU, the Vinve slim case will help prevent damage from drops. Plus, the clear back shows off the beauty of the back glass housing on the iPhone X.

You can pick one up in black, blue, or red for about $8.

See at Amazon

Totallee cases

The cases are well-built and made of durable polypropylene, so they offer grip and protection without the added bulk - at only 0.02 inches in thickness, they won't detract from the sleek design of your shiny new iPhone X.

A ton of different designs and finishes available starting from $19.

See at Totallee

Peel case

The thinnest case you'll find, it will almost look like you have no case on your phone at all.

You can pick it up in black, white, and kinda blue for $25.

See at Peel

ESR TPU case

Very thin and made out of soft TPU with a matte finish to prevent fingerprints from showing up on the back.

Pick up the ESR TPU case for $9.

See at Amazon

MNML case

Only 0.35mm thick and made with a matte finish that won't show fingerprints.

You can find the MNML case in gray, black, white, red, and blue for about $15.

See at Amazon


Slim, sleek, and silicone, the Incipio SILISKIN wraps around the iPhone X giving it an added layer of protection from bumps, scratches, and blemishes.

You can pick on up in black, sea green, pink, and other colors for $30.

See at Incipio

Clear cases

Spigen Liquid Crystal

This thin flexible TPU case will provide your iPhone X with more grip and has cushioning on the corner to help prevent damage from drops.

You can pick up the Spigen Liquid Crystal for $19.

See at Amazon

Spigen Crystal Shell

Dual-layered protection consisting of both TPU and polycarbonate, the Spigen Crystal Shell offers protection while keeping the design the iPhone X in clear sight.

You can pick up the Spigen Crystal Shell for $25.

See at Spigen

Spigen Crystal Hybrid

A polycarbonate clear-backed bumper case that not only protects your iPhone X, but also gives you a metal kickstand that lets you rest your iPhone X for viewing media hands free.

You can pick up the Spigen Crystal Hybrid for $30.

See at Spigen

Incipio Feather case

A one-piece hard shell that clips to your iPhone X and is as light as a feather.

You can grab a Incipio Feather case for $30.

See at Incipio

Ringke Fusion

Ringke has their rugged clear case available for the iPhone X. Made with a sturdy panel of polycarbonate on the back panel and an easy-grip TPU bumper, this case will keep your new device protected while also letting the iPhone X's design shine through.

You can pick up the Ringke Fusion for about $10.

See at Amazon

Ringke Air

Made from flexible TPU, the Ringke Air is treated with a coating to prevent yellow over time, allowing your case to stay as clear as the first day you bought it.

You can pocket the Ringke Air for only $10.

See at Amazon

Presidio Clear

Presidio Clear offers ample protection from drops and damage while maintaining a crystal clear apperance, thus allowing your iPhone X to be on full display.

You can pick up the Presidio Clear for $40.

See at Speck

Trianium CLARIUM

With a clear, hard polycarbonate back plate, the Trianium CLARIUM offers quality protection with a colorful bumper for those who like a splash of color!

You can pick up the Trianium CLARIUM for $13.

See at Amazon

Caseology Skyfall

Protection, style, and clear, the Caseology Skyfall series has a dual-layered protection system that keep your phone free of damage and looks good doing it!

You can pick up the Caseology Skyfall for $12.

See at Amazon

Rugged Cases

Caseology Vault

Made of flexible TPU, it features a sleek finish along the back and textured grip around the edges.

You can pick up the Caseology Vault Series for around $11.

See at Amazon

Otterbox Symmetry case

Otterbox's Symmetry series offers the classic protection you expect from the company in a slimmer profile. The one-piece design is thick enough to prevent damage from drop and scratches, and the raised edges help protect your iPhone X when lying on a flat surface.

You can pick up the Otterbox Symmetry case for $40.

See at Otterbox

Spigen Neo Hybrid

A TPU sleeve and a hard polycarbonate bumper make up Spigen's New Hybrid case offering adequate protection with a sense of style. The way the bumper is designed it sits completely flush with the rest of the case, make the Neo Hybrid feel good when you're holding your phone.

You can pick up the Neo Hybrid for $30.

See at Spigen

Spigen Rugged Armor

Single layer TPU with rasied edges to protect screen and camera while lying on a flat surface. Plus, the corner of the case are extra protected to help prevent damage from drops.

You can pick up the Spigen Ruged Armor for $20.

See at Spigen

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style

SUPCASE's one piece clear-backed case is scratch resistant and shock absorbing to help prevent damage.

You can pick up a SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style for $17.

See at Amazon

UAG Plasma series

This translucent rugged case features a two-tone single piece design that cover the back and sides of the iPhone X and meet military drop test standards.

You can pick up the UAG Plasma series in ice, ash, colbalt, or magma color options for about $40.

See at UAG

Ringke Oynx

Thick enough around the edges to protect your iPhone X, slim enough to fit in your pocket, and a textured back to improve grip.

You can pick up Ringke Oynx for about $10.

See at Amazon

Heavy duty cases

i-Blason Ares

The i-Blason Ares offers full body protection including a built-in screen protector, meaning the screen and back glass on your iPhone X will be safe.

You can pick one up in blue, green, black, or a few other colors for $20.

See at Amazon

Otterbox Defender

The ultimate name in protection, Otterbox's Defender series is the Mack Daddy of all protective cases. With four different layers, your iPhone X will be as safe as it possibly can be.

The Otterbox Defender series will cost you $60.

See at Otterbox

Spigen Tough Armor

A personal favorite of mine, Spigen Tough Armor offers robust dual-layered protection with TPU and hard polycarbonate materials. The metal kickstand is perfect for watching videos and other media while your hands are other wise preoccupied.

You can pick up the Spigen Tough Armor in black or gunmetal for $35.

See at Spigen

Spigen Slim Armor

Just like Spigen's Tough Armor, the Slim Armor case uses TPU and hard polycarbonate materials for dual-layered protection, but comes in a slimmer package.

You can pick up the Spigen Slim Armor in black or gunmetal for $30.

See at Spigen

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

Dual-layered protection comeplete with a TPU inside and a polycarbonate outer layer, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO is nice and thick to absorb impact.

You can pick up the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO in black, blue, or pink for $20.

See at Amazon

Caseology Parralax

The Caseology Parallax Series offers a slim, two-piece design to keep your iPhone X well-protected.

It's available in a wide variety of colors such as black, burgundy, navy blue, and ocean gray. You can pick on up for about $15.

See at Amazon

Caseology Legion

The Caseology Legion Series offers the same dual-layered protection as its Parallax series; however, the Legion series focuses on protecting the back of the phone a lot more.

You can grab it for $18.

See at Amazon

UAG Metropolis

The two-layer protection system includes a soft silicone inner sleeve to help reduce the shock of an impact and a hard polycarbonate outer shell to avoid scratches and scuffs. Plus, it's a wallet case to boot!

Pick on up today for only $40.

See at Amazon

Wallet cases

Pad & Quill Bella Fino

The Bella Fino is a slim leather wallet with four pockets for cards and a large cash slot, as well as a bumper case, which holds your iPhone X in the case.

Check it out in chocolate, whiskey, or galloper black for $90.

See at Pad & Quill

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Wallet Case (Image credit: Spigen)

Spigen's excellent Slim Armor protection with an included card compartment on the back, the Slim Armor CS is both protective and functional.

Pick one up for $35.

See at Amazon

UAG Trooper

The UAG Trooper meets military drop-test standards while offering you a place to store your ID and cards without covering that beautiful edge-to-edge display.

You can pick one up for $40.

See at UAG

Twelve South Journal

Twelve South Journal iPhone case (Image credit: Twelve South)

Twelve South has a fanatastic reputation for making quality leather cases and accersories for multiple devies and its folio case for iPhone X is no exception.

With three card slots and a pouch to put some cash, the Journal is a great way to keep your wallet at home.

You can pick up the Twelve South Journal in black or tan leather for about $70.

See at Twelve South

Maxboost wallet case

With three cards slots and a place to store your cash, the Maxboost wallet case has a magenetic lock to keep the wallet case firmly closed when not in use.

Grab the Maxboost wallet case for only $13.

See at Amazon

JD wallet case

Made from a faux leather material, the JD wallet case has plenty of room for cards and cash. The case even comes with a built in RFID blocker, meaning your credit card numbers should be safe.

The JD wallet case comes in black, blue, pink, and brown for about $16.

See at Amazon

EVO Wallet

Tech 21's EVO wallet has triple-layered protection to ensure your iPhone X stays looking mint, all while having a couple of card slots to hold your important wallet necesseities.

You can pick on up in black or pink for about $50.

See at Tech 21

Amovo's 2-in-1 case

Amovo's 2-in-1 case provides fairly rugged protection for a leather case, thanks to its TPU bumper. What makes it a 2-in-1 is that it's actually a wallet case, but your iPhone X sits in the TPU bumper with a leather back, which then secures magnetically to the wallet piece.

You can pick up Amovo's 2-in-1 case for for $25.

See at Amazon

Leather cases

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

Why not grab your leather case straight from the source? Apple's iPhone X Leather Case is guaranteed to fit the iPhone X and comes in nine colors, so you can personalize yours exactly how you like it.

The Apple iPhone X Leather Case will run you $49.

See at Apple

X-Level Vintage Series

X-Level's Vintage Series case is very simple and incredibly sophisticated-looking. The inside is soft to prevent scratches and the outer pleather is soft and supple, giving this case a great feel in your hand. It's smooth without feeling slippery.

You have your choice of black or "dark coffee", a dark brown. $13 on Amazon.

See at Amazon


Willnorn's leather case is a sort of fusion-style case with a leather back melded with a TPU bumper around the edges of your iPhone X. The bezel around the front is raised enough so that you can confidently lay your iPhone X screen-down without worrying about it getting scuffed up.

Pick up the Willhorn leather case from Amazon for $18.

See at Amazon


This full-grain leather case has a microfiber interior to keep your iPhone X looking pristine, and if that's not enough, Mujjo backs its cases with a 2-year warranty. You have your choice of black, brown, olive, or tan. Check it out for about $45 on Amazon.

See at Amazon

Sena leather cases

Sena has a wide vareity of different leather case, that are all handmade from real leather. With wallet cases, card slots on the back, and just plain leather shell, Sena cases are worth a look for any leather fanatic.

Sena cases start at $40 dollars, but depending on the style can cost up to $80.

See at Senav

Nomad leather cases

Stylish and real Horween leather crafted in the U.S., Nomad has a selection of leather (or partial-leather) cases that look gorgeous.

Whether you're looking for a rugged, wallet, or folio case Nomad has you covered. Their collection starts at about $40 dollars and prices can go up to about $55.

See at Nomad

Apple's iPhone X Leather Folio case

Apple iPhone X Leather Folio

Apple added a new line of cases with the launch of the iPhone X: The Leather Folio. This attractive looking case is made from tanned and tinted European leather with a microfiber lining.

The $99 Leather Folio case comes in Cosmic Blue, Taupe, Black, and my personal favorite, Berry.

See at Apple

Pad & Quill Traveler

This bumper case from P&Q might just be the highest quality leather bumper you'll find, and it just plain looks awesome. It's durable, protective, and fits onto your iPhone X like a dream. This is full-grain, genuine leather and at $60, it's built to last, with UV-resistant nylon stitching and a 25-year warranty (you know, for when you're using your iPhone X a quarter-century from now).

See at Pad & Quill

Other Cases

iPhone X cases by Carved

If you're looking for something with a little pizazz and a natural look, Carved cases are made from wood with dozens of different designs.

The cases range between $30 - $40 and look really cool!

See at Carved

RhinoShield Mod case

The RhinoShield Mod case can be changed to suit your needs. With hundreds of backplates to choose from, different colored bumpers, and even a variety of cool screw-in camera lenses. The RhinoShield Mod case is what I have personally been using for the past couple months, and I really love it!

See at RhinoShield

Louis Vuitton iPhone X Folio

I'm putting this case in the other cases section because it's clearly not meant for the average consumer; however, it's a leather folio case with the Louis Vuitton brand name on it. The website describes it as follows:

"In iconic Monogram canvas, the iPhone X Folio is as innovative as it is elegant. The functional adhesive surface, naturally integrated into its slim shape, holds the phone securely to protect it from the bumps and knocks of modern life."

If you are a high roller and you love Louis Vuitton, you can wrapped your iPhone X in this case for $330.

See at Louis Vuitton{.cta .shop}

What case did you go with for your iPhone X?

Let us know in the commments down below!

Updated December 2017: plently of new cases added to the list, including selections from Apple, Tech 21, Loius Vuitton, and RhinoShield!

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